159 collocations for analyzed

He was trying to analyze his own feelings.

If we analyze our motives we shall find that they are always some mode either of Love or Fear; and fear has its root in the recognition of some power other than Perfect Love, which is God the ONE all-embracing Good.

He didn't analyze the situation particularly, but he had an idea that eating on the barge was fun.

Who is there more manly, well-educated, kindly, dutiful, than Hugh?" "I don't wish to analyze his character; probably we shouldn't altogether agree in our judgment; but it is enough that I don't feel in the least attracted by him, and that I could not love him, if he were all that you imagine.

It is curious to observe how at this early period of Carlyle's life, when all the talent and learning of England bowed at these levees before the gigantic speculator and dreamer, he, perhaps alone, stood aloof from the motley throng of worshippers,with them, but not of them,coolly analyzing every sentence delivered by the oracle, and sufficiently learned in the divine lore to separate the gold from the dross.

They may be better able to analyze human nature than their predecessors.

The first was perfectly aware that Mr. Effingham, in education, habits, associations and manners, was, at least, of a class entirely distinct from his own; and without troubling himself to analyze causes, and without a feeling of envy, or unkindness of any sort, while totally exempt from any undue deference or unmanly cringing, he quietly submitted to let things take their course.

He was not a subtle man, analyzing his own thoughts.

" We will waste no time in attempting to analyze Mark's conflicting emotions, but follow him to Innisfield, whither he went the same day.

In nearly all the writers of the Victorian Age we note, on the one hand, a strong intellectual tendency to analyze the problems of life, and on the other a tendency to teach, that is, to explain to men the method by which these problems may be solved.

He was never able to analyze his heart, though it then stood still within him; but the thing that swayed him to his purpose was not altogether the thought that Captain Snipes was about to degrade him, and that he had taken an oath within his soul that he should not.

SEE Goddard, Gloria. <pb id='080.png' /> How to psycho-analyze your neighbors.

As a further enforcement of this fact, let us analyze the word rough.

Whoever analyzes the Mosaic systemthe condition of the people for whom it was madetheir inexperience in governmentignorance of judicial proceedingslaws of evidence, &c., will find a moot court in session, trying law pointssetting definitions, or laying down rules of evidence, in almost every chapter.

II Since I have grown older I have often gone back and tried to analyze the change that came into my life after that fateful day in school.

The first intoxication had slightly dissipated, he had taken time to look closely within himself, and when he sought to analyze in cool blood this new and ravishing sensation, he saw the abyss beneath his feet.

The master-minds have made important improvements in the design, and many have given up their entire existence to the science of analyzing the effects of each variation in conditions of working the steam.

Whoever analyzes the Mosaic system, will find a moot court in session, trying law pointssettling definitions, or laying down rules of evidence, in almost every chapter.

Max Hempel was entirely capable of analyzing his impressions there and correlating them with the cold hard business on which he had come.

It is hard to analyze a passionate love between highly gifted people who have an intense development of both the higher and the lower natures, and still more difficult when the idol is a Venus Polyhymnia rather than a Venus Urania.

Now if you or I were to try to analyze the exact reason for this, we might fall short of our goal.

(Insert the four words in the blank space in turn, and analyze the differences in meaning thus produced.) <Liberal, generous, bountiful, munificent>.

The task is not without pain, while yet his manly frame lies stretched upon his bier, to attempt to analyze the elements that made him truly great.

Her journal, while it exhibits an intense earnestness in analyzing the state of her own mind, and perhaps rather too much proneness to dwell morbidly upon it, also evinces the tender joy and peace with which she was often blessed by the manifested presence of her Lord.

It would be hardly fair to press this matter on you, a married woman; for, by the pandects of American society, a man may philosophize on love, prattle about it, trifle on the subject, and even analyze the passion with, a miss in her teens, and yet he shall not allude to it, in a discourse with a matron.

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