176 collocations for agrees


"It sure is nice," agreed Blake.

This, I think, is the true meaning of the text; and with it, I think, agrees another word of our Lord's which St Luke givesAnd be ye not of doubtful mind.

Speaking of movements in the Virginia Legislature in 1777, for the passage of a law emancipating the slaves, Mr. Jefferson says: "The principles of the amendment were agreed on, that is to say, the freedom of all born after a certain day; but it was found that the public mind would not bear the proposition, yet the day is not far distant, when it must bear and adopt it.

"Of course," agreed the captain.

That the old People have agreed the matter, is more than I know.

" "Fine idea," agreed the Big Man.

If the parties cannot agree about the price, the special magistrate, in connection with two local magistrates, appraises the latter, and the master is bound to take the amount of the appraisement, whatever that is.

You know that the only wine I drink is Cyprus wine, as it agrees with me the best of any.

" "I sure will tell you what I find out," agreed Johnnie heartily.

The poles unite, the zones agree, The tongues of striving cease; As on the Sea of Galilee, The Christ is whispering, "Peace!" THE BIRDS OF THE GARDEN AND ORCHARD.

35; payment agreed on, iii. 111; extraordinarily moderate, ib., n. 1; £100 added, iv. 35; payment for a separate edition, ib., n. 3; progress of their composition, iii. 313, 317, n. 1; first four volumes published, iii. 370, 380, n. 3; Johnson's indolence in finishing the last six, iii. 418, 435; iv.

" "He's thoughtful enough," agreed her niece.

"Beer doan't agree wi' my inzide, an' it gits into my yead, and makes me proper jolly, zo the young volk make game on me.

I agreed t' help Dick Pearson with the harvestin', but I'll try to' git Ned Long to take my place, an' it don't matter much, nohow.

O differing Pair, yet sweetly thus agreeing, What music from your happy discord rises, While your companion hearing each, and seeing, Nor this, nor that, but both together, prizes; This lesson teaching, which our souls may strike, That harmonies may be in things unlike! WRITTEN

He satisfied us that there was no danger of that kind in the way that we were to go: so we readily agreed to follow him, as did also twelve other gentlemen, with their servants, some French, some Spanish, who, as I said, had attempted to go, and were obliged to come back again.

I agree the price of pearls.

Monsieur du Plessis arrives at Paris: His Reception from Dorilaus and Louisa: The Marriage agreed upon. CHAP.

The same year he "received from on board the Brig Anna, from Ireland, two servant men for whom I agreed yesterdayvizThomas Ryan, a shoemaker, and Cavan Bowen a Tayler Redemptioners for 3 years service by Indenture."

He agreed with the Boy that ifvery soon nowthey had not disposed of the Minóok property, they would go to the mines.

"'Yes,' agreed the sergeant; 'and how they could have let themselves down from that window without being spotted.

how the minstrils gin to shrill aloud Their merry musick that resounds from far, 130 The pipe, the tabor, and the trembling croud*, That well agree withouten breach or iar.

Her father was anxious to have her marry, and she finally agreed to wed any man who could reach a certain goal before her, the condition being, however, that she should be allowed to transfix with her spear every suitor who failed.

"Can a body learn things from the lectures?" "Uh-huh," agreed Mandy sleepily; "but you don't have to read 'emthe books.

176 collocations for  agrees