648 collocations for appointed

In fact they had already appointed a select and vigilant Committee to see him safely on his way.

I'm justice of the peace, and I hereby appoint you all special officers of the law.

But the Church, feeling that every martyr should be venerated, appointed a common day for all.

The noble red-skins alluded to finally concluded that enough was enough, and appointed a Special Commission to put a permanent end to the delicate attentions of the "Marked Back.

With this view, he appointed Ramiro d'Orco governor, a cruel but active man, to whom he gave the greatest latitude of power.

No less obnoxious was the order forbidding public meetings and directing the governors of the different provinces of Finland to appoint only such men to fill municipal rural offices as will be subservient to the Governor-General.

He had four sons: Kai-káús, Arish, Poshín and Aramín; and when the period of his dissolution drew nigh, he solemnly enjoined the eldest, whom he appointed his successor, to pursue steadily the path of integrity and justice, and to be kind and merciful in the administration of the empire left to his charge.

At the same time the Governor established the practice of appointing special commissioners for the gold-fields, charged with the administration of the licensing system and the general maintenance of order in their respective districts.

I'll appoint myself 'Guardian of the Ring.'" CHAPTER XI Esther carried the tea-tray into the kitchen and stood for a moment beside the open window letting the sweet air from the garden cool the colour in her cheeks.

The proper course to pursue in order to obtain a personal interview with the lady is this:The servant in search of the situation must be desired to see her former mistress, and ask her to be kind enough to appoint a time, convenient to herself, when you may call on her; this proper observance of courtesy being necessary to prevent any unseasonable intrusion on the part of a stranger.

We appoint you at once our minister of selection, and will invest you with a written authority.

After a conversation with the Secretary of the Interior, the Commissioner concluded to allow me to retain the Indians, by appointing me Indian Agent, provided I would give the necessary bonds, and pledge myself to return them in safety to their agencywhich terms I agreed to.

And this was in spite of a bull sent into Spain two years before, appointing the Archbishop of Seville sole judge of such appeals.

And I appointed a meeting on the next day at the Half-way Tavern.

After defeating the remnant of the Pompeians, he returned to Rome in September, B.C. 45, and was named imperator, and appointed consul for ten years and dictator for life, being hailed as Parens Patriæ.

At the time appointed nearly three hundred persons assembled, mostly of the poorer class.

Do thou Therefore appoint the place, where we may meet.

July 6David Lloyd George appointed secretary of war.

He appointed Rustem captain-general of the armies, to which the lieutenant-generalship and the administration of the state was annexed, under the title of "the champion of the world."

In 1204 Pope Innocent III appointed a papal delegate with authority to judge and punish misbelievers.

In the place of the king, the Storthing appointed the members of the Norway Council of State to act as a temporary government for the nation.

In the former year Bishop Brownlow North, of Winchester, appointed his son Francis, later Earl of Guildford, to be master.

Being now a considerable number, and in condition to defend ourselves, the first thing we did was to give everyone his hand that we would not separate from one another, but that we would live and die together, that we would be in all things guided by the majority, that we would appoint a captain among us to be our leader, and that we would obey him on pain of death.

In each army district, the government appointed a woman as directress, and by order to town and provincial authorities made the Frauendienst part of local executive affairs.

" "Oh, as for that, if the Council should see fit to appoint me Number One, I'd naturally do my best.

648 collocations for  appointed