39 collocations for blacking

The puff-balls of the lycoperdon form the devil's snuff-box, and in Ireland the nettle is his apron, and the convolvulus his garter; while at Iserlohn, in Germany, "the mothers, to deter their children eating the mulberries, sing to them that the devil requires them for the purpose of blacking his boots."

When he offered to black his face and take part in the entertainment as a nigger minstrel, Mr. Kidd had to be led outside and kept there until such time as he could converse in English pure and undefiled.

"Think of it?" roared Turkey; "I think I'll just step behind his screen, and black his eyes for him!"

This one blacked his shoes, that toasted his bread, others would fag out, and give him balls at cricket during whole summer afternoons.

Now, Miss Radford, dear, there's no call for you to go blacking that stove; I'll do it myself after you are gone.

You ridicule the idea of the abolition of slavery, because it would make the slaveholder "so poor, as to oblige him to take hold of the maul and wedge himselfhe must catch, curry, and saddle his own horsehe must black his own brogans (for he will not be able to buy boots)his wife must go herself to the wash-tubtake hold of the scrubbing broom, wash the pots, and cook all that she and her rail-mauler will eat."

The ears in good proportion; hair of the head black, as also the beard, except that both are now grizzled by old age; the beard double-forked, about five inches long, and not very bushy, as may partly be observed in his portrait.

" It was pitch black up the path through the grove and Lenore had to cling to her father.

" Patriarch: "You ax your mammy what meck she so black.

" A week went by: Jock learnt to scrub, He gave the bairns their Saturday tub, He made the beds, he blacked the grates, He washed up saucers and cups and plates, He cleaned and polished, he boiled and baked

Ben wuz black ez a coal an' straight ez an' arrer.

Sooty black the bare wall, crock stained, Waterdry hard bread; Groanings, coughings, children's whimper, Wretched bitter need!

Ben wuz black ez a coal an' straight ez an' arrer.

His constables, too, helped themselves freely to rice and vegetables without even asking the price, and had their shoes blacked gratis by Kumodini Babu's muchis (leather-dressers).

"If you please, Mr. Parker's compliments, and will Lady Tempest lend him a hair-pin to black his eyelashes?" I am finished now, quite finishedmetamorphosed.

And all the while I had round my neck Colonel John Mohune's locket, and at first wore it next myself, but finding it black the skin, put it between shirt and body-jacket.

'To endeavour to make her ridiculous is like blacking the chimney,' ii. 336.

Then the picture of herself blacking themthe shiny ones that were too tightrose before her eyes, and she was afraid that she was going to laughor else to sob.

Didst steal the glow that lights the West? Henceforth I wear no stripe but thine: Ashes and black all hues outshine.

An' w'en he looked back in de water he seed de same thinghe wa'n't black no mo', but had turnt ter a light yaller.

Black as the buskins that he wears, and black his stirrup's steel, And red with rust of many a year the rowels at his heel.

"My dear fellow," he whispered, "there's a Boston man down below, blacking my other pair of boots, who'd feel hurt if I should let anybody else take that bag.

Big, overgrown gal, black an' devilish-lookin', noways handsome; but somehow I jes' couldn't keep my eyes offen her.

Mr. W.B. Yeats and other sensitive modern souls, feeling that modern life is about as black a slavery as ever oppressed mankind (they are right enough there), have especially described elfland as a place of utter ease and abandonmenta place where the soul can turn every way at will like the wind.

I am one, To expresse my selfe in my true character, Soe full of civill reason and iust truth That to denie my owne peculiar act I should esteeme as base and black a sinne As Scythians doe adultery:

39 collocations for  blacking