38 collocations for bait

Fancy him baiting a great hook with pickled salmon, and, twitching up old Izaac Walton from the banks of the River Lee, with the hook through his ear.

As the ride was a long one, we halted at this house for refreshment, and, after baiting our horses, regaled ourselves upon some choice ham and eggs.


This suicide case had baffled the pick of Buffalo's trained reporters; it had foiled the best efforts of her police; nevertheless, this fat-paunched fellow had baited a starving man by offering him the assignment.

If a man baits a line for fish, the fish will come, even if he declares there are no such things as fishes.

That day she did nothing, for after teaching her to thread the worm, and put the gentles on the smaller hooks, I sent her to hunt for worms to chop up for ground-baiting the pitch for the next afternoon; and when this was done it was dinner-time, and I sent her home, for by then I was giving the reading-lessons in the morning.

College Fun.Baiting a Proctor.

* * To see a dog baiting a bull, is no news; But to see a ram spinning of wool, is strange indeed!

The diversion of baiting an author has the sanction of all ages and nations, and is more lawful than the sport of teasing other animals, because, for the most part, he comes voluntarily to the stake, furnished, as he imagines, by the patron powers of literature, with resistless weapons, and impenetrable armour, with the mail of the boar of Erymanth, and the paws of the lion of Nemea.

Three years he sailed before the mast and learned seamanship, while Charles was baiting the Muscovite and the North was resting on its arms.

Fancy coffins, decorated with glittering ornaments, are placed seductively in bright plate-glass windows, and put out for baiting advertisements upon the side-walks: as much as to say, "Walk in, walk in, ladies and gentlemen!

For a second his look was upon her also, and it seemed to her in that moment that she and Burke had united cruelly to bait some desperate animal.

One, a German train, stopped beside us to bait their horses officers of the Landwehr or Landsturm type, who looked as if they might be, as doubtless they were, lawyers, professors, or successful business men at home.

"Ah, here is Baiting Joe, and with a letter in his hand, uncle, I do declare!" It might be a secret hope that impelled Mary, for away she bounded, like a young fawn, running to meet the old fisherman at the door.

I think she had been rambling along just to bait Casey into something like that.

He had, indeed, suggested baiting the dressing-table with the farmer's watch, an idea which Mr. Negget had promptly vetoed.

The policy of baiting Mr. Bradlaugh which has been persisted in so long, savours so strongly of a petty and malignant species of persecution that it is well that those who indulge in it should be made to smart for their pains.

He tried to remember the suggestions in the harassing days that followed; baiting Joe Billing becoming popular as a pastime from which no evil results need be feared.

But I can't be answerable for the consequences if anyone sets to work to bait Robin persistently.

There's two or three lanes or by-roads about there, and it lies in one of them that turns sharp off by the Blue Boar, which is about the only inn where you can bait a horse thereabouts.

In the periods of dulness I found some amusement in visiting the lower camp and baiting the Nigger.

Methinks I see already, how they wish To bait their beaks in such a jolly dish.

And, with his usual liberality when baiting his policy with false hopes, Bismarck went on to say that 'Turkey is falling to pieces; nobody can resuscitate her; Rumania has an important role to fulfil, but for this she must be wise, cautious, and strong'.

After two days of trail travel we came out on the Chateaugay road, stopping awhile to bait our sheep and cattle on the tame grass and tender briers.

He baits his patient's body with his medicines, as a rat-catcher does a room, and either poisons the disease or him.

38 collocations for  bait