217 collocations for begotten

I told them that Zeus should beget a child mightier than himself, who should send him and them the way he had sent his father.

His spirit left him on its shore, but on his road he had begotten a son, and that son journeyed back towards the rising sun, and came after many years to his people again.

[4603]"The love of God begets the love of man; and by this love of our neighbour, the love of God is nourished and increased."

Did he beget in them a reverence for the eighth commandment by pilfering all their time and labor?

These beget still more settled habits, when he begins the practice of agriculture, forms ideas of the rights of property, and has his own, both defined and secured.

"Has it never struck you why Sir Massingberd has not long ago taken to himself a young wife, and begotten an heir for the lands of Fairburn, in despite of his nephew?"

Of the eternal Father, who says for ever to the eternal Son, 'This day have I begotten THEE.' Of the Son who says for ever to the Father, 'I come to do thy will, O God.' Of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is not ashamed to call us his brethren; but like a greater Joseph, was sent before by God to save our lives with a great deliverance when our forefathers were but savages and heathens.

It is lack of respect and confidence which begets the making-over spirit in a family, and from this one cause arises all in harmony.

But by burdening himself with the hypothesis, evolved from his inner consciousness, that the slaves imposed from below a morality of weakness upon their masters, he missed the really obvious process by which slaves beget more slaves, slavery begets more slavery, and the slave-soul becomes universal.

To look upon the most exalted forms of beauty, such as sunset at sea, the coming of a storm on the prairie, or the sublime majesty of the mountains, begets a sense of sadness, an increasing loneliness.

We discovered that the carefully chosen words of the kindergarten songs and games suggest thought to the child, the thought suggests gesture, the melody begets spiritual feeling.

Learn wisdom of a fool, as thus: 'Tis better to live and laugh and beget thy kind than to perish by the sword or to dangle from a tree.

I hope you do not doubt that Doctrine, Sir, which holds that the Four Elements are peopled with Persons of a Form and Species more divine than vulgar Mortalsthose of the fiery Regions we call the Salamanders, they beget Kings and Heroes, with Spirits like their Deietical Sires; the lovely Inhabitants of the Water, we call Nymphs; those of the Earth are Gnomes or Fairies; those of the Air are Sylphs.

The one seeks to beget in the spectator a state of placid, though it may be of aspiring, contemplation; the other, a state of more or less acute tension.

The public recitation of these extracts will banish awkwardness of manner, beget self-confidence, and lay the foundation for subsequent elocutionary work.

We like March, his shoes are purple, He is new and high; Makes he mud for dog and peddler, Makes he forest dry; Knows the adder's tongue his coming, And begets her spot.

Mutual Favours and Obligations, which may be supposed to be greater here than in any other State, naturally beget an Intense Affection in generous Minds.

That is to say, a person is in a conditiona nervous condition likely, a priori, to beget an hallucination.

He turned again to the closing sentences: "Yes; what was wanting was the heart that would make it impossible to witness all this; and the future would be with the forces that would beget a heart like that.

A great effect is sometimes attained by retarding the entrance of a single leading figure for a whole act, or even two, while he is so constantly talked about as to beget in the audience a vivid desire to make his personal acquaintance.

Dr. Towers is not free from prejudice; but, as Shakespeare has it, "he begets a temperance, to give it smoothness."

She's a younger brother for her portion, but not for her portion for witthat comes from her in treble, which is still too big for it; yet her vanity seldom matcheth her with one of her own degree, for then she will beget another creature a beggar, and commonly, if she marry better she marries worse.

This was the tidings brought by Little John, That first disturbed me, and begot this thought Of sudden rising, which by this, I know, Hath with amazement troubled all our guests.

Like seeks like, begetting its own like.

She hungered for that finish, hungered to the point of suffering, seized by one of those sudden desperate longings which beget crime; such as when a passer-by is despoiled and throttled at the corner of a street.

217 collocations for  begotten