1782 collocations for approaching

I cautiously approached his house.

A voiceless prayer went up to Heaven for the child's safety and her own, for already she heard them approaching her door, and made sure her last hour was come.

"If a number of students are all day together, and in their conversation never approach the subject of righteousness, but are fond merely of giving currency to smart little sayings, they are difficult indeed to manage.

He gave a start of surprise, however, as he approached the place; for surely that was smoke coming out of the chimney!

As he approached the shore, he bounded upon the island, and tossing his head from side to side, as if looking for a place of concealment or escape.

On approaching the city, he found the roads swarming with throngs hastening to the temple, about to take part in a great religious ceremony to be held therein.

True, an incredible age of years had passed, since I approached the window; but that was evidently as nothing, compared with the countless spaces of time that, I conceived, had vanished whilst I was sleeping.

As we approached this spot, I suggested to Spalding, who was in the bow of the boat, to prepare his rod and fly.

Still the howling was upon his trail, and as he approached the upper end, he again took to the water, to be frightened back by Martin and myself, and with renewed energy he bounded across to a point stretching out into the lake on the opposite side.

he asked, approaching a ricketty table at which sat the persecuted Southerner, reading a volume of HOYLE'S Games.

So, walking through the crowd, who were bidding for the mule, I approached the man who had offered him for sale.

Under its cover, workmen were incessantly employed throwing materials into the ditch to enable the tower itself to approach the walls, while the fire of several guns and the operations of a corps of miners ruined the opposite tower of the city.

By day the din of his hammer rarely ceased, and by night the flame and sparks from his chimney were a Pharos to all travellers approaching the town.

They were approaching Carmel Point, and Holyhead was not far, but they must front the gale when they got round the corner.

Yet they approached nearer; they came to the edge and stood looking in.

So with her own hands armed with a dagger, she approached the king's bed; having taken care to ply the grooms of his chamber so with wine, that they slept intoxicated, and careless of their charge.

When a sick person asks for a drink of Tober Mhuire water, it is taken as a sign of approaching death.

These were the first birds which had been seen during the voyage, and were considered as indications of approaching land.

"Even the very nets and tackle of these poor fishermen, I heard, were pawned, and, unless they be assisted to redeem them, they will be unable to take advantage of the herring shoals, even when they approach their coast.

A company of colored cavalry, commanded by Major Cox, was stationed at this point, and I approached their camp cautiously, for fear that the pickets might fire upon meas the darkey soldiers were liable to shoot first and cry "halt" afterwards.

"She had by this time approached a small gate, which communicated with the apartments on the ground-floor of the Zenana; when, turning to me, she said, "You can return the way you came, but I must leave you here;" and, making a slight bow, she sprung like a young fawn through the gate, and was out of sight in a moment.

"Time they wrote some of the business down and you couldn't read it, whar'd you be, and whar'd our money be?" The moving speck on the road appeared at this time to be the figure of a tall man, walking unsteadily, reeling from side to side of the road, yet approaching the village.

While I gazed, I insensibly approached the still group; and while musing what manner of grief it might be, which could solace by perpetuating its mere image, I observed two other persons, whose entrance I had not been aware of, but whose attention was evidently directed to what had attracted mine.

When the Roman outposts approached the river Weser, Arminius called out to them from the opposite bank and expressed a wish to see his brother.

Slowly, the dust subsided, until, presently, I was able to approach the edge, and look down.

1782 collocations for  approaching