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365 collocations for  bending

365 collocations for bending

Gifford bent his head over the case as he unfastened the brooch and took it out.

In the course of events the bronze idol to which our PHILLIPSES and SUMNERS used to bend the knee, has been prostrated from his pedestal by the Fifteenth Amendment.

He, flying on golden plumage throughout his realms, with such swiftness that his passage can hardly be discerned, visits them all in turn, and, bending his strong bow, to the drawn string he fits the arrows forged by me and tempered in the fountains sacred to my divinity.

And thro' Elvira's gate, where spreads A prospect wide and free, He marked how Phoebus shot his rays Upon the Spanish sea; And bending to the land his eye To notice how the scene Of summer had its color changed To black from radiant green, He saw that, thro' the gate there passed A light that was not day's, Whose splendor, like a dazzling cloud, Eclipsed the solar rays.

Hastily calling Janet, who was the only domestic at home, she committed Ludovico to her care; and taking Edith by the hand, she hurried from the garden, scarcely knowing whither she bent her steps, but in the vague hope of meeting some of the settlers returning from their labors in the fields, and inducing them to go to the rescue of her boy.

A heavy man, at the head of the table, said: "We thirty, picked men, represent the country. Let each member here write on his slip of paper his choice of punishment for the I.W.W.'sdeath or deportation...." The members of the band bent their masked faces and wrote in a dead silence.

Though the two worlds ne'er bowed my head when elate, Favors as his have bent my neck with their weight.

But the Duchess laughed again, and thinking to escape him, smote her horse so that it started and reared; once it plunged, and twice, and so stood trembling with Beltane's hand upon the bridle; wherefore a sudden anger came upon her, and, bending her black brows, she raised her jewelled riding-rod threateningly.

Jo,bend your ear down closer,I thought once I knew such a man,and,dear,I loved him.

Mathewson bent every energy to strike out Yerkes, but the batter would not go after the wide curves which were being served to him by the New York pitcher and finally was given a base on balls.

Shall I bend low and say, Fair sir, you spit upon me on Wednesday last, another time you called me dog, and for these courtesies I am to lend you monies.

The lads an' lasses, blythely bent To mind baith saul an' body, Sit round the table weel content, An' steer about the toddy.

It is said that the pigeons when let fly from Scanderoon, instead of bending their course towards the high mountains surrounding the plain, mounted at once directly up, soaring still almost perpendicularly till out of sight, as if to surmount at once the obstacles intercepting their view of the place of their destination.

Save when to yonder hall they bend their way, Where the grave justice ends the grievous fray; He who recites, to keep the poor in awe, The law's vast volumefor he knows the law: To him with anger or with shame repair The injured peasant and deluded fair.

We do therefore strangely debase ourselves, when we do strongly bend our minds to, or set our affections upon, such toys.

Upon this splendid individual, then, the obscure Donnegan bent his gaze.

I watched the PRESIDENT and thought (Unjustly) he was canting; I watched our late PRIME MINISTER When furious scribes were ranting, And vigilantly bent my looks On HARDEN and on BRANTING.

Results of static bending tests on small clear beams of 49 woods in green condition X. Results of impact bending tests on small clear beams of 34 woods in green condition XI.

He repeated his order to Dorn, bending a little to peer into his face.

Goe, and give this comaund then: That if any Burgers or Arminian Soldiers Offer to come upon the Guard, or let in or out Any without our knowledge, presently To bend their strength upon 'em.

My brain had before that time teemed with ambitious projects of distinguishing myself; sometimes as a priestsometimes as a writer; and occasionally I thought I would bend all my efforts to rouse my countrymen to throw off the ignominious yoke of Great Britain.

He bent his arm this way and that, drawing the hook toward him softly, as a cat does her claws.

Every tree during the progress of gentle storms is loaded with, fairy bloom at the coldest and darkest time of year, bending the branches, and hushing every singing needle.

It is thus enabled to bend every force and power at its command to the service of the reproductive instinct.

At last he came to where a little grass-grown path left the road and, passing through a stile and down a hill, led into a little dell and on across a rill in the valley and up the hill on the other side, till it reached a windmill that stood on the cap of the rise where the wind bent the trees in swaying motion.

"You chuck the Army, Grim, and I'll show you a country where the cows have to bend their backs to let the sun go down.

He then tried to get him by the ankle, and bending his leg up backwards, he would have got a purchase for turning him on his back.

Political events have just thrown open the whole Continent; the whole world will now leave war and bend their attention to the cultivation of the arts of peace.

From that time he bent all his thoughts how to compass the crown of Scotland.

A curious Mona Lisa smile kept bending her lips and twinkling in her eyes.

The manner, however, by which he is finally educated into the mystery of suction, is by putting his allowance of milk into a large wooden bowl; the nurse then puts her hand into the milk, and, by bending her fingers upwards, makes a rude teat for the calf to grasp in his lips, when the vacuum caused by his suction of the fingers, causes the milk to rise along them into his mouth.

The muscles which bend the limbs are called flexors while those which straighten them are known as extensors.

