52 collocations for assuages

"I drink," he cried, "to Liberty and Equality!" Some of the little fathers also drank, to assuage an hereditary thirst.

So to assuage the griefs that overthrow Thy father's heart.

Not only do they fail to assuage his sorrows, but they feed and nourish them with sweet venom.

It assuages every pain, Cures all disease, and gives again To age the swift delights of youth.

In order to assuage some remorseful pangs, Miss Blake began from this time to treat Laura with distinguished favor.

The mere sight of the ripe, yellow fruit seemed to assuage their hunger.

These terrors, which ought to have assuaged the feelings of the commons, increased them still further: and the people resumed the practice of declining military service, not of their own accord, as before, but Spurius Licinius, a tribune of the people, thinking that the time had come for forcing the agrarian law on the patricians by extreme necessity, had undertaken the task of obstructing the military preparations.

Abner stole a furtive glance at his companion in misery, and the dolor of Ross's countenance somewhat assuaged his anguish.

But in order to assuage his own conscience he grants him extenuating circumstances, which seem a concession of justice, but are, in reality, a denial of justice.

It was nearer akin to him, and he assuaged his wounded soul in the ecstacies of incense and the great charms of Gregorian chant.

Nothing excites or assuages emotion.

Ye round this head on airy wing careering, Attend, in noble Elfin guise appearing; Assuage the cruel strife that rends his heart, The burning shaft remove of keen remorse, From rankling horror cleanse his inmost part: Four are the pauses of the nightly course; Them, without rest, fill up with kindly art.

The new printer drank heavily to assuage his gloom, even to a degree that caused Herman Vielhaber to decline his custom, so that he must lean the gloomy hours away on the bar of Pegleg McCarron, where they didn't mind such things.

With the object possibly of assuaging the grievances of which the Loyalists complained in connection with the proceedings of the royal commission, Lord Dorchester (as Sir Guy Carleton was by that time styled) proposed in 1789 'to put a Marke of Honor upon the families who had adhered to the unity of the empire, and joined the Royal Standard in America before the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783.'

Gentle voices, assuaging hands, and sweet charities were about the stricken ones; and pious hands, with all Christian observances, ministered to their beautiful dead.

At this period, the prison of Bicêtre, which is only strong from the strict guard kept up there, could contain twelve hundred prisoners; but they were piled on each other, and the conduct of the jailors in no way assuaged the inconvenience of the place.

Then Dacian seeing this began to assuage his ire, and to flatter him by fair words, and said to him: George, the patience of our gods is over great unto thee which hast blasphemed them, and done to them great despite, then fair, and right sweet son, I pray thee that thou return to our law and make sacrifice to the idols, and leave thy folly, and I shall enhance thee to great honor and worship.

And when with soothing beam, the moon's pale orb Full in my view climbs up the pathless sky, From crag and dewy grove, the silvery forms Of by-gone ages hover, and assuage The joy austere of contemplative thought.

All the long months of his exile pressed upon him with mighty force to urge him to assuage his loneliness with this divine balm.

My longing to assuage the lot of Diaz became almost an anguish.

Many alterations had taken place since I was last there and saw the wretched Queen from the balcony endeavoring to assuage the fierce mob that surged beneath.

After that important period, it was not only permitted to assuage the previous mortifications of the flesh, but, so liberal did he show himself in the orthodox indulgence, that he was regularly carried to his bed at midnight, from which he as regularly issued, in the course of the following morning, to discourse again on the thousand deformities of premature drink.

We were sorry we hadn't, very sorry indeed; all we could do was to endeavour to recollect a rhyme and adapt it to her case, that we learnt in the nursery when we were something under fifteen, and, although it didn't seem to assuage her grief muchprobably because she didn't understand a word of Englishwe think it ought to be quoted in case it should be useful to others.

But it is not, perhaps he will pretend, to assuage a private passion, or to promote his particular concernment, that he makes so bold with his neighbour, or deals so harshly with him; but for the sake of orthodox doctrine, for advantage of the true Church, for the advancement of public good, he judgeth it expedient to asperse him.

All the skill of the Court doctors could do as little to assuage her agony as to save her life; and within a few hours she died, clasped to the breast of her distracted lover!

52 collocations for  assuages