276 collocations for backs

"I'm going to wipe him out on that raceif he's got the guts to come across and back up that Thunderbolt horse as hard as he blows about him!"

They were quite as much astonished as I. We backed water, watching closely.

I join with her in the appeal that the women shall back the men with service, and that the men in their turn shall frankly and eagerly welcome the rendering of such service on the basis of service by equals for a common end.

You backed a bill for him?

Men stood in shirt-sleeves at their cabin doors in the unwinking sunshine, looking up the valley or down, betting that the "first boat in" would be one of those nearest neighbours, May West or Muckluck, coming up from Woodworth; others as ready to back heavily their opinion that the first blast of the steam whistle would come down on the flood from Circle or from Dawson.

On alighting, a bird expands its wings and tail fully against the air, as a ship, in tacking round, backs her sails, in order that they may meet with all the resistance possible.

" I backed the boat off into the stream.

The engine backs a freight car in here, the big doors of the car are opened, and the ice is slid in on wooden chutes, something like the iron chutes the coal man uses.

This done, he went down to the stream and filled his cap with water and carried it to the horse, which snuffed suspiciously and backed a little; so he laid the cap down, and went up and patted him again.

The man in the furrow has no idea that he is "backing up" the boy in the trench.

Fred never went over the top and out to back up the argument you're making now! FEJEVARY: (stiffly) Very well, I will discontinue the argument I'm making now.

When the song was over, Clive held up his head too; looked round with surprise and pleasure in his eyes; and we, I need not say, backed our friend, delighted to see him come out of his queer scrape so triumphantly.

After we were certain, on the 4th of August, that war was being declared all around Germany and Austria, and that England was to back France and Russia, a sort of stupor settled on us all.

Calhoun himself maintained that the Compromise Tariff of 1833 was due to the resistance which his State had made, but he also felt that the Force Bill with which Congress had backed up the President was a standing menace, and, as usual with him, he looked forward to impending dangers.

The widow backed her son and told all the neighbors that "Peggy never hed the brains to write thet pome, an' the chances air he stole it from the 'Malvern Weekly Journal.'

Saying this Butts had backed a step behind the stove-pipe, and with incredible quickness had pulled out a revolver.

Old Thunderbolt's as fit as a new rawhide rope and is just aching to rake in another three or four thousand of Quarter Circle KT dinero if you people have got the nerve to back your judgment!" There was a dead hush as the crowd in the pool-room waited for Old Heck's reply to Dorsey's drunken challenge.

I can back up my assertion by any amount of corroborative detail.

Towards that island the ship steered, and about two in the afternoon, she came up close under its lee, and backed her topsail.

It claims truth, and backs its claims by the authority of its maker; but it would be folly to imagine that it thereby becomes ipso facto true, or is meant to be universally accepted without testing.

"Well, I had it all fixed up fine how I was goin' to act, and what I was goin' to say to him, and how I'd back up a few paces against the wall and say, 'Not a word above a whisper, or I'll send this bullet through your craven heart!'

From front door to back door she paced, always treading softly through fear of disturbing the sleeper in the room beyond; then paced from back door to front door again, and paused to wait for the messenger whose coming was so delayed.

But he did want to back up J.W.'s belief that what Phil Khamis had said was true of everybodywe are all debtors.

Public sympathy has backed up laws cutting down long hours of work for women.

It would be backed by the influence of the Governors, the power of public sentiment, the leverage of the press, so that the passage of the law should come easily and naturally.

276 collocations for  backs