35 collocations for babble

It is at this time they are said to babble out their hearts to one another; and so, beyond doubt, this must have been the real state of the case.

Sheepskin and bourka are dispensed with, as we ride lazily along under a blazing sun through pleasant green plains of maize and barley, irrigated by babbling brooks of crystal-clear water.

And so, when Laurella could no longer sit up, they brought another cot for her, and she lay all day babbling childish nonsense, and playing dolls within hand-reach of the sick-bed; while Johnnie with Lissy's help, tended on them both.

A small creek was babbling its way to the Salinas River.

So she babbled out the whole pitiful story, waiting in a kind of terror to see contempt and disgust awaken in his eyes.

'Will reduce us to babble a dialect of France,' iii. 343, n. 3. FRENCH.

Sang this joculatrix: "When the Morning broke before us Came the wayward Three astraying, Chattering in babbling chorus, (Obloquies of Aether saying), Hoidens that, at pegtop playing, Flung their Top where yet it whirls Through the coil of clouds unstaying, For the Fates are captious girls!"

For I did utter somethingmy dead and shuddering tongue did babble forth some coherency.

For a little while he babbled commonplaces.

But above all take heed, nor mix thy hounds Of different kinds; discordant sounds shall grate Thy ears offended, and a lagging line 280 Of babbling curs disgrace thy broken pack.

And raised carelessly on his elbows he was telling Mooka how Megaleep the caribou trusted only his nose, and how he watched and played peekaboo with anything which he could not smell, and how in a snowstorm Noel was off now like a brook, babbling a deal of caribou lore which he had learned from Old Tomah the hunter, when Mooka, whose restless black eyes were always wandering, seized his arm.

The landlady took a step forward, and began babbling excuses, explanations, entreaties.

She forgot too that she was married to Theophil, and would sometimes babble her heart-breaking fancies of the little home that was so near now, till sometimes Theophil had to hurry away with his unbearable grief to some other room.

" She had babbled her gossip so lightly and rapidly that this last piece of information had not given him the start its significance deserved.

poor Sir Thomas, who must needs babble the foolish hopes which wiser men reticently keep cloistered in their own bosoms!

What idle babble, then, is this theory of a third Confederacy, to be constructed out of the middle Atlantic States and the Northwest!

Johnnie turned contemptuously and left the woman babbling incoherencies on her knees, evidently preparing to pray to a God whose laws she was determined to break.

What babbling this ISAAC.

Her father's country called, with a voice she could hear above the music of the Southern town, the laughter of the pretty French girls and the chatter of black and brown babies who babbled a language which was neither French, Spanish, nor English, but a mixture of all.

Every foot of Whitehall babbles its legends; you see Tyburn as our forefathers saw it, and George Fox meeting Cromwell there on his return from Ireland.

"And we cannot babble matters of import to these children" "I'm seventeen!"

PEACE, BABBLING MUSE! 1 Peace, babbling Muse!

Gossip, the yellow-tongued dragon, had been tracked to its lair and done to death, or at least that one of its heads had been smitten off which babbled slander of Miss Caroline.

"~ Give me the town; let others go Where babbling streams of water flow, Where soars the lark on daring wing (I'd rather hear De Reszke sing), And where sweet-scented breezes blow.

Though babbling only to the Vale, Of sunshine and of flowers, 10 Thou bringest unto me a tale Of visionary hours.

35 collocations for  babble