69 collocations for angering

Your attempts to escape have angered even the king, and it is impossible to say just how far his severity toward you may go.

If you wish to anger a man, even with you, tell him that he is lying.

"What matter for that," said Beltane, "so he hath not angered his God? Come now, ye be hearty fellows and have faces that might be honest, tell me, how long will ye serve the devil?" "Devil?

Have I angered thee, forsooth?

J.W. was sure that in his blundering bluntness he had offended and probably angered his closest friend.

but then I am not quite such a fool as to anger our master or make James ashamed of me; besides, those children are under my charge when they are riding; I tell you they are entrusted to me.

The cession by the Iroquois of these same hunting-grounds, at the treaty of Fort Stanwix, while it gave the whites a colorable title, merely angered the northwestern Indians.

Go to, I'll anger ye, and if you do not.

But, to my surprise, this request angered the queen.

The first part of "Absalom and Achitophel," in 1681, convulsed the town and angered the city.

He feared that such a feminine proceeding would anger his comrade.

This angered the British and American consuls and merchants, and the French inferior to him in social status, although the Martinique statesman was better educated and more cultivated in manners than they.

"Madame used to say of me," Louis was constantly repeating, "that if I were sick unto death, and could not be cured save by acting in such wise that I should sin mortally, she would let me die rather than that I should anger my Creator to my damnation.

Maybe it would anger an Englishman did a postcard come tae him wi'oot a stamp.

I've been very unhappy about it for years, he's wasted his life so, and angered his family.

" His flirtations with his cousin seemed to have angered his father, who was eager for him to go to France and conquer Paris.

" "What the hell do you mean, you cur?" "I'll tell you," went on West coldly, determined now to so anger the fellow as to bring the whole matter to a climax, reckless of the consequences.

This statement angered the French very much, for you will remember that it was French generals who had trained the Greek army officers.

Ain't you foun' out yit when a he-nigger an' a she-nigger gits to peepin' at each udder, whut dey says don't lib in de same neighbo'hood wid whut dey does?" This was delivered with such energy that it completely undermined the Captain's faith in Peter, and the fact angered the old gentleman.

If so, she would fight for him to the death, and that, however much it distressed and angered Mark Gifford that she should do so.

" This impudent assertion angered Goodlaw, who well knew the object of the plot, and he rose from his chair, saying deliberately: "Do you mean to swear that this is not a deep-laid scheme on the part of you and your attorney to wrest from this estate enough to make a fortune for you both?

He was held there by the unhealthy habits and companionships which recently had angered his grandfather to the point of threatening a disciplinary change in his will.

This act on the part of France and England, while it seemed necessary, nevertheless angered the proud Greeks and strengthened the pro-German party in Athens.

I was not afraid of angering Hazen.

The Italian people had been very friendly to the French, and this going over to their enemies would never have been possible but for an act of France which greatly angered Italy.

69 collocations for  angering