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72 collocations for « allures »

72 collocations for « allures »

  • And, that they might allure the people to their standard, they promised them the spoils of all the provinces on the other side of the Trent.
  • The same Costanza that, with body washed, With ribbon in her hair, light in her eyes, Arrayed a cottage to allure his heart.
  • Thy chin's deep pit allures the lofty mind: The hand would grasp thy locks in twines entwined, Háfiz his love-scroll To Thyself addressed, When he had cancelled What his heart loved best.
  • Whilst graver thoughts of honour should allure thee, What maketh Sylla muse and mutter thus?
  • What gentle Youth I could allure, Whom in my artful Toiles secure?
  • Yet nature's charms allure my eyes, And knowledge, wealth, and fame I prize; Fame, wealth, and knowledge I obtain, Nor seek I nature's charms in vain; In lovely Stella all combine; And, lovely Stella!
  • Ev'n now beside her sat the British boy, Who ev'ry mark of youth and beauty bore, All that allure the soul to love and joy.
  • I believe there are about five or six of them; they seem very proper to allure backward readers; be so kind as to get them for me, and send me them with the best printed edition of Baxter's Call to the Unconverted.
  • She said this because she wished in this way to allure the two boys to walk near to her den, and there she would kill them for food for her cubs.
  • Messmer, too politic to part with his secret for so small a premium, had a better prospect in view; and his apparent disinterestedness and hesitation served only to sound an over-curious public, to allure more victims to his delusive practices, and to retain them more firmly in their implicit belief.
  • The former, she said, was showy and specious, and likely to allure young persons.
  • To M F. (For the Mirror.) I. I met thee, , when the leaves were green, And living verdure clothed the countless trees; When meadow flowers allured the summer bees, And silvery skies shone o'er the cloudless scene, Bright as my thoughts when wand'ring to thy home; Where Nature looks as though she were divine, Not in the richness of the rip'ning vine, Not in the splendour of imperial Rome.
  • "On learning of all the indulgences that the Archbishop had allowed on your books, to allure buyers, old Peter, thumping his bald head, exclaimed: "'Why did I not think of granting indulgencies with the fish I sold, when a fisherman?
  • By peculiar enchantments these charming plants allure the ardent Nature-lover to observe their haunts and habits.
  • ANGLER, a fish with a broad, big-mouthed head and a tapering body, both covered with appendages having glittering tips, by which, as it burrows in the sand, it allures other fishes into its maw.
  • Sage and imperial senators of Rome, Not without good advisement have you seen Old Marius silent during your discourse: Yet not for that he fear'd to plead his cause, Or raise his honour trodden down by age, But that his words should not allure his friends To stand on stricter terms for his behoof.
  • His works would scarce sell for three half-pence, though they are given oft for three shillings, but for the pretty title that allures the country gentleman; for which the printer maintains him in ale a fortnight.
  • The mouths of his rivers and his harbours allure the North German into foreign lands; his father-land is there, where he finds what he seeks, and what his own country has denied him.
  • Your very thinking it of consequence, said he, is enough to make you behave so, as to allure your happiness with a man of honour; and indeed Louisa, I love you too well to propose one to you whose principles and humour I could not answer for as well as my own.
  • 134."How to allure the Hare.
  • Then he had allured Harry on to a direct lie, and soon perceived that he could afterward use the secret for his own purpose.
  • If gaine will draw, I prethy then allure Their hungrie harts with hope of recompence, But tye dispaire unto those mooving hopes, Unleast a deed of murther farther it, Then blood on blood, shall overtake them all, And we will make a bloodie feastivall.
  • No board inscribed the needy to allure Hung there, no bush proclaimed to old and poor And desolate, "Here you will find a friend!"
  • He had allured Hunt to Italy with flattering hopes; he had a perfect knowledge of his hampered circumstances, and he was thoroughly aware that, until their speculation became productive, he must support him.
  • When burns the fire of passion in her breast, No sacred tie withholds her from the wretch Who would allure her to forsake for him A husband's or a father's guardian arms; Extinct within her heart its fiery glow, The golden tongue of eloquence in vain With words of truth and power assails her ear.
  • To allure the Indians, the admiral would not keep them, but set them on shore against their wills, giving them some glass beads and bells.
