64 collocations for affronted

"It's Louisa," Hilda went on, with the sick fright of a child compelled by intimidation to affront a danger.

" [Sidenote: Sir Tristram and Sir Lamorack are reconciled] Then Sir Tristram wept for joy, and he said: "Lamorack, it is little that I have done to pleasure thee, and much that I have done to affront thee."

Not for me, fair Lady, by Jupiter,no, no,Queen's much better,Death, affront a man of Honour, a Viscount that wou'd have took you to his Bed,after half the Town had blown upon you,without examining either Portion or Honesty, and wou'd have took you for better for worseDeath, I'll untile Houses, and demolish Chimneys, but I'll be revenged.

No immoral man, then, can possibly be a true patriot; and all those who profess outrageous zeal for the liberty and prosperity of their country, and, at the same time, infringe her laws, affront her religion, and debauch her people, are but despicable quacks, by fraud or ignorance increasing the disorders they pretend to remedy.

He had been respected among men for his uprightness before he affronted their prejudices by scorning their gods.

But, as King Arthur is not here, I may, at least, affront his Queen.

She had an intense desire to overhear such a conversation, and she felt that she would affront the unguessed perils of it with delight, drinking it up eagerly, every drop, even were the draught deadly.

"I shall say nothing to gratify you nor to affront Colonel Clifford.

Besides, a famous monk of modern times Has left of cocks recorded in his rhymes, 640 That of a parish priest the son and heir (When sons of priests were from the proverb clear), Affronted once a cock of noble kind, And either lamed his legs, or struck him blind; For which the clerk his father was disgraced, And in his benefice another placed.

The people intrusted the dedication of the temple to Marcus Laetorius, a centurion of the firstrank, which, as would be clear to all, was done not so muchout of respect to a person on whom an office above his rank had been conferred, as to affront the consuls.

It is a Mark of Cowardice passively to forbear resenting an Affront, the Resenting of which would lead a Man into Danger; it is no less a Sign of Cowardice to affront a Creature, that hath not Power to avenge it self.

At least I have not three distinctions, like Châtelet when he affronted Czernichew, but neither in his private nor public capacity.

The Garibaldi culte has been with her truly and literally the object (apart from her devoted love for her husband, an equally ardent worshipper at the same shrine) for which she has lived, and for which she has again and again affronted death.

[Footnote 26: I have not ventured to affront the fastidious delicacy of our age with a literal translation of this line, werth Die Eingeweide schaudernd aufzureger.

But, sure, we cannot judge so meanly of any party, without affronting the dignity of mankind.

She had an intense desire to overhear such a conversation, and she felt that she would affront the unguessed perils of it with delight, drinking it up eagerly, every drop, even were the draught deadly.

By what right, he demanded, did this foreigner affront his ears with demands for money; how dared he force his way into his presence and to his face babble of back pay?

Somehow the old unbridled passions rose up within me and I succeeded in affronting Edmée with my fierce speech.

Mr. Belford looked at me when he spoke: yes, my dear, he smilingly looked at me; and he looked upon his complimented friend; and all their assenting, and therefore affronting eyes, both men's and women's, were turned upon your Clarissa; at least, my self-reproaching heart made me think so; for that would hardly permit my eye to look up.

But a clever woman will always be able to avoid affronting fashion while she takes a line of her own.

Were it superstition Never by such suspicion t' have affronted The human form, O may that time ne'er come In which I shame me of the infirmity.

How great is their folly, and how much do they expose themselves when they affront their best friend, even God himself, who laughs at the fool when his fear cometh?

I might be affronting within the next second or two a gang of desperate thieves, but I did not quake.

The smell of burned gasoline affronted the pretty garden.

Jealousy, which was once a point of honour among them, is exploded to that degree, it is the most infamous and ridiculous of all characters; and you cannot more affront a gentleman than to suppose him capable of it.

64 collocations for  affronted
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