143 collocations for blind

Sweat blinded my eyes, and the fatigues of yesterday made my breath labour like a foundered horse.

Thus, in every place, it is the practice of men in power, to blind the people by false representations, and to impute the publick calamities rather to any other cause than their own misconduct.

By good fortune, when I got to Glen Doone, where the waterfall had frozen into rough steps, easy to climb, the snow came on again, thick enough to blind a man who had not spent his time among it as I had for days and days.

It would seem He will not think that Death hath struck the babe, But blinds his willing soul, and deems it sleep.

I read, and, in reading, lifted the Curtains of the Impossible that blind the mind, and looked out into the unknown.

Farley, too, was full of loyalty for his friend and fellow-classman, but he did not allow this to blind his judgment.

Ariosto's animal spirits, and the brilliant hurry and abundance of his incidents, blind a careless reader to his endless particular beauties, which, though he may too often "describe instead of paint" (on account, as Foscolo says, of his writing to the many), spew that no man could paint better when he chose.

We were all intensely eager, and thought no more of the hot wind and blinding dust.

Love's Doubt 'Tis love that blinds my heart and eyes, I sometimes say in doubting dreams, The face that near me perfect seems Cold Memory paints in fainter dyes.

But while she stood still and silent before me, the effulgent radiance that had almost blinded my vision, after a time left it unobscured, and I was able so to portray her every aspect to my mind, as her whole beauteous figure was impressed on my memory.

Its final accomplishment has blinded the world to the essential difficulty of the problem.

"Do you dare to talk to me of sense, youyou blind fool?

Speak out: what is it thou hast heard, or seen?" And answer made the bold Sir Bedivere: "Sir King, I closed mine eyelids, lest the gems Should blind my purpose, for I never saw, Nor shall see, here or elsewhere, till I die, Not tho' I live three lives of mortal men, So great a miracle as yonder hilt.

When we are overcome by such soft Insinuations and ensnaring Compliances, we gladly recompense the Artifices that are made use of to blind our Reason, and which triumph over the Weaknesses of our Temper and Inclinations.

no further seek to blind our fears.

When it becomes necessary to blind the public by a sham investigation, he will be the man to conduct it; when I want a man released from prison, or a little job of that kind done, he will do itthis act will put him in my power; and I am much mistaken if he won't prove of the utmost service in our riot scheme.

If ever infatuation blinded a nation to its fate, it most signally marked France in 1870.

For a moment memory choked and blinded Johnnie.

We have heard of a defect in the bodily vision, that represents all objects upside down; that man would certainly be called insane, who, under the influence of this misfortune, should so blind his understanding, as to believe and assert that men walked on their heads, and that the trees grew downwards.

Andrew, I find there is a flie grown o'er the Eye o'th' Bull, which will go near to blind the Constellation.

A great deal of the form and movement of the inorganic world is due simply to the stress of gravitation and not to design, and so we are asked to believe that the human and every other organism has been shaped and quickened by the action of as blind a power; that it is in some sense a casual result.

This blinded State that plaies at boa-peep with us, This wanton State that's weary of hir lovers And cryes out 'Give me younger still and fresher'! Is bound and so far bound: I found hir naked, Floung out a dores and starvd, no friends to pitty hir, The marks of all hir miseries upon hir, An orphan State that no eye smild upon:

All constraint, Except what wisdom lays on evil men, Is evil: hurts the faculties, impedes Their progress in the road of science: blinds The eyesight of Discovery; and begets, In those that suffer it, a sordid mind Bestial, a meagre intellect, unfit To be the tenant of man's noble form.

The declarations of slaveholders, that they treat their slaves well, will put no man in a quandary, who keeps in mind this simple principle, that the state of mind towards others, which leads one to inflict cruelties on them blinds the inflicter to the real nature of his own acts.

The first was the fight on the Sun Rock, when the big gray lynx had blinded his beautiful wolf mate for all time, and had torn her pups into pieces.

143 collocations for  blind