Rule, Britannia, etc. Thee haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame; And their attempts to bend thee down Will but arouse thy generous flame, But work their woe and thy renown.

Aye as it listeth blows the listless wind, Filling great sails, and bending lordly masts, Or making billows in the green corn fields, And hunting lazy clouds across the blue: Now, like a vapour

Ragged knaves they seemed, and in woeful plightthe one a lank fellow and saturnine, with long, down-trending, hungry nose; the other a little man, plump and buxom, whose round eyes blinked woefully in his round and rosy face as he bent 'neath Roger's heavy hand.

Stretch the arms at full length above the head, the palms of the hands at front, the thumbs touching one another, and then carry them straight outward without bending the elbows, and bend them down, the palms still in front, until the little finger touches the leg.

Now walk around, and make him go into the corners, if you have to double your left wrist in doing it, but don't move your arm, and when you begin to bend you right wrist to turn, straighten your left, and remember to lean your body and turn your head, if you want your horse to turn his body.

At 90ยฐ the oak stops short; to slant upward another degree would mark infirmity of purpose; to bend downwards, weakness of organization.

Thus children's wonder you'll excite, And apes', if such your appetite; But that which issues from the heart alone, Will bend the hearts of others to your own.

He travels on, and in his face, his step, His gait, is one expression: every limb, His look and bending figure, all bespeak 5 A man who does not move with pain, but moves With thought.

About midnight the fore and main topsails were split, but towards morning the wind died away and they were able to bend fresh sails.

Their stiff, crooked roots grip the storm-beaten ledges like eagles' claws, while their lithe, cord-like branches bend round compliantly, offering but slight holds for winds, however violent.

He's like a jumpin tornado; hits every ten miles and don't bend a blade of grass in between.

Olympia, in spite of her abhorrence of the cause, couldn't resist a glow of sympathetic admiration of the women who, in dress, in speech, in tact, in all the artifices which make feminine diplomacy so potent an agency in statecraft, bent every faculty to inspire confidence in the new Administration.

FERRY, TRAFFORD J. Conduit bending manual.

Be lenient, if thou deem me drunken: on the primeval day divine Love, who possessed my soul as master, bent my whole nature unto wine.

He was bending back the bent frame of the dashboard to more easily get out the swarthy man.

Over the blazing fire, where the "pot au feu" was simmering, bent an old woman, and the girl's voice came joyously to her as she stirred the savoury mess.

It was the privilege and glory of Hamilton to be one of the most influential of all the men of his day in bending the twig which has now become so great a tree.

Over our heads bend the great arrow leaves and purple leafstalks of the Tanias; {139b} and mingled with them, leaves often larger still: oval, glossy, bright, ribbed, reflecting from their underside a silver light.

However, the old wife reached up as he bent his tall, angular form over her, and smoothed again his thin, wet locks.

And there are Marthas, too, who have already gone out to meet Jesus, as he bends his footsteps to their brother's grave, and weeps, not over the lifeless body of Lazarus bound hand and foot in grave-clothes, but over the politically and intellectually lifeless slave, bound hand and foot in the iron chains of oppression and ignorance.

The river bend feud.

" The young Cantab put his fingers on the assistant's upper arm, then with his other hand on his wrist, he bent the forearm sharply, and felt the biceps, as round and hard as a cricket-ball, spring up under his fingers.

" "Yes, all thou canst see: Take them; all are for thee," Said the Tree, while he bent down his laden boughs low.

If we lack the ability to bend words to our use, it is from laziness, not from scruple.

He bent his glance again to the road ahead.

I wished I had brought old Griggs with me, for they say he can bend a good horse-shoe double, even now, and the fellow had the strength of a lunatic in him.

Whoever enter'st here, no more presume To name a Parlour, or a Drawing Room; But, bending lowly to each, holy Story, Make this thy Chapel, and thine Oratory.

Well, away he plunged with the hook in his jaw, bending my elastic rod like a reed, the reel hissing as the line spun away eighty or a hundred feet across the current, and far out into the lake; but he was fast, and after struggling for a time, he partially surrendered, and I reeled him in.

Storm succeeds storm, heaping snow on the cliffs and meadows, and bending the slender pines to the ground in wide arches, one over the other, clustering and interlacing like lodged wheat.

Owing therefore to his not having inclined more to the south, he had missed that and others of the Caribbee islands, whither those birds were now bending their flight, and which had been for some time upon his larboard hand.

He should also occasionally, when sitting or lying down, quietly bend the joint backwards and forwards, to cause its natural motion to return, and to prevent stiffness from taking place.

Shoreward, with rapid blades and bright, That shower the foam-rain pearly white, And rip the waters, bending lithe, In hollowing swirls that hiss and writhe Like adders, ere they dart away Bright-spotted with the flakes of spray.

Soon came they to the iron door and Beltane stood aside, whereon the mighty four, bending brawny shoulders, swung the log crashing against the iron; thrice and four times smote they, might and main, ere rusted bolt and rivet gave beneath the battery and the door swung wide.

