510 collocations for bees

What sort of pride must his be, which can dispense with inclination and preference in the lady whom he adores?What must that love Love, Sir! who talks of love?Was not merit the thing we were talking of?Have I ever professed, have I ever required of you professions of a passion of that nature?But there is no end of these debatings; each so faultless, each so full of self I do not think myself faultless, Madam:but

"What kind of a fool do you think I am?" "I see you're a bigger one than I thought you were!

What a thing he makes it to be a Minstrill! Poppea.

What use would it be on some critical day when a hostile invasion called every competent man and woman to do the work of defence absolutely necessary at the moment?

Ambler Appleyard went to bed that night wondering greatly about two mattersfirst, why Miss Slade was Miss Slade in Bayswater and Mrs. Marlow at Fullaway's office; second, if Miss Slade or Mrs. Marlow, whichever she really was, had any secrets with the mysterious Mr. Rayner.

How little it signifies what are the special duties to which we are called, how much the spirit in which we do them!

Ancelot, whose "good friend" she is supposed to have been, and who treats her with the same sincerity she applies to Mme.

She had never before considered the possibility of the Prince having any women relatives; her heart fell as she thought what dreadful creatures they would probably prove to be.

"He's new to methat driveran' I ain't trustin' any new men these days," went on Anderson.

[Illustration: "HAPPY?"] [Illustration: "I AM HAPPY."

Wheresoever I may happen to be, I will furnish you with my address, and I wish you also to let me know where you are to be found, if you should change your residence.

Yet as a woman thinks of the man whose wife she longs to be, Draxy had never once thought of Elder Kinney.

I am sure my lady herself, if she were well enough to see you, would not know the difference."

What time would you like to be hung, Sir?"


Short indeed is this time of your dwelling here, and easy to bear for those who are so disposed; for what tyrant, or what thief, or what courts of justice are formidable to those who have thus considered as things of no value the body and the possessions of the body?

Be still and know the I AM God of you; and, lo, all things shall be added.

Betty was sure her uncle and Bob, in both of whom she had infinite faith, could manage this difficult task satisfactorily, though the Guerin pride was a formidable obstacle.

"How far it is due to this cause it is not possible at present to ascertain definitely, but the fact remains that the enemy have recently become much less enterprising in their flights.

" Mrs. Howard, afterwards the Countess of Suffolk, was a neighbour from 1723, when the Prince of Wales, whose mistress she was, provided her with funds for the purchase of Marble Hill.

and what a house it continued to be as long as I remained at Clawbonny!

The greater part of our furniture, together with the various articles for housekeeping with which we had supplied ourselves in New York and Detroit, were to follow in another boat, under the charge of people whose business it professed to be to take cargoes safely up the rapids and on to Fort Winnebago.

"What a big girl you've grown to be, Linnet," he retorted surveying her critically and admiringly.

"Wal, it's sure the trick out here.

It is astonishing how troublesome a living soul proves to be, when they try to shut it up within the narrow limits of a drowsy sect!

510 collocations for  bees
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