45 collocations for bemoan

So it came about that Mr. Grice was unpopular, and the boys in his class bemoaned their fate, and called him uncomplimentary nicknames.

A German machine-gunner who fell into our hands bemoaned the fact that he had not a weapon leftevery one of the machine guns had been knocked out by the artillery, and a number were buried by our fire.

Then he rose to his feet, and looked around for the gambolling sheep, but found, they were gone he couldn't tell where: so he threw himself down in the deepest despair, bemoaning his strange unaccountable loss, and the horrible beating he'd get from the Boss, when at night he went home with his sad tale of woe.

They saw two men by the roadside sit, And both bemoaned their lot; For one had buried his wife, he said, And the other one had not.

He would groan aloud in his remorse, and even years afterwards he bemoans the sins of his early life.

Surely, thought I, these words are directed to me, or else why should they appear just at a moment when I am bemoaning my forlorn condition?

I bemoaned my desolate widow and fatherless children.

If in the middle of a winter voyage, when the stormy winds do blow, we mariners should have one fair sunshine day, we don't spend it in bemoaning the black days that went before and the black days that will come after.'

At any rate, votes were lost and few gained, and many a worthy friend of good government lost heart and bemoaned the degeneration of the gentleman into the politician.

Morse sent a letter of sympathy to the son, George Washington Lafayette, a member of the Chamber of Deputies, in which the following sentiments occur: "In common with this whole country, now clad in mourning, with the lovers of true liberty and of exalted philanthropy throughout the world, I bemoan the departure from earth of your immortal parent.

As soon as he had convinced himself of this, he did not bewail and bemoan the desertion of their ally; he at once accustomed himself to the new position and considered in what way the Government ought to act.

He had bemoaned his distresses as an author; but was now to feel calamity of a different kind.

And now the Champion's rural palace gate Receives the funeral group in gloomy state; Rúdábeh loud bemoaned the Stripling's doom; Sweet flower, all drooping in the hour of bloom, His tender youth in distant bowers had past, Sheltered at home he felt no withering blast; In the soft prison of his mother's arms, Secure from danger and the world's alarms.

John Bull, however, has not yet awakened sufficiently to listen to his overtures, but sits up in bed, dolefully rubbing his eyes, and bemoaning the evanishment of his protectionist dream altogether realising tolerably, he and his land, Dr. Watts' well- known moral song concerning the sluggard and his garden.

Thus fallen from a heighth of greatness, our poet retired to bemoan the fickleness of fortune, and then wrote his Testament of Love, in which are many pathetic exclamations concerning the vicissitude of human things, which he then bitterly experienced.

"This eclogue is translated in a strain too luscious and effeminate for Virgil, who might bemoan his friend, but does it in a noble and a manly style, which Mr. Ogilby answers better than Mr. D., whose paraphrase looks like one of Mrs. Behn's, when somebody had turned the original into English prose before.

The people of Aegina also considered themselves to be oppressed and ill-treated, and secretly bemoaned their grievances in the ears of the Spartans, for they dared not openly bring any charges against the Athenians.

Actæon was the first of all his race, Who grieved his grandsire in his borrowed face; Condemned by stern Diana to bemoan 190 The branching horns, and visage not his own; To shun his once-loved dogs, to bound away, And from their huntsman to become their prey.

The last I heard of him, he was at the Rip Raps, bemoaning his isolation, and the butt of our soldiers there, who charged him with being a "Secesh," and confounded him by gravely asserting that they were such themselves and had seen him with the "Secesh" at Yorktown.

While riding to-day alongside of Stickney and bemoaning the lack in our larder of many articles of food, such as sugar, coffee and tea, the supply of which has become exhausted, I asked him if he was fond of maple sugar, and would like a lump of it.

O, I beseech ye, let me go alone, To live, where my loose life I may bemoan.

Go back far enough and you'll find cuneiform etchings bemoaning the current Sumerian go-go lifestyle with its insistence on myths with plotlines and characters and action, not like we had in the old days.

And now, though many hundred altering years Have passed, among the desolate northern meres Still must ye search and wander querulously, Crying for Glooscap, still bemoan the light With wierd entreaties, and in agony With awful laughter pierce the lonely night.

I'm not going to bemoan their light-mindedness; at all events, I thought it was very pleasant, and they were very good to me.

O the many weeks that I have had to sit with my mouth in the dust to bemoan my own inward misery!

45 collocations for  bemoan