173 collocations for arm

After doing this he armed his men for battle.

Ah! while your kindred blood remains unspilt, And Heaven allows an awful pause from guilt, Suspend the war, and recognize the bands, Against whose lives you arm your impious hands!

Instead of arming the people in their own defence, the emperors recalled all the distant legions, in whom alone they could repose confidence; and collected the whole military force for the defence of the capital and centre of the empire.

It is vain for me to plead that I have the sanction of law; for this makes the injury the greaterit arms the community against him, and makes his case desperate.

Protected by ramparts, each possessed a town-hall (hôtel de ville), a seal, a treasury, and a watch-tower, and it could arm a certain number of men, either for its own defence or for the service of the noble or sovereign under whom it held its rights.

l4in the pursuit of the four kings, it is said that Abraham armed his servants three hundred and eighteen men; Barnabas says that he circumcised his household, in all three hundred and eighteen men.

Wherefore they armed all their boats, and came up before the town, where the Moors had constructed a barricade of boards for their defence on the shore, so thick that our men could not see the Moors behind.

He arms his ships and galleys, His infantry and horse, And straight to Guadalquivir's flood

And in our own country, such abuses have grown so rank, as to lead a distinguished eye-witnessno less a philosopher and statesman than Thomas Jeffersonto say, that they had armed against us every attribute of the Almighty.

They have armed the militia of their provinces, and seized the publick stores of ammunition.

He mentioned the dangerous insurrections of the slaves in Greece and Sicily; and the instructions given by Cromwell to the commissioners sent to Virginia, to arm the servants and slaves, in case other means of obtaining its submission should fail.

In the mean Time, since there are very few whose Minds are not more or less subject to these dreadful Thoughts and Apprehensions, we ought to arm our selves against them by the Dictates of Reason and Religion, to pull the old Woman out of our Hearts (as Persius expresses it in the Motto of my Paper), and extinguish those impertinent Notions which we imbibed at a Time that we were not able to judge of their Absurdity.

This law it is which has armed human nature against the oppressor.

They adopted also another and a new form of levy, from the scarcity of free persons, and from necessity: they armed eight thousand stout youths from the slaves, purchased at the public expense, first inquiring of each whether he was willing to serve.

There Arthur armed his host, and made him ready for battle.

To arm the nations of the north in the cause of Britain, to bring down hosts against France, from the polar circle, has, indeed, a sound of magnificence, which might induce a mind unacquainted with publick affairs to imagine, that some effort of policy, more than human, had been exerted, by which distant nations were armed in our defence, and the influence of Britain was extended to the utmost limits of the world.

As a matter of fact out of this very suggestion came the policy of arming the Negroes, the first regiment of whom was recruited under orders issued by General Hunter at Port Royal, South Carolina in 1862.

He wanted to buy a female slave; and, failing to raise the money which was her price, armed his own slaves, was joined by others, assumed the state and title of king, and fortified a camp, being at the head of 3,500 men.

The candidate then went and knelt before the lord who was to arm him knight.

Pentavalon calls to thee from out the gloom of dungeon, from the anguish of flame, and rack, and gibbetfrom blood-soaked hearth and shameful grave she calls thee so, my Beltane, come and let me arm thee.

Arm, arm thyself and go to war!

One could scarcely bear his axe ... Whose squares were laid with plates, and riveted with steel, And armed down along with pikes, whose hardened points ... had power to tear the joints Of cuirass or of mail.

The day and hour were fixed, and every necessary preliminary was minutely arranged; and then the council broke up, and the Chiefs returned to their respective dwellings, to collect and fully arm their followers, and prepare to meet again at the appointed time and place, with both hands and hearts read to execute the bloody deed.

Under German pressure the Bolshevik Soviet power had armed the released German and Austrian prisoners of war, and by means of this alien force was terrorising the Russian people and destroying the country.

A number of humane schemes are under contemplation, such as burning New London for the sake of the frigates there; arming the blacks in the Southern States; burning all of our principal cities, and such like plans, which, from the supineness of the New England people, may be easily carried into effect.

173 collocations for  arm