1144 collocations for allow

Some states do not allow disclaimers of certain implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain types of damages.

The slant digging and down-raking action of hoofs on the steeper slopes of moraines has uprooted and buried many of the tender plants from year to year, without allowing them time to mature their seeds.

Take the fleshy part of veal, scrape it with a knife, till all the meat is separated from the sinews, and allow about 1/2 lb. for an entrée.

"No, Acton," answered Mr. Welsby; "as long as the school continues to be disgraced by these repeated theftsas, for example, this recent instance of Morris's watch and chainI do not feel inclined to allow the same privileges as before.

A showman and a politician must be allowed a little liberty of statement, or they couldn't carry on their business.

In towns, at least, mothers with but small incomes would gladly pay a moderate fee to have their little ones, especially their sturdy little boys, guarded from danger and trained to good habits, yet allowed freedom for happy activity.

INGREDIENTS.To every quart of tomato-pulp allow 1 pint of cayenne vinegar (No. 386), 3/4 oz. of shalots, 3/4 oz. of garlic, peeled and cut in slices; salt to taste.

INGREDIENTS.To each gallon of vinegar allow 6 cloves of garlic, 12 shalots, 2 sticks of sliced horseradish, 1/4 lb. of bruised ginger, 2 oz. of whole black pepper, 1 oz. of long pepper, 1 oz. of allspice, 12 cloves, 1/4 oz. of cayenne, 2 oz. of mustard-seed, 1/4 lb. of mustard, 1 oz. of turmeric; a white cabbage, cauliflowers, radish-pods, French beans, gherkins, small round pickling-onions, nasturtiums, capsicums, chilies, &c. Mode.

INGREDIENTS.To each 1/2 gallon of water, allow 1 heaped tablespoonful of salt, a piece of soda the size of a shilling; artichokes.

The Confederates had suspected him of being a spy for two or three days, and had watched him too closely to allow an opportunity to get away from them sooner.

Wherefore I have made a firm resolve that if the conditions of German life will not allow room for the development of honest efforts for the good of humanity; if this indifference to all higher things continuesthen it is my purpose next spring to seek in the land of union and independence a soil where my idea of education may strike deep root.

] No. 11 is another handcuff of foreign make, and is merely used when a raid is about to be made, as it allows to a certain extent the use of the hands.

I have calculated anxiously how much credit it is safe to allow; but I will allow no man, or woman either, to go beyond what he or she can make up.

Let bake in a quick oven; allow fifteen minutes to the pound.

When Morose is past all hope the nephew offers to release him from his wife and her noisy friends if he will allow him five hundred pounds a year.

Being aware that the pony express horses were accustomed to running right into the stable on arriving at the station, he threw open the large folding doors, which would just allow the passage of the team and coach into the stable.

Up to this time he had only asked for an inexhaustible purse, power to call up the Devil ad libitum, and a ring of invisibility to allow him free access to his mistress, who was unfortunately a married woman.

"You look," said he, pausing to cough behind his hand again, "you lookblooming, mam,if you'll allow the expression,blooming,as you ever do, mam.

"I'm allowed every possible chance, for one month, to forget every detail of the big grind which for a short time I've left behind.

Given reparation in Europe, is Germany to be allowed a fair share in the control and trade of a pooled and neutralized Central Africa?

Assuming that Holymead arrived at Riversbrook at 9.30, I allowed half an hour for his angry interview with Sir Horace, half an hour for the walk from Riversbrook to Hampstead Tube station, and half an hour for the journey from Hampstead to Hyde Park Corner, which would have involved a change at Leicester Square.

Much he keers ef they kills each other er not!" "Mr. West," cried Patsy, suddenly rousing from her apathy, "I'll not allow this shameful thing!

"Why?" said we; "Folks isn't allowed in this here place now," said he.

" "Would they not understand things better if they were allowed representation in the Senate?" she persisted.

My keeper, whose name was Sing Fou, and who, from a long exercise of magisterial authority, was rough and dictatorial, behaved to me somewhat harshly at first; but my patient submission so won his confidence and good will, that I soon became a great favourite; was regarded more as one of his family than as a prisoner, and was allowed by him every indulgence consistent with my safe custody.

1144 collocations for  allow