You had only to look at father to realise that nature had really meant him for the great stage; here in Sidon, what was he but a god in exile, bending great powers and a splendid character upon ridiculously unimportant interests?

" She watched him bend the bars back again to their proper place.

But see how swift, advance and shift, Trees behind treesrow by row, Now clift by clift, rocks bend and lift, Their frowning foreheads as we go; The giant-snouted crags, ho! ho!

Nearer again, long lines of flat tide-rock, glittering and quivering in the heat, sloped gradually under the waves, till they ended in half-sunken beds of olive oar-weed, which bent their tangled stems into a hundred graceful curves, and swayed to and fro slowly and sleepily.

For Italy was wounded and bleeding, and the dramatic swiftness and horror of the disaster had bent her pride and almost broken it.

Remainder of legend as in BENDING LARGE BEAMS, above.

The second Retreat after having pushed, is made by drawing back the Right-foot about the length of the Shoe, bending the Knees, in order to be in a condition to chace or drive back the Left-foot with the Right, keeping the Hams very supple, the Body free, and the Sword before you; not only that you may spring the farther, but also to be in a better Posture of defence.

The Grison gypsey here her tent hath placed, Sole human tenant of the piny waste; Her tawny skin, dark eyes, and glossy locks, Bend o'er the smoke that curls beneath the rocks.[iii] 1820.]

The nail as it is driven splits at its point, and continues to split down its centre, one half emerging at the correct spot on the wall, the other half bending inwards, and penetrating the sensitive structures.

He is possessed by a demoniac energy, welding the elements for his life, and bending ideas, as an athlete bends a horseshoe, with a visible and lively effort.

There pass, with melancholy state, By all the solemn heaps of fate, And think, as softly-sad you tread Above the venerable dead, 'Time was, like thee they life possessed, And time shall be, that thou shalt rest.' Those graves, with bending osier bound, That nameless heave the crumbled ground, Quick to the glancing thought disclose, Where toil and poverty repose.

It turned and twisted constantly; and at every bend the men who originally closed it had built up a wall of heavy masonry that Scharnhoff had had to force his way through.

I learned that my friend, after I left him, had gone into the windfall, and was standing upon the long trunk of a fallen tree, picking berries, when he saw, a few rods from him towards the other end of the log on which he was standing, a great black hand reach up and bend down a tall blackberry-bush that was loaded with berries.

Or, by rapidly bending down their powerful tails, Lobsters are able to shoot backwards through the water at a great pace.

He imitated a crude native shoe he had once seen in Alaska; he bent willow wands he had brought from along the edge of the stream, whipping them about with narrow strips of canvas, binding other wands crosswise, making, also of canvas strips, a sort of stirrup for each foot.

He bent over her passionately, a thousand reasons rushing to his rescue, clamoring to be told her.

Swift through the land while Fame transported flies, And shouts triumphant shake th' illumined skies; Britannia, bending o'er her dauntless prows, With laurels thickening round her blazon'd brows, In joy dejected, sees her triumph cross'd, Exults in Victory won, but mourns the Victor lost.

They are all adulterers, an assembly of treacherous men; and they bend their tongues like their bow for lies.

to see the aged sire beating off the swarms of gnats and musketoes in the warm weather, and shivering in the straw, or bending over a few coals in the winter, clothed in rags.

ha!They little know Who are the crazed of Earth, or they, or I They, by their greed of gold urged to and fro, For petty pleasures bending God's soul low I, seeking for my star about the sky.

It was the spruce woods, bending their tops to the blast and groaning at the strain.

Byron did not pretend to bend a whole people to his tastes and European habits.

Constance and her two companions bend wildly from the balustrade, a sight for a painter.

Don't you see, when I bend the foot so," continued the Doctor, as he bent the Sparrow's foot forward, "that the top of the horny part makes a joint that stands out backward, in the same position your heel always has?

It was quite still; he bent his cheek to her lips; no breath met them.

All the way down the coombe he had been on the look-out for his Island, at every new twist and bend hoping for sight of it; and behold, when they came here to the edge of the beach, a fog almost as dense as yesterday's had drifted up Channel, and the Island was invisible.

He is possessed by a demoniac energy, welding the elements for his life, and bending ideas, as an athlete bends a horseshoe, with a visible and lively effort.

" Abe bent down stiffly to brush her cheek with his rough beard, and then, awkward, as when a boy of sixteen he had first kissed her, shy, ashamed at this approach to a return of the old-time love-making, he seated himself at the small, bare table.

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There is a line down the middle, and, if we carefully bend back the edges of the cotyledon, it splits along this line, showing the plumule and caulicle within.

it's no thy neebor sweet, The bonie lark, companion meet, Bending thee 'mang the dewy weet,

And I stand in old cathedrals, By tombs of buried kings, White angels bend above them Mute guard with folded wings.

" "Bend down herenow listen.

" At last the file had cut far enough into the hasp for Roy's strong fingers to be able to bend the metal apart.

No doubt many of you have been troubled with the twisting of some special light casting, and will, perhaps, spend hours in the risky operation of bending an iron pattern so as to get a straight casting.