71 collocations for beams

The father's face beamed a serene delight.

Dorothea being his only audience, he beamed a look on her which said: "They come to us in a hurry, these prisonersno time to collect a wardrobe; but I think of these little things.

And the road was reached at last, and the blushing and beaming young lady set down upon her feet.

Bright beamed his eye, with firmer step he strode, His smiling cheek with warmer crimson glowed.

So, when the young man stopped and shyly reached forth to her a knot of scarlet poppies intermingled with bright vetches and wild blue larkspurs, she took it graciously, and, frankly beaming a smile into his face, said, "Thank you, my good Antonio!"

Far and wide over the dusky crowds beamed the blaze like a star of promise.

Lo, the blood-stained day of vengeance to the ancient night is hurled, And the dawn of Christ is beaming blessings o'er the new-born world.

His eye beamed an unnatural lighthis breathing was quick and snatchy, as if every inspiration and expiration pained the lungs.

God in his great design hath spread, Unnumber'd rays to lead afar; They beam the brightest o'er the dead, And keep undimm'd Faith's guiding star.

We've got a good start at a pink bed already," beamed Ethel Brown.

Dr. Hargrave beamed benevolent confidence.

40 Tho' sweet the early spring, her blossoms bright, When first she swells the heart with pure delight, Yet not unlovely is the sober ray That meekly beams o'er autumn's temper'd day; Dear are her fading beauties to the soul, 45 While scarce perceiv'd the deep'ning shadows roll.

God in his great design hath spread, Unnumber'd rays to lead afar; They beam the brightest o'er the dead, And keep undimm'd Faith's guiding star.

Bur. Navar, this setting Sun, which sees our wrong, Shall e're his morrowes beames gui[l]de the proud East, View Himens rites turnd to a tragick feast.

"Certainly, Jake," beamed the employer.

They and their many children went through more vicissitudes than have fallen to the lot of many musicians; but always they loved one another and their art, and there always remains that picture which the Prince of Brunswick stumbled upon, when he knocked at Piccinni's door, and found him rocking the cradle of one of his children, while another tugged at his coat in boisterous fun, and the mother beamed her enjoyment.

she beamed, her vivid face glowing with a new thought.

" Yes, on the surface you saw an accomplished lady, and on the surface you saw also beaming out the fact that under the surface she was a whole-hearted Christian.

In his eyes beams the fire of ambition; his mind is athirst for knowledge.

" To do the good deacon justice, his grasp of Dick's hand was every bit as cordial as any other of his grasps; and he beamed on the smiling black boy in a way that gave him back, after the manner of a reflection, a great glow of the best and broadest "beaming.

Green rushes, green rushes lay thick on the floor, For light beamed a gobbet of wax; There were three wooden stools for whatever they wore On their humpity-dumpity backs.

Evelyn's face was beaming "Gracious!

The judge beamed gratitude.

She looked calm and young, with a sweet expression of beaming happiness on her face.

I know women,' his lordship continued, beaming the happier the longer he talked.

71 collocations for  beams
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