1319 collocations for answer

I have simply set myself to answer the question: How can the business man stand among the ideal-makers of the world, so that he shall no more, in spiritual assemblies, be told to go away?

The earth answers the same purpose to half the inhabitants of the moon, that the moon does to the inhabitants of the earth.

He smiled, shook his head, and said, they were meant to spite and vex her, when he was wounded and irritated at her refusing to receive or answer his letters; that he was sorry he had written them, but might on similar provocations recur to the same vengeance."

He didn't condescend to answer a word, looking for all the world like a tiger in savageness.

At last God had answered her prayer.

Why all this wondrous waste, this prodigality of bounty, if the mere animal senses of sight and hearing (by which he is not distinguished from the brutes that perish) would have answered the end as well?

When your envoy, great king, came to demand a princess, this lady would have answered the summons, but the Emperor of Han could not bring himself to part with her, and refused to yield her up.

Our curiosity was now redoubled, and we resolved to wait a while on the highway, for the chance of some passenger more at leisure to answer our inquiries, and more courteously inclined than these fierce marauders.

This alarmed them so much that it was some time before they came in, and I don't think they would have come ashore at all had they not heard that a party of white men of whom we answered the description, were coming through that way (they had learned this from the Hudson's Bay Company's officers), and concluded we were the party described to them.

You don't know how it helps me to state my case to you and to try to answer your objections.

"If he's inside he ought to answer the bell.

A few untoward cases soon raised the hue and cry against the continuance of the practice, as in the transfusion of blood, though the latter has recently been attempted in the case of an individual exhausted by excessive hermorrage with a success which answered the expectation.

" "So did I," answered another voice; "they must have cut and run.

" "That does not answer my argument.

My ear answered the query of my eye.

" He meant to answer the appeal, half cleared his throat, but his voice felt rusty; it wouldn't turn out a word.

Passing by the village where the two spouses had died they met an old man, and said, 'Settle our dispute,' 'I cannot,' answered the old man.

"If Gilrae must let Rannoch, then why in the name of Fortune doesn't he let it to respectable folk and not to the first fellow who answers his advertisement in The Field?

But he said he could not go home to answer charges he did not understand and leave an island which had been his very successful hobby for so many years!

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The hot-tempered fellow answered this remark with a blow.

The servant who answered his ring informed him, in reply to his question, that Mrs. Holymead was "Not at home.

He will not, to be sure, take the speckled trout that we find in this region, but he will be among the black bass, the pickerel, muscalunge, and striped bass, in the greatest abundance, and ready to answer promptly any reasonable demand which he may make upon them.

I've hardly so much Calmness left to answer thee, And tell thee, Prince, thou art deceiv'd in me.

Scarcely ten seconds from the time when she first answered the knock, Nelly was opening the door and peeping out into the hall.

1319 collocations for  answer