82 collocations for bark

" "Of course we may be barking up the wrong tree," the officer reflected aloud.

Bow wow!" barked Don, and that meant, in his language: "Get back in your pen, Squinty!


Two tall Chinese boys scurried about with wicker chairs, with trays of bottles, ice, and cheroots, while he barked his orders, like a fox-terrier commanding a pair of solemn dock-rats.

The dogs were the first to see him, and they tore towards him barking a welcome.

The little man designated a telephone on the wall, then started nervously as central answered and Spike barked a single command into the transmitter: "Police-station, please!" "Police?" "Never you mind, sir," Spike told the householder.

Now, however, when taken for a duty-walk, he still barks a little at the outset, but thereafter begins at once to lag, and is found in an armchair when the party returns.

From within a fox-terrier barked two or three times.

I barked my shins, an' when I looked in the store, after seein' nobody was hurt, the molasses was runnin' all over.

One day I was amused so much that, had I not remembered where I was, I must, like my friends mentioned by Robert Burns in his "Twa Dogs," have "barked wi' joy," because I thought it so strange.

I can feel barking within me the voice of every blood.

If I went into the gardens, clinking the wicket latch loudly after me, to pull the marigolds, heartsease, and lady's-slippers, and draw a drink with the water-sodden well-bucket and its noisy chain; or, knocking off with my stick the tall, heavy-headed dahlias and sunflowers, hunting among the beds for cucumbers and love-applesno one called out to me from any opened window; no dog sprang forward to bark an alarm.

And keep them hands up!" He barked the last words, for the arms of Arizona had crooked suddenly.

230 Low barks the fox; by Havoc rouz'd the bear, Quits, growling, the white bones that strew his lair; The dry leaves stir as with the serpent's walk, And, far beneath, Banditti voices talk; Behind her hill the Moon, all crimson, rides, 235 And his red eyes the slinking Water hides; Then all is hush'd; the bushes rustle near, And with strange tinglings sings her fainting ear.

A great yell went up, and the rifles barked back sharp defiance.

the devils!" barked the old man, dancing about the room in a rage.

One dreamed of running away and being chased by a dog with a hat on his head, who barked "Good-night" as fiercely as a bite.

Then, as she took the narrow trail through the brush that had grown up among half a dozen small down trees, he barked a question: "Whadjasay yore Injun name was?" "My name is Jessie McRae," she answered with a flash of angry pride.

His hands resembled both those of a mason, with the horny callous inside, and those of a salt-water fisherman, with bludgy fingers and barked knuckles that never healed.

For the first time since the speech-making began Anazeh barked approval.

From his kennel at the side of the house Mike barked a sharp challenge that turned into an unmistakable note of welcome as they drew near.

He had barked his good-byes to the engineer, and Daddy Blake and Hal and Mab had thanked the nice man over and over again. "Don't fall through any more air holes, Roly!" cautioned Hal, as he skated along with Charlie, while Mab glided slowly at the side of Mary.

"A drover of sheep should always be provided with a dog, as the numbers and nimbleness of sheep render it impossible for one man to guide a capricious flock along a road subject to many casualties; not a young dog, who is apt to work and bark a great deal more than necessary, much to the annoyance of the sheepbut a knowing cautious tyke.

So Don barked: "Bow wow!

The pain of barking the skin of knees and elbows against projecting angles of stone was a relief.

82 collocations for  bark