202 collocations for annihilating

The people had sent them to parliament with power to make laws for the national welfare, but not to annihilate the first and most valuable right of their constituents.

He had been particularly kind to his American prisoners in Canada and had purposely refrained from annihilating the American army after the battle of Three Rivers.

When it unites these excellences, it has an irresistible power, "musical as was Apollo's lyre;" a perpetual feast of nectared sweets, such as, I fancy, Socrates poured out to Athenian youth, or Augustine in the gardens of Como; an electrical glow, such as united the members of the Turk's Head Club into a band of brothers, or annihilated all distinctions of rank at the supper-table of the poet Scarron.

By such acts Congress might, in the exercise of its acknowledged powers, annihilate property to an incalculable amount, and that without becoming liable to claims for compensation.

Granting, for argument's sake, that slaves are "property" in the District of Columbiaif Congress has a right to annihilate property in the District when the public safety requires it, it may surely annihilate its existence as property when public safety requires it, especially if it transform into a protection and defence that which as property periled the public interests.

Why did he punish with death for stealing a very little, perhaps not a sixpence worth, of that sort of property, and make a mere fine, the penalty for stealing a thousand times as much, of any other sort of propertyespecially if God did by his own act annihilate the difference between man and property, by putting him on a level with it?

It was, secondly, an object with these to annihilate slavery in America; and this they have been instruments in accomplishing to a considerable extent.

We will not only be victorious, victory is only half the work; we must annihilate the power of our enemy.

The next great storm, accordingly, completely annihilated the two Roman fleets in their wretched roadsteads, while the Phoenician admiral easily weathered it on the open sea with his unencumbered and well-managed ships.

To annihilate the trade, he said, and to make no compensation on account of it, was an act of swindling.

In the play of early childhood there may be freedom, not only from adult authority, but even from the restrictions of nature or of circumstances since "let's pretend" annihilates time and space and all material considerations.

Hence we are brought back to the world-old dilemma "between a freedom of God which annihilates man, and a freedom of man which annihilates God."

If the latter had chosen to do so, they could have annihilated the Turkish forces then and there.

"The birth of thy brother Luigi at a late period of our married life annihilated the hopes of succession of the house of Haarkaar.

The great design was to transfer the territory of the Canaanites to the Israelites, and along with it, absolute sovereignty in every respect; to annihilate their political organizations, civil polity, and jurisprudence and their system of religion, with all its rights and appendages; and to substitute therefor, a pure theocracy, administered by Jehovah, with the Israelites as His representatives and agents.

repair an injury done to rational being in the robbery of one of its rights, not merely by robbing it of all, but by annihilating the very foundation of themthat everlasting distinction between men and things?

For instance, if five hundred thousand dollars were to be raised, they might lay the whole of the proportion of Southern States on the blacks, or any one species of property: so that by laying taxes too heavily on slaves, they might totally annihilate that kind of property.

There were a few slaves in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut: these States could, probably, oppose any attempts to annihilate this species of property.

Note how truthfully it carries every word intrusted to its charge, along thousands of miles of the telegraph wire, with a speed, in comparison with which, sound is a laggard, a speed that annihilates alike space and time.

He annihilated the faction of the Sixteen; and was ultimately compelled to effect a reconciliation with the King in 1599, when Henri IV, with his usual clemency, not only pardoned his past opposition, but bestowed upon him the government of the Isle of France.

The Spartan under Lysander, who had been restored to command, annihilate the Athenian navy at Aegospotami.

Time and again he led a handful of men apparently into the jaws of death and brought them out safely, after having practically annihilated the foe.

It annihilated the distance between town and country.

In the second place, the French and Indian War by annihilating all the claims of France to American soil removed the principal enemy that had rendered the protection of England necessary to the colonies.

Whereupon Jinks, annihilating his adversary with a terrific frown, stated his intention to implicitly observe the counsel given him, and further, to have revenge.

202 collocations for  annihilating
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