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258 collocations for  awaking

258 collocations for awaking

His axe awoke the echoes of the forest, and he busied himself building houses, planting fields, and providing for their comforts.

He was not sure just how long it was, but he awoke the next morning feeling quite refreshed.

When the boy awoke the morning was come, with fine, clear weather.

When he awoke the sun was down and the world was become a place of mystery and glooming shadow; a bird called plaintively afar off in the dusk, the spring bubbled softly near by, but save for this a deep silence brooded over all things; above the gloom of the trees the sky was clear, where bats wheeled and hovered, and beyond the purple upland an orbed moon was rising.

" Byron's poetry was politically influential also, by reason of its liberty-loving spirit,arousing Italy, inspiring the young revolutionists of Germany, and awaking a generous sympathy for Greece.

" This was written in answer to some thoughtless rattle that the captain had volunteered to put in his last letter, as coming from Maud, who had sensitively shrunk from sending a message when asked; and it was read by father, mother, and Beulah, as the badinage of a brother to a sister, without awaking a second thought in either.

Then, too, awoke faint pricking memories of certain symptoms ... which she had not talked about ...

Of the misery of Ireland it was said (I think by Sheridan): "It fevered his blood, it broke his rest, it drove him at times half frantic with furious indignation, it sunk him at times in abysses of sullen despondency, it awoke in him emotions which in ordinary men are seldom excited save by personal injuries.

He had awaked the woman's heart in her, and she gave freely, impulsively, not measuring her gift.

At four o'clock John Thomas awoke much refreshed, but very hungry.

The next morning, before the sun arose, the wife went and awoke the two children.

The steward awoke an hour or two later, and after what seemed a terrible struggle found himself standing at the open door with the cold night air blowing in his face, and a voice which by an effort of memory he identified as that of Edward Silk inviting him "to go home and lose no time about it."

His love of poetry and history, if on the one hand it has intensified his realisation of the sorrows and tragedies of earthly life, on the other hand has equipped him with a power to awake in others a vivid consciousness of the moral value of literature,through which (for the mere asking)

Gradually, there awoke an uneasy self-conscious interest as to all matters that concerned her, a mental pricking up of the ears when her name was mentioned.

"Get up at once, lieutenant, and report at headquarters," said a voice I recognized as Waggoner's, and as I sat upright with a jerk, he passed on to awake another sleeper.

Ferangís, who saw the enemy's banner floating in the air, knew that it belonged to Pírán, and instantly awoke the two young men from sleep.

Then awoke A strange and unknown longing in their souls, As if for something loved in years gone by, And vanished in its beauty and its love So long, that it retained no name or form, And lay on childhood's verge, all but forgot, Wrapt in the enchanted rose-mists of that land:

" As for Louis, chilled by the coldness of his mistress, distracted by her whims and rages, his heart often yearned for the woman he had so cruelly discarded; and separation did more than all her tears and caresses could have done, to awake again the love he fancied was dead.

The name awoke in me a recollection of a painful incident within my experience.

Forbear this lavish pomp of dreadful praise; The horrid images of war and slaughter Renew our sorrows, and awake our fears.

They had not stirred an inch in the night, and there was no sign now that they intended to awake any time soon.

Narcissus's words awoke a wild hope.

Indeed, like melody, it tells no story, awakes no desire, but fills the soul with something beyond thought or passion, subtler and more penetrating than words.

Such were the conditions that aroused the indignant spirit of Christendom and prepared it for the cry of Peter the Hermit, which awoke the wild enthusiasm of the crusades.

{177} When AEacus was king of Thessaly, his kingdom was almost depopulated by a dreadful pestilence; he prayed to Jupiter to avert the distemper, and dreamed that he saw an innumerable quantity of ants creep out of an old oak, which were immediately turned into men; when he awoke the dream was fulfilled, and he found his kingdom more populous than ever; from that time the people were called Myrmidons.

Straight-dealing himself, circuitous ways, even in trifles, awoke his distrust.

But this momentary swoon soon passed over, and Elise awoke to full consciousness and a perception of her situation.

She then awoke her husband, and soon the dusky group were partaking of their morning repast, with evident satisfaction, after which they made preparations to depart.

But to new horror I awake each morn,

I awoke faint and exhausted as a nervous valetudinarian, and I suppose my feeling must have been plainly visible in my face, for Eveena would not allow me to rise from the cushions till she had summoned an ambâ and procured the material of a morning meal, though the hour was noon.

And at sight of him awoke in the woman's heart all the old tenderness; handsome and brave and witty she knew him to be, as indeed the whole world knew him to be distinguished by every namable grace; and the innate weakness of de Gâtinais, which she alone suspected, made him now seem doubly dear.

There awoke within him new energy, a youthful impetuosity that broke forth in gestures and exclamations, in a continual need of expansion, of living.

She rose early the next morning, and awoke her son,a prayerful, dutiful young man,and said to him, "I'm going to church, to-day."

