252 collocations for argue

Yet Simcoe made appointments without consulting his superior and argued the point after he had been brought to book.

I did not, however, feel competent to argue the question with one who had evidently studied physiology much more deeply than myself; and had mastered the records of an experience infinitely longer, guided by knowledge far more accurate, than is possessed by the most accomplished of Terrestrial physiologists.

I can bear being of small consideration, occupying very little space in the world, but to be stricken out of existence entirely, to possess no legal identity, to be regarded as absolutely nobody, is a thing I don't intend to standmark that, Mr. W.' "'Keep cool, my dear,' said I; 'let us argue this matter.'

There Varus gratified at once his vanity, his rhetorical tastes, and his avarice, by holding courts, to which he summoned the Germans for the settlement of all their disputes, while a bar of Roman advocates attended to argue the cases before the tribunal of Varus, who did not omit the opportunity of exacting court fees and accepting bribes.

Calhoun now went so far as to claim the constitutional right to take slaves into any Territory, while Webster argued the power of Congress to rule the Territories until they should become States.

I can think but of one reason for it, and that must argue a very low mind,his vanity; which makes him desirous of being considered as the head of the people he consorts with.

2. We argue the voluntariness of servants from Deut.

As envy is a mere sign of deficiency, so to envy merit argues the lack of it.

He was arguing a cause before the Supreme Court of the United States, and laid down, as the basis of his argument, a principle to which he desired to call the particular attention of the judges.

'Tis again improper (because indeed uncivil, and inhuman) to jest with persons that are in a sad or afflicted condition; as arguing want of due considering or due commiserating their case.

This, of course, does not of itself suffice to prove the existence of true love, for we know that lust may be as maddening and as obstinate as love itself; moreover, as we shall see in the chapter on American Indians, suicide does not argue strong feelings, but a weak intellect.

He generally obeyed his father, but there were times when he wasn't anxious to and argued a little about it.

But if the servant dies under his hand, then the unfitness of the instrument, instead of being evidence in his favor, is point blank against him; for, to strike him with a rod until he dies, argues a great many blows laid on with great violence, and this kept up to the death-gasp, establishes the point of intent to kill.

He who argues the good treatment of the slave, from the slaveholder's good opinion of such treatment, not only argues against human nature and all history, his own common sense, and even the testimony of his senses, but refutes his own arguments by his daily practice.

[Lat.], fama volat [Lat.], aut Caesar aut nullus [Lat.]; not to know him argues oneself unknown; none but himself could be his parallel, palmam qui meruit ferat [Lat.]

The warfare has been constant and uninterrupted between those who argue subjects from abstract truths and those who look at local interests, and maintain that all political questions should be determined by circumstances.

Hence, the way by which the Veda argues the existence of the palasaa mystic tree with the Hindusis founded on the following tradition:The demons had stolen the heavenly soma, or drink of the gods, and cellared it in some mythical rock or cloud.

At this moment, when you have thought and argued out all these political things, the Government of India still remains a grim business.

It is even added that he fell between Eulogius and Eucherius, who had been arguing all the time respecting the merits of their bells, and resumed his share in the discussion as if nothing had happened.

[Sidenote: The later French book says: 'Discover not the secret of a friend, it argues a shallow understanding and a weakness.'] Be not apt to relate rumours of events, if you know not their truth.

Those of gallantry in particular seem to be too artificial and laboured for a lover, without that artless simplicity which is the genuine mark of feeling; and too stiff, and negligent of harmony for a His letters to John Poynes and Sir Francis Bryan deserve more notice, they argue him a man of great sense and honour, a critical observer of manners and well-qualified for an elegant and genteel satirist.

He then argued the impossibility of beasts doing the work of the plantations.

To rate things otherwise doth argue great weakness of judgment, and fondness of mind.

I shall not attempt to argue the rights and wrongs of the case, which seem to have been rather complicated, for Dr. Morse, more than a year after this, in writing to a friend says: "The events of the last fifteen months are still involved in impenetrable mystery, which I doubt not will be unravelled in due time.

There is no need to argue the superiority of democratic government over that of all other forms; the freedom which we possess is worth all the suffering and bloodshed of all the patriots that have ever lived.

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