121 collocations for belies

"You 'fraid he'll die before the Shamán gets here?" "Oh no," said Muckluck soothingly, but her face belied her words.

But there are 'curs of low degree;' dogs of neither genial instinct nor breeding; senseless animals, that belie the noble nature of their species, are living libels upon their kind.

I know not how I may appear to other people, nor how much my face may belie my heart, but I know that I never was or can be guilty of dissimulation or inconstancyyou will think this vain, but 'tis all that I pique myself upon.

He did not belie the hopes so enthusiastically expressed.

Upon this occasion he did not belie his reputation, for he sent an arrow through a buffalo, which fell dead at the shot, and the arrow was given to Alexis as a souvenir of his hunt on the American Plains.

Let us not ourselves belie our profession by being violent.

High on a throne, with trophies charged, I viewed The youth that all things but himself subdued; His feet on sceptres and tiaras trode, And his horned head belied the Libyan god.

" "I'm not frightened," whispered Lydia Sessions through white lips that belied her assertion.

'I always thought Mr. Hammond a sensible young man, and I am glad to find that his conduct does not belie my good opinion,' said Lady Maulevrier.

With the severe religionist he would pass for a free-thinker; while the other faction set him down for a bigot, or persuaded themselves that he belied his sentiments.

The months in war-time sometimes belie their traditions, but it is fitting that in May we should have enlisted a new Allythe Sun.

" His smile was brave but his eyes belied the smile and Carlotta's heart smote her.

so that his sense of touch might well belie the truth.

Kaviak, for ever following at Mac's heels "like a rale Irish tarrier," found his allegiance waver in these stirring, blissful days, if ever Farva so belied character and custom as to swing an axe for any length of time.

But her eyes belied her voice, for they were swimming with tears.

Still, I managed to go on with my song, and I think I was calm enough to look atthough, if I was, my appearance wholly belied my true inward feelings.

Tall, slender, erect, her head crowned by abundant snow white wool, with a fine carriage and an air of poise mud self respect good to behold, Alice belies her 84 years.) "Yes'm, I was born in slavery, I don't look it, but I was!

I have not read of any king who so belied the promises of his early days, and on whom prosperity produced so fatal an apostasy as Solomon.

It is an ordinary thing too in this case to belie their age, which widows usually do, that mean to marry again, and bachelors too sometimes, "Cujus octavum trepidavit aetas, cernere lustrum;" to say they are younger than they are.

He paused to borrow my tobacco pouch and fill his pipe, and the blundering way he filled it and spilled the precious weed on the ground visibly belied the calm of his easy language.

" "Thou lendest on sufficient pledges to masks, careful Hosea, or fame belies thy generosity.

His name was Théroulde, and the old fellow, whose smiling face belied his wretched condition, overflowed with anecdotes of artists and pretty women.

Her nimbleness with griddle-cakes belied the thought: And once, when the wind had swished her skirts, manifestly she was whole and sound.

But, unseen, in the depths of every wood, a songster breaks out ever and anon in notes equal for purity and liveliness to those of our English thrush, and belies the vulgar calumny that tropic birds, lest they should grow too proud of their gay feathers, are denied the gift of song.

And therefore, seeing our holy Church of England counts it not just, nor warrantable, thus to cheat the world by belying the Scriptures; and by making use of such falsehood and stratagems to gain respect and reverence: it behoves us, certainly, to wish for, and endeavour, all such means as are useful and lawful for the obtaining of the same.

121 collocations for  belies
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