The sire, the child, oh, waft them back to their delightful dell, When, like a voice from heavenly lands, awakes the curfew bell.

Toward morning he awoke benumbed and cold.

He mounted his horse, gave orders not to awake the king, repaired by himself to the place where the fight was, put everything to rights, and came back and told the whole affair to Louis, who exhibited great joy.

[Footnote 8: 'that might roughly awake your nature, honour, and exception,':consider the phraseto take exception at a thing.]

Bed, that had for some time been calling us, unheeded as Juliet's nurse, had at last to be obeyed; but how grudgingly; and how eagerly we sprang from it at no late hour in the morning, at the first thought of the sweet new thing that had come into the worldlike children who, half in a doze before waking, suddenly remember last night's new wonder of a toy, to awake in an instant, and scramble into clothes to look at it again.

A superstitious thrill passed over him and awoke his old antagonism.

I will, I will awake thee.

The vices of your highness, said Bertram, awake my indignation.

At dawn I awoke, the care on my mind answering for a call.

He awakes pity rather than denunciation.

That pale face, with its tint of old ivory, those thin, finely-cut lips, indicative of diabolical craft, could she but read aright, those unfathomable eyes, touched her fancy as it had never yet been touched, awoke within her that latent vein of romance, self-abnegation, supreme foolishness, which lurks in the nature of every woman, be she chaste as ice and pure as snow.

" This discovery awoke anxieties in Wilhelm.

Not even Thor, the wielder of the thunderbolt, nor Woden, the All-Father, delayed the inevitable hour when the dusk of winter came, when the voice of Baldur could no longer be heard awaking earth to a new life.

That night Edgar dreamed that Flora, who had been buried a few weeks, and of whose image his picture was the exact resemblance, stood before him, pleading him to have pity on her lonely mother: he dreamed her hand clasped his, and he awoke trembling.

Then one night, as he slept, came soft and very beautiful music around about and within the convent, and the boy awoke the priest to listen.

He seems to have found type-forms admirable for awaking the higher senses of the child, and unlike the usual scheme of object lessons, they tell a continued story.

The curiously watchful look was still in her eyes and suddenly, apropos of nothing, she began to wring her hands in the strange, dumb way which always preceded one of her characteristic mental agonies,agonies which, far beyond her understanding as they were, never failed to awake profound compassion in Esther.

Her ecstasy awoke a vague response in her partner, who bent forward as he kept repeating, monotonously: "And you said you couldn't, Miss Robson!

In elegance of thinking and fertility of imagination, few of our English authors have approached him, and no writers have such power as he to awake the spirit of poetry in others.

Now o'er the west in melting softness streams A lustre, milder than the morning beams; A purer dawn dispell'd the fearful night, 115 And nature glow'd in all the blooms of light; The birds awake the note that hails the day, And spread their pinions in the purple ray; A zone of gold the wave's still bosom bound, And beauty shed a placid smile around.

The valiant little Dutch navy swept the English fleet from the sea, and only the thunder of Dutch guns in the Thames, under the very windows of London, awoke the nation to the realization of how low it had fallen.

Love stories awoke in his youthful imagination an ardor for adventure and involved passions in which there was something of the intense love of indulgence that had been his father's besetting sin.

Apparently the tune awoke the corresponding associations of a damsel....

" CHAPTER V (I) He awoke suddenly, at some movement, and for an instant did not remember where he was.

Frank saw the look of pain, and it awoke in his own breast an answering throb as he wondered if, after all, Ethie would not have preferred that he were standing by her instead of the grave Judge, fitting on his gloves with an awkwardness which said that such articles were comparative strangers to his large, red hands.

Had the agonies Louisa suffered been of very long continuance, she must have sunk under them; but grief is easily dissipated in a young heart, and she awoke more tranquil.

Immense herds of cattle were pastured on it, and bad men and outlaws from various sections of the country awoke reminiscences of biblical stories about cities of refuge by squatting upon it, making a living by hunting and indifferent agriculture, and resting secure from molestation from officers of the law.

As they passed the Grizzly's den their lanterns awoke in his eyes a glint of fire.

On the night that Washington's illness first became serious his secretary narrates that "Between 2 and 3 o'clk on Saturday morning he [Washington] awoke Mrs. Washington & told her he was very unwell, and had had an ague.

Only after I had awoke the loathing became unbearable and changed into a kind of fear,fear of death.

" Next day the town of Leghorn awoke to find itself gay with bunting, the Italian and English flags flying side by side everywhere, and the Consular standard flapping over the Consulate in the piazza.

Your solicitude for my welfare cannot but awake my gratitude, but it has been more than once a source of wonderment in my mind.

Old Jocunda, with her tough, vigorous organization and unceremonious habits of expression, could not conceive the exquisite pain with which this whole conversation had vibrated on the sensitive being at her right hand,that what merely awoke her hard-corded nerves to a dull vibration of not unpleasant excitement was shivering and tearing the tenderer chords of poor little Psyche beside her.

