176 collocations for agrees


"It sure is nice," agreed Blake.

This, I think, is the true meaning of the text; and with it, I think, agrees another word of our Lord's which St Luke givesAnd be ye not of doubtful mind.

Speaking of movements in the Virginia Legislature in 1777, for the passage of a law emancipating the slaves, Mr. Jefferson says: "The principles of the amendment were agreed on, that is to say, the freedom of all born after a certain day; but it was found that the public mind would not bear the proposition, yet the day is not far distant, when it must bear and adopt it.

"Of course," agreed the captain.

" "Fine idea," agreed the Big Man.

That the old People have agreed the matter, is more than I know.

" "I sure will tell you what I find out," agreed Johnnie heartily.

You know that the only wine I drink is Cyprus wine, as it agrees with me the best of any.

35; payment agreed on, iii. 111; extraordinarily moderate, ib., n. 1; £100 added, iv. 35; payment for a separate edition, ib., n. 3; progress of their composition, iii. 313, 317, n. 1; first four volumes published, iii. 370, 380, n. 3; Johnson's indolence in finishing the last six, iii. 418, 435; iv.

If the parties cannot agree about the price, the special magistrate, in connection with two local magistrates, appraises the latter, and the master is bound to take the amount of the appraisement, whatever that is.

" "He's thoughtful enough," agreed her niece.

The poles unite, the zones agree, The tongues of striving cease; As on the Sea of Galilee, The Christ is whispering, "Peace!" THE BIRDS OF THE GARDEN AND ORCHARD.

" "It's magnificent, Mr. Ferry," Sally agreed readily, from the floor where she sat, fitting candles into Chinese lanterns of every form and hue, from small round ones to gorgeous great affairs of fantastic shape and design.

On thy mutilated face It is difficult to trace All that once was graven here; But at least two words are clear, Reading still, as all agree, "Conjugi Carissimae.

[Sultans] don't agree at all with the wise Roman, Heroic, stoic Cato, the sententious, Who lent his lady to his friend Hortensius.

Foresters are, generally, agreed that as much as 25 per cent.

Here you are with a beautiful talentevery one agrees about thatand a chance to develop it.

Monsieur du Plessis arrives at Paris: His Reception from Dorilaus and Louisa: The Marriage agreed upon. CHAP.

All writers agree as to his purity of morals, his generous charities, his high social qualities, his genial nature, his love of simple pleasures, his deep affections, his reverence, his Christian life.

If a man does aught for me, and does it well, he profits to a nice penny!" "A good argument," agreed Chettle.

" "That's true," agreed his chief.

I received notice of Latin declamation with Myers: subject agreed on, "Utrum civitati plus utilitatis an incommodi afferant leges quae ad vitas privatorum hominum ordinandas pertinent"; I took the former.

The dust upon London way being so great, that not a lord, gentleman, knight, or knave could travel, lest his eyes should be blown out: at last they all agreed to hire me to go before them, when I, looking but upon this letter, did with this water, this very water, lay the dust, as well as if it had rained from the beginning of April till the last of May. CLARE.

"Those dogs we saw just nowthe people with their sabotsthe country carts, like wheelbarrows with three wheelsthe little shrines at the cross-roadsthe very children talking French so glibly" "Wonderful how they pick it up!" agreed Cockerell.

176 collocations for  agrees