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"My lords and gentlemen," said he, "I gave you leave to ask questions, and you have made a regular farmyard [Footnote: Proverb: meaning unknown.

Henrietta and I were very anxious to see the ceremony at the Elysee, and asked Mollard, Introducteur des Ambassadeurs and chef du Protocolea most important man on all official occasions, if he couldn't put us somewhere in a corner, where we could see, without taking any part.

I then asked permission to call her cousin.

It was forthwith arranged that he should occasionally visit the Hermit, to receive instructions, as if for the purpose of asking medical advice.

Marion Hildreth was just Evadne's age, with a pink and white beauty and soft eyes which turned deprecatingly at intervals towards Isabelle, as though to ask pardon for imaginary solecisms against Miss Hildreth's code of etiquette.

I asked my father what they were and where they were going; he explained to me that they were emigrant wagons bound for Utah and California.

'I believe,' said the child, that there are people in the moon, and in all the stars.' 'Why?' asked her mother. '

So Claudius was led out, and the first to be asked his opinion was Father Janus: he had been made consul elect for the afternoon of the next first of July,[Footnote: Perhaps an allusion to the shortening of the consul's term, which was done to give more candidates a chance of the honour.]

I took with me, without asking leave of any-one, a certain long black cloak, a small electric lamp, and a magnifying glass of considerable power.

The Easter holidays came and went as rapidly as Easter holidays always do, and before the Alliance had recovered from the excitement connected with their first experience of breaking up at Ronleigh, they were back again, greeting their friends, asking new boys their names, and, in short, commencing their second term as regular old stagers.

"And does he make you happy all the time?" asked the girl wistfully.

After the compliments of the season, (warm ones,) Mr. P. asked his friends how the war in Europe affected them.

On one occasion Mrs. Moffat asked a native woman to move out of her kitchen, as she wanted to close it before she went to church.

On being asked the reason, he said he had not slept all night, for he went to see a patient three days before, and because he had not sent the table of directions, the patient wrote saying he would not try his treatment.

She asked God to please stop the war if it was His will.

She was glad she would be absolutely alone. 'Aren't you very well, dear Mrs Ottley?' asked this young lady, in her sweet, sympathetic way.

Therefore I have to ask of you the favor of another early meeting, for a more definite try-out.

They hurried me back from the brink, and then explained their motive, and asked my forgiveness.

Oh, I know I am asking an immense thing, when I beg of you to leave all your patients and come to the country.

"Go to a telephone and ask the doctor to meet you at the corner above.

" "And the other?" asked the captain.

" "What are you going to do?" asked Frank.

"I felt sure I might ask you this favour and trust you.

"I will ask my wife what I think about it.

I cannot ask the king not to punish you.

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