Now awoke the Duke of Montmorency.

The interesting recognition of Gladstone awakes pleasanter sentiments; especially when we notice the return compliment (in the same Quarterly, but twenty-seven years later than Croker's attack) of the statesman's generous tribute.

Take this specimen: There is a time when naught on earth Can re-awake the chords of mirth, When joy with all its cherub wiles Is powerless in creating smiles; The sun of happiness is set, And naught remains but deep regret, And inward pangs and throbs severe, And disappointment's bitter tear!

The worn and haggard aspect of Lieutenant Grey and all his companions, spoke of itself how severe had been the hardships they were called on to endure: I need not say that their wants were relieved with the utmost eagerness of frank hospitality, and that their tales of hair-breadth escapes and moving accidents awoke all ears, and stirred in every heart.

"They have awoke from that ignorance in which they had slept."London Encyclopedia.

"I've always been wild to learn to play on a harp," she said, drawing her fingers caressingly over the strings and awaking faint, throbbing tones, too soft to be discords, that echoed through the room like the ghost of a song played years ago, and trembled away until they seemed to mingle with the golden light that flooded the room through the west windows.

Bennington awoke early the next morning, a pleased glow of anticipation warming his heart, and almost before his eyes were opened he had raised himself to leap out of the bunk.

It was inevitableindeed it was in many instances properthat such deeds should awake in the breasts of the whites the grimmest, wildest spirit of revenge and hatred.

A Ripogenus chill awaked the whole party with early dawn.

When three hours had really gone, and all seemed well, Frank awoke his chum.

As soon as he was able to discern objects outside the opening on the plateau, he awoke Maka, and, leaving him on guard, he made his way to the lake cavern.

At twelve he went and awoke Wildney.

His tossing awoke Tom Gordon several times and caused him some anxiety, which was increased when he touched his friend's cheek and found him suffering with a burning fever.

PSYCHE (i. e. the soul), in the later Greek mythology the youngest of three daughters of a king, and of such beauty as to eclipse the attractions and awake the jealousy of Venus, the goddess of beauty, who in consequence sent Cupid, her son, to inspire her with love for a hideous monster, and so compass her ruin.

CHAPTER XXI NEMESIS The storm had blown itself out in the night and the sun came blithely up, awaking the forest to its orisons.

When he awoke the moon had been up a long while.

From the eternal solitude of the green woods arose the blue smoke of the settler's cabin, and golden fields of corn looked forth from amid the waste of the wilderness, and the glad music of human voices awoke the silence of the forest.

His silence and lack of response, awoke a growl from the impatient circle of men behind.

When the woman, awaking terrified from sleep, saw there was no help, and that impending death was nigh at hand, then Tarquin declared his passion, entreated, mixed threats with entreaties, tried all means to influence the woman's mind.

I awoke Euphemia and told her what had happened.

A soft gray under-roof of cloud slid on before a soft west wind, and here and there a stray gleam of sunlight shot into the vale across the purple mountain-tops, and awoke into busy life the denizens of the water, already quickened by the mysterious electric influences of the last night's thunder-shower.

With the lower class of readers, it is more than probably that these poems may have inspired religious thoughts, have awaked a solemn dread of punishment, kindled a sacred hope of happiness, and fitted the mind for the four last important period; But with readers of a higher taste, they can have but little effect.

I could not have slept long, and when I awoke my mind still retained its bitterness.

Joe had neglected to awake my companion, and he had done no hunting that night.

When I awoke great mists were trailing away from the Yann.

Out of her gold locks Shaking the spring flowers, Out of her garments Shaking the south wind, Around in the birches Awaking the throstles, And making chaste housewives all Long for their heroes home, Loving and love-giving, Came she to Scoring.

When I awoke a new life began for me.

The theatrical conduct of Scaevinuswho took an antique dagger from the Temple of Safety, made his will, ordered the dagger to be sharpened, sat down to an unusually luxurious banquet, manumitted or made presents to his slaves, showed great agitation, and finally ordered ligaments for wounds to be prepared,awoke the suspicions of one of his freedmen named Milichus, who hastened to claim a reward for revealing his suspicions.

Their footsteps on the tiled flags, separated by deep cracks filled with grass, awoke all the animal world that was drowsing there in the sun.

The noise of hooting, loud and protracted, awoke Tilda at last, and she raised herself in her bunk to stare at the apparition of Bill in the cabin doorwaya terrifying apparition, too, black with coal-dust and shining with sweat.

Thomas was always gentle and considerate, but his little services, his unobtrusive sacrifices never went unnoticed, and they awoke in the bandit an ever-increasing wonderment.

" That Uncle Philip belonged to the castle, too, now awoke hearty outbursts from the children, which the mother happily joined, for it had been her greatest wish that the two should become friends again.

The communion of grief gradually awoke in him his old affection for Madame de

In the end the striking of the clock above them awoke Vera to the lateness of the hour.