50 collocations for aged

My uncle's cheeks had sagged, and perspiration made them moist and shiny, and Mr. Lawton seemed bent and as wrinkled as though he had aged a dozen years.

He had, by his wife Hermengarde, three sons, Lothair, Pépin, and Louis, aged respectively nineteen, eleven, and eight.

Near this place lies The body of JOSEPH CAVE, Late of this parish: Who departed this Life, Nov. 18, 1747, Aged 79 years.

One of his lads, aged about fourteen, was ordered to go and milk the cow: and falling asleep, through weariness, the master called out and ordered him a flogging.

The pallor of her cheek had given place to a rosy pink; the hardness, the tension, the haggard self-repression that had aged her face, were all gone, and the girlish sweetness that had so bewitched me in the early days of our love had stolen back.

Adam says it's worry that ages a man,an' it killed a cat too!"

"Will be sold Martha, aged nineteen, has one eye out.

"He has aged a great deal, but I think he is just as good as ever.

It assuages every pain, Cures all disease, and gives again To age the swift delights of youth.

Each race uses its own tongue, each age its dialect; but, change the language as man may, he ever remains the questioner of his few great thoughts.

740 The spring, like youth, fresh blossoms doth produce, But autumn makes them ripe and fit for use: So age a mature mellowness doth set On the green promises of youthful heat.

Arthur's education had been muddled; and an attempt to make a merchant of him having fallen through, he found himself, on his father's death, aged eighteen, 'without education, profession, or employment,' and his whole fortune, during his mother's life, consisting of a copyhold farm of 20 acres, producing as many pounds.

"Treat with reverence due to age the elders in your own family, so that those in the families of others shall be similarly treated; treat with the kindness due to youth the young in your own family, so that those in the families of others shall be similarly treateddo this and the kingdom may be made to go round in your palm.

After waiting fully a quarter of an hour for him to come out, and seeing that the kingbirds had no idea of "raising the siege," Archie concluded (to age his own expression) that he "might as well lend a little assistance."

But now I thank my age, which gives me ease From those excesses; yet myself I please With cheerful talk to entertain my guests (Discourses are to age continual feasts), The love of meat and wine they recompense, And cheer the mind, as much as those the sense.

Heaven blesses still with gifts divine The hundred scions of his line; And all the officers of Chow From age to age more lustrous grow.

Looks, fortune, birth, breed, unequal hearts and mindsall these Love may confound and play with; but Time which divides the dead from the living, sets easily between youth and age a gulf which not only forbids love but derides:

They were three,Seely-Hardwicke himself, who owned a million or more, and to my knowledge drank Hollands and smoked threepenny Returns in his Louis Quinze library; Mrs. Seely-Hardwicke, as beautiful as the moon and clever to sinfulness; and Billy, their child, aged seven-and-a-half.

But still the godlike man, by some hard fate, Receives the glory of his toils too late; Too late the verse the mighty act succeeds; One age the hero, one the poet breeds.

Those things to age most honourable are, Which easy, common, and but light appear, 640 Salutes, consulting, compliment, resort, Crowding attendance to and from the court:

To this day nothing pleases aged Kentuckians better than to tell stories which they heard their fathers tell of Clay's happy repartees to opposing counsel, his ingenious cross-questioning of witnesses, his sweeping torrents of invective, his captivating courtesy, his melting pathos.

My last glimpse ... the old manI remember now how the grey had spread through his beardhe was growing oldit had been ageing labour.

260 Which age to age their legacy shall call; For all must curse the woes that must descend on all.

Before he could well speak the words, the prince was at the door, whom Ulysses rising to receive, Telemachus would not suffer that so aged a man, as he appeared, should rise to do respect to him, but he courteously and reverently took him by the hand, and inclined his head to him, as if he had surely known that it was his father indeed: but Ulysses covered his eyes with his hands, that he might not shew the waters which stood in them.

Are we ready to cry out in a transport of surprise, "How mighty is the Being who kindled such a prodigious fire, and keeps alive from age to age such an enormous mass of flame!"

50 collocations for  aged