365 collocations for bending

Gifford bent his head over the case as he unfastened the brooch and took it out.

In the course of events the bronze idol to which our PHILLIPSES and SUMNERS used to bend the knee, has been prostrated from his pedestal by the Fifteenth Amendment.

He, flying on golden plumage throughout his realms, with such swiftness that his passage can hardly be discerned, visits them all in turn, and, bending his strong bow, to the drawn string he fits the arrows forged by me and tempered in the fountains sacred to my divinity.

And thro' Elvira's gate, where spreads A prospect wide and free, He marked how Phoebus shot his rays Upon the Spanish sea; And bending to the land his eye To notice how the scene Of summer had its color changed To black from radiant green, He saw that, thro' the gate there passed A light that was not day's, Whose splendor, like a dazzling cloud, Eclipsed the solar rays.

Hastily calling Janet, who was the only domestic at home, she committed Ludovico to her care; and taking Edith by the hand, she hurried from the garden, scarcely knowing whither she bent her steps, but in the vague hope of meeting some of the settlers returning from their labors in the fields, and inducing them to go to the rescue of her boy.

A heavy man, at the head of the table, said: "We thirty, picked men, represent the country. Let each member here write on his slip of paper his choice of punishment for the I.W.W.'sdeath or deportation...." The members of the band bent their masked faces and wrote in a dead silence.

Though the two worlds ne'er bowed my head when elate, Favors as his have bent my neck with their weight.

But the Duchess laughed again, and thinking to escape him, smote her horse so that it started and reared; once it plunged, and twice, and so stood trembling with Beltane's hand upon the bridle; wherefore a sudden anger came upon her, and, bending her black brows, she raised her jewelled riding-rod threateningly.

Jo,bend your ear down closer,I thought once I knew such a man,and,dear,I loved him.

Mathewson bent every energy to strike out Yerkes, but the batter would not go after the wide curves which were being served to him by the New York pitcher and finally was given a base on balls.

The lads an' lasses, blythely bent To mind baith saul an' body, Sit round the table weel content, An' steer about the toddy.

Shall I bend low and say, Fair sir, you spit upon me on Wednesday last, another time you called me dog, and for these courtesies I am to lend you monies.

It is said that the pigeons when let fly from Scanderoon, instead of bending their course towards the high mountains surrounding the plain, mounted at once directly up, soaring still almost perpendicularly till out of sight, as if to surmount at once the obstacles intercepting their view of the place of their destination.

Save when to yonder hall they bend their way, Where the grave justice ends the grievous fray; He who recites, to keep the poor in awe, The law's vast volumefor he knows the law: To him with anger or with shame repair The injured peasant and deluded fair.

We do therefore strangely debase ourselves, when we do strongly bend our minds to, or set our affections upon, such toys.

Upon this splendid individual, then, the obscure Donnegan bent his gaze.

I watched the PRESIDENT and thought (Unjustly) he was canting; I watched our late PRIME MINISTER When furious scribes were ranting, And vigilantly bent my looks On HARDEN and on BRANTING.

Results of static bending tests on small clear beams of 49 woods in green condition X. Results of impact bending tests on small clear beams of 34 woods in green condition XI.

He repeated his order to Dorn, bending a little to peer into his face.

He bent his arm this way and that, drawing the hook toward him softly, as a cat does her claws.

Goe, and give this comaund then: That if any Burgers or Arminian Soldiers Offer to come upon the Guard, or let in or out Any without our knowledge, presently To bend their strength upon 'em.

My brain had before that time teemed with ambitious projects of distinguishing myself; sometimes as a priestsometimes as a writer; and occasionally I thought I would bend all my efforts to rouse my countrymen to throw off the ignominious yoke of Great Britain.

It is thus enabled to bend every force and power at its command to the service of the reproductive instinct.

Every tree during the progress of gentle storms is loaded with, fairy bloom at the coldest and darkest time of year, bending the branches, and hushing every singing needle.

He then tried to get him by the ankle, and bending his leg up backwards, he would have got a purchase for turning him on his back.

365 collocations for  bending
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