243 collocations for basing

Scholars, basing their opinions on words found in the Expositio Fidei Fortunati, date the origin of this symbol from the fifth century.

There was, however, no record of their deaths, and upon that he based the hope that they were either in hospital, or had been, through some strange confusion, assigned among rebel wounded, a thing that had frequently happened in the hurry of transporting large numbers of wounded men.

I thought he seemed depressed, even a little furtive, and yet on analysis I could discover nothing definite on which to base such a conclusion.

He informed me that he based his arguments largely on his experience at the Ministry of Munitions, with which he had been associated earlier in the war.

Japan must base her claims either on the Convention with China or on the right of conquest, or on both.

For naming but so base a thing to me.

The difference is so great that I should be disposed to adopt it as marking very strongly the difference to be made between the practices of railways among themselves and the practices of railways towards the public; and will base a system on that difference.

A long experience of the theory and practice of persecution was required to base securely the theory of freedom of thought.

Dr. Eliot, former president of Harvard, who recently returned from a trip around the world, holds that Base Ball has done more to humanize and civilize the Chinese than any influence which has been introduced by foreigners, basing his statement on the fact that the introduction of the sport among the younger Chinese has exerted a tremendous restraint upon their gambling propensities.

Can we safely base our action upon any such vague inference?

That lad, whom she fancied she had found again, of whom she dreamt incessantly, and on whom she had based so many unacknowledgable plans of vengeance, escaped her, vanished once more into the unknown!

He bases his objection, it is true, on the pecuniary injury which he and his family would suffer, but this is plainly mere subterfuge.

So that when courts hold that working men can not peaceably dissuade other working men from taking employment, and base the decision upon the analogy of domestic servants, they simply show that their minds and understandings are lingering in an age which has passed away.

He based that belief partly on the butler's confession, and partly on his own discoveries.

I have based my criticism upon a forthcoming study of Social Mobility in Traditional Chinese Society.

When a God of this kind is established there is no difficulty about miracles, and it is on miracles that Paley bases the case for Christianityall other arguments are subsidiary.

Meyers caught by far the larger number of games, and, basing the work of catcher upon the average chances per game, seems to lead his Pittsburgh rival.

" For a moment Donnegan only stared at her; on what did she base her confidence in his prowess as a fighting man?

Probably it will actually increase, for the Pale has been ravaged as well as liberated during the war, and the Jews of Germany have based an ingenious policy on this prospect, which is expounded thus by Dr. Davis-Trietsch of Berlin: "According to the most recent statistics about 12,900,000 out of the 14,300,000 Jews in the world speak German or Yiddish (jüdisch-deutsch) as their mother-tongue....

But I do not ask you to base your judgment on technicalities of law.

The fact that Austria refused to make public the full evidence on which she based her accusations against the Servian Government, added to the fact that she made these accusations after a secret investigation in which the defendant had no representation, has shocked not only America but the entire world; and has convinced the world, as a whole, that Austria and Germany were more guilty of wrongdoing than was Servia.

" It was not strange that Lord North opposed a resolution supported by such arguments with all the power of the government, basing his own opposition chiefly on the wisdom "of maintaining the rule long since established by Parliament, never to vote abstract propositions."

As the arms are complete and the legs are not, I have based my calculations on the width across the two arms.

Descartes bases these laws on the unchangeableness of God and the simplicity of his world-conserving (i.e., constantly creative) activity.

The letter was to this effect: "Not only was there no evidence of insanity, but the prisoner's counsel based his defence entirely upon the fact that there was no suggestion that the man was or ever had been insane.

243 collocations for  basing