199 collocations for avenges

But now Brave Conn upon the ship's high prow Hath raised his burnished blade on high, And calls on Woden and on Tigh With boldness, to avenge the death Of his great sire ...

To be brief, my lords: if I have lived honourably among you, if I have never given plain speech to any, avenge my wrongs.

Now what can we do?" There was a silence; every one felt that a serious crisis had arrived in the history of the Birchites, and that unless some immediate steps were taken to avenge this insult they would no longer be free men, but live in constant terror of the Philistines;every one, I say, felt that some bold action must be taken, yet nobody had a suggestion to make.

Let this be thought of when people imagine that Germany and Austria went to war with the idea of avenging the murder of an Archduke....

My object is to avenge the outrageous injury to Elma Heath.

If I had been an old Roman, I should by this time have avenged my father, but I am a man of my age.

Avenge now your friends and your kinsfolk; avenge the great ruin and burnings; avenge all the loss and the travail that for so long a space we have suffered at their hands.

We are bound on an expedition whose object is the supremacy of British rule, and to avenge the fate of British men and women.

He spurred his steed across the plain, and gaining upon the three knights, made ready to avenge his kinsman's blood.

Ignati at once started out to avenge his brother, and killed in quick succession six bears, allowing their bodies to remain as a warning to the other bears, not even removing their skins.

With my own hand I re-covered the face with the sheet, and inwardly resolved to avenge the dastardly crime.

It was on the day following this that Jack Nugent, at his sister's instigation, made an attempt to avenge the family honour.

In the second week of December the British navy avenged the defeat of Rear Admiral Cradock's squadron off the Chilean coast in November, when a powerful special fleet, under Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick Sturdee, encountered the German cruiser fleet, under Admiral von Spee, off the Falkland Islands and practically destroyed it.

In avenging the outrage of the 18th Brumaire' So far I had got when my heart sprang suddenly into my mouth and the paper fluttered down from my fingers.

To his friends and flatterers, who fed his vanity by warning him to be on his guard against its suggestions, he replied, that he "had been a dry bone, and was still an unprofitable servant," a mere instrument in the hands of Almighty power; if God had risen in his wrath, if he had bared his arm and avenged his cause, to him, and to him alone, belonged the glory.

Sweyn of Denmark invades England to avenge the massacre of his people.

To avenge their comrades, to wreak damage upon their adversaries, they entered amongst them as lions in the field.

Johnson's mounted riflemen led the van, while General Selby, a hero of King's Mountain, followed with his Kentuckians, eager to avenge the slaughter of their friends at River Raisin.

Then Sir Kay said: "I will avenge thee for the affront that hath been put upon thee.

Of course, it was more than a self-respecting desire to avenge affronts that led Italy to declare war against Turkey; and also more than a hunger for the territory of Tripoli.

She entreated them to avenge her quarrel.

An undying hatred from that time arose between her and Brunehaut, who had to avenge her sister.

And the old Prussian, burning with a desire to avenge the indignities and injuries which he had inflicted on Prussia, avowed his determination to execute him as an outlaw, if he should fall into his hands.

All doom and destiny and wrath of avenging deities and days of judgment seemed concentrated in that frown of gigantic darkness.

The arch felon was of old, who by the tail Drew back his lowing prize: in vain his wiles, In vain the shelter of the covering rock, In vain the sooty cloud, and ruddy flames That issued from his mouth; for soon he paid His forfeit life: a debt how justly due To wronged Alcides, and avenging Heaven!

199 collocations for  avenges