  • The result converted their suspicions into certitude: they hesitated not to accuse them of falsehood and perfidy, and to charge them with having allured the king to their army by deceitful promises, that, Judas-like, they might barter him for money with his enemies.
  • She has too much faith in herself, and in Him who gives to her the power of truth, to expect every gay meadow to allure away her lambs from the fold.'
  • Some years before he had been known as a timber-cruiserthat is to say, a man who "locates," during his wanderings through forests primeval, belts of timber which will be likely to allure the speculative lumberman.
  • It is useless to allure mankind by promises of a pig's
  • I had been much amused, when the strain proper to the Winnebago courting flute was played to me on another instrument, at any one fancying it a melody; but now, when I heard the notes in their true tone and time, I thought it not unworthy comparison, in its graceful sequence, and the light flourish, at the close, with the sweetest bird-songs; and this, like the bird-song, is only practised to allure a mate.
  • In the Mediterranean, even in the calmest weather, a light pleasant breeze springs up after sunset; this and the cloudless sky, and unobscured brilliancy of the stars, are attractions sufficient to allure the most somnolent and unromantic mortal to remain on deck.
  • A small salary would allure many natives, who, in consequence of the necessity which they are under of gaining their own bread, are obliged to engage in some, perhaps not very lucrative, trade, and who, engrossed in the gathering together o petty gains, lose all the advantages they might otherwise have derived from a liberal education.
  • The reputation of Edgar allured a great number of foreigners to visit his court; and he gave them encouragement to settle in England
  • Indutiomarus disappointed in this expectation, nevertheless began to raise troops, and discipline them, and procure horses from the neighbouring people and allure to him by great rewards the outlaws and convicts throughout Gaul.
  • It is well known that in this case the external affections, which had induced and allured the parties to matrimony, disappear, so that they no longer effect conjunction.
  • He invites his pupil to calamity, as the Syrens allured the passenger to their coasts, by promising that he shall return [Greek: pleiona eidos], with increase of knowledge, with enlarged views, and multiplied ideas.
  • Henry, allured by so magnificent a present, without reflecting on the consequences, without consulting either with his brother or the Parliament, accepted of the insidious proposal; and gave the pope unlimited credit to expend whatever sums he thought necessary for completing the conquest of Sicily.
  • Fishermen, in like manner, make great use of them in alluring their finny prey.
  • Though our lean faith these rigid laws has given, The full-fed Mussulman goes fat to heaven; For his Arabian prophet with delights Of sense allured his eastern proselytes.
  • Show your pupils that it makes you amiable, patient, forbearing, benevolent in little things as well as in great things, and your example will co-operate with your instructions, and allure your pupils to walk in the paths which you tread.
  • His imagination was filled with the perpetual tumult of pleasure that passed before him, and it was impossible to allure him from the window, or to overpower by any charm of eloquence the rattle of coaches, and the sounds which echoed from the doors in the neighbourhood.
  • XXXVIII.After these transactions, Domitius, hoping to allure Scipio to a battle, pretended to be obliged to change his position through want of corn, and having given the signal for decamping, advanced about three miles, and posted his army and cavalry in a convenient place, concealed from the enemy's view.
  • "Let bagpipe never more be heard to shrill, That may allure the senses to delight, Ne ever shepheard sound his oaten quill 325 Unto the many*, that provoke them might To idle pleasance; but let ghastlinesse And drearie horror dim the chearfull light, To make the image of true heavinesse.
  • No temptation will allure them from that object of abiding interest, the settlement of their waste lands, and the increase of a hardy race of free citizens, their glory in peace and their defense in war.
  • The worker eventually allured Chun Sheng to stay in a corner briefly while making her way out of the space swiftly.
  • After alluring his son to gamble away all his property, he meets him near St. Ire'nê, and Hel'ena seduces him to join in "the Dance of Love."
  • Paganism records the fascinations of famous women who could allure the greatest statesmen and the wisest moralists to their charmed circle of admirers,of women who united high intellectual culture with physical beauty.
  • Is it illusion or not that allures the barbarian stranger, Brings him with gold to the shrine, brings him in arms to the gate?
  • Pallas next seeks to allure the swain with the pomp and circumstance of war, and conjures up a show in which nine knights, no doubt the nine worthies, tread a 'warlike almain.'
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