177 collocations for blend

the idle tale of man is found Depicted in the dial's moral round; Hope with reflection blends her social rays To gild the total tablet of his days; 30 Yet still, the sport of some malignant power, He knows but from its shade the present hour.

What a lovely thing is this heart-shaped shell, with a line along the centre, and beautifully blending colors on either side.

Or roams with thee a spirit band, Blending sad voices with thine own, Voices that once with cheerful tone Made music round the sleeping land?

"Methinks Queen Mab upon your cheek Doth blend the tints of cream and rose.

POPULAR JUVENILE BOOKS, Of established reputation, which may be safely placed into the hands of Children, blending Amusement with Instruction.

If it be real, instead of attempting to blend incompatible things, let us at once take a friendly leave of each other.

Both are nature's dictates and intrinsic elements of the social state; the natural affections which blend parent and child in one, excite each to discharge those offices incidental to the relation, and constitute a shield for mutual protection.

And only life, long years of life, can create a new nation, adapt it to the new land, blend diverse elements together, and yield normal existence, homogeneous strength, and genius proper to the clime.

Let kettle-drums and trumpets and clarions blend their strain; Zulema, Tunis' King, now lands upon the coast of Spain, And with him ride, in arms allied, Marbello and his train.

The King of Lakes is exclusive; he disdains to blend his brilliant waters with those of the muddy river; a wavy line, distinctly and clearly defined, but seeming as if drawn by a trembling hand, undulates at their junction,no democratic, union-seeking boundary, but the arbitrary line of division that separates the Sultan from the slave, the peer from the peasant.

This is indeed a golden gift for any demoiselle of our readers' acquaintance, for it blends the unusual qualities of elegance and usefulness of the highest order.

New Haven had been unwilling to merge itself in the larger colonies; but Winthrop's wise moderation was able to reconcile the jarrings and blend the interests of the united colonies.

There are some individuals that blend their notes together so promiscuously, and use so many flourishes, that it is difficult to identify their song, or to perceive its expression.

They hounded him, they hammered him forsooth; Because he blended human with divine, They branded him "the bard of women and of wine.

Wordsworth was born in 1770 at Cockermouth, Cumberland, where the Derwent, Fairest of all rivers, loved To blend his murmurs with my nurse's song, And from his alder shades and rocky falls, And from his fords and shallows, sent a voice That flowed along my dreams.

It seems to be his aim to impose corruption upon his readers, by concealing it under the mask of refinement; to reconcile them imperceptibly to the most vile and vulgar sensuality, by blending its language with that of exalted feeling and tender emotion; and to steal impurity into their hearts, by gently perverting the most simple and generous of their affections.

"Madame de la Tour possessed all those melancholy graces which give beauty additional power, by blending sympathy with admiration.

HOW TO MAKE CREAM SOUPS Cream soups are all made by blending two tablespoons of butter with two tablespoons of flour and then adding slowly one cup of cold milk or half cream and milk.

Finding one of the garden doors open, and being very hungry, the adventurous Buncle strolls in, and finds himself in "a grotto or shell-house, in which a politeness of fancy had produced and blended the greatest beauties of nature and decoration."

It is our glory that whilst other nations have extended their dominions by the sword we have never acquired any territory except by fair purchase or, as in the case of Texas, by the voluntary determination of a brave, kindred, and independent people to blend their destinies with our own.

Thus shall conservatism and progress blend their harmonious action in preserving the form and spirit of the Constitution and at the same time carry forward the great improvements of the country with a rapidity and energy which freemen only can display.

The social disorder of the Revolution might make Wordsworth pause, but he continued with unabated vigor to teach us "Never to blend our pleasure or our pride With sorrow of the meanest thing that feels.

Yes,and thy minstrel art the while, Can blend the tones of weal and we, So archly, that the heart may smile, Though bright, unbidden tear-drops flow.

Holiness, and justice, and mercy are seen blending their sacred influences, and conveying light and joy in that truth which the counsels of the Godhead alone could render possible.

Lost is that camp, but let its fragrant story Blend with the breath that thrills With hop vines' incense all the pensive glory That fills the Kentish hills.

177 collocations for  blend