91 collocations for assassinate

To arrive at that, they have determined to assassinate the king.

This man had instigated him to the crime; having received a promise signed by King Philip, engaging to give him twenty-eight thousand ducats and other advantages, if he would undertake to assassinate the Prince of Orange.

The Mexicans at the mines assassinated all the white men there when they were asleep, looted the place, and fled across the boundary to Mexico.

The pretended plots for assassinating Robespierre are, as usual, attributed to Mr. Pitt; and a decree has just passed, that no quarter shall be given to English prisoners.

The murderer then struck with remorse, horror and despair, and all the natural attendants of his guilt, retired to his chamber, and having secured the door, fell upon the same weapon with which he had assassinated his master, and anticipated on himself the justice reserved for the hand of an executioner.

The virtuous Brutus virtuously assassinated his father.

About the same time an attempt was made to assassinate the Secretary of State in his own house, where he was in bed suffering from the effects of the late accident.

On the whole, it is not possible to ascertain precisely the motives which determined her to assassinate Marat.

Edgar, it is said, assassinated the husband of Elfrida in order that he might marry her.

To violate every law, to perjure oneself, to strangle Right, to assassinate the country, are all these proceedings wholly honest?

Besides, an attempt had been made to assassinate the old mountaineer!

Only to-night you have agreed to assassinate the Duke of Buckingham, and expect D'Artagnan to be slain in return.

Of course, it is all fiction about his assassinating his nephew, Amasa, and Abner the captain of the host!

John Pleadwell, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, assassinated in his Chambers the sixth Instant by Kitty Sly, who pretended to come to him for his Advice.

"That General Heron is proved to have assassinated children, and worn publicly in his hat the ear of a man he had murdered.

The second was the appearance in Belgrade of Dimitri Wasseljevitchca, who was suspected of plotting to assassinate the Tsar.

Five years afterwards, they assassinated, at Viterbo in Italy, their cousin Henry d'Allmaine, who at that very time was endeavouring to make their peace with the king; and by taking sanctuary in the church of the Franciscans, they escaped the punishment due to so great an enormity [m].

[Footnote 1: Appendix, No. XX.] Hardly had this secret plot been defeated, when an affray took place at Fort St. Andrews, in which an attempt was made to assassinate the General, who was there on a visit.

The accusation which had been proved against them was that of having assassinated a Jewish woman who, with her children, was travelling from Jerusalem to Joppa.

His MismanagementAn Attempt is made to assassinate the Queen.

The best known anecdote of Selwyn's peculiarity relates to the execution of Damiens, who was torn with red-hot pincers, and finally quartered by four horses, for the attempt to assassinate Louis XV.

rateful to the man for having by his deed enabled him to get the empire as he was displeased at the idea of any one assassinating an emperor.

" Messer Niccolo, his brother, carried on the feud, and was, with Diotisalvi Neroni, Agnolo Acciaiuolo, and others, banished in 1455, for their complicity in the abortive attempt to assassinate Piero de' Medici.

Instigated by this foul ambition, he assassinated his lord, and, returning to Normandy, promulgated a fictitious narrative of the encounter; and, to further his iniquitous views, presented a forged letter, which he said had been written by De Hambye to his widow, just before his death, enjoining her to reward his faithful servant, by accepting him as her second husband.

Threats were uttered of assassinating the cardinals, and others cried out "to make short workas they called itwith the government of the priests, those traitors to Italy, and to place Rome under popular sway."

91 collocations for  assassinate