798 collocations for blow

The custom with the express riders, when within half a mile of a station, was either to begin shouting or blowing a horn in order to notify the stock tender of his approach, and to have a fresh horse already saddled for him on his arrival, so that he could go right on without a moment's delay.

" She drained her glass, blew her nose, and wiped her eyes.

The time has gone by when the mothers and wives and daughters of the race will consent to sit by meek and silent while the men in their madness are blowing each other's brains out and making mountains out of corpses.

On the second night out the wind was blowing a little less than half a gale.

Thurston, however, rose to his feet, blew out the candle, and the four conspirators groped their way in a body out through the low doorway.

To left and right on wall and turret, Eric glanced, then blew a blast upon the horn he carried; and immediately, from wall and turret mangonels, trebuchets and balistae unknown of until now crashed and whirred, and the tall tower shook and quivered 'neath the shock of great stones and heavy bolts, its massy timbers were split and rent, insomuch that it was fain to be withdrawn.

And Fame has blown her trumpet and flies from town to town,

He pounds, and sets up vibrations of pleasant noise; he clashes ten-pins, he blows his whistle, squeezes his rubber horse and man, rattles the newspaper, flings about his bottle and his blocks.

The Colonel turned his head slowly, and blew out a fresh cloud: "Good joke?"

The natives were blowing smoke into his nose.

And I wou'd sooner wed that Scoundrel Scaramouch, that very civil Pimp, that mere pair of chymical Bellows that blow the Doctor's projecting Fires, that Deputy-urinal Shaker, that very Guzman of Salamanca.

He blew out his breath in impotent clouds, and then went on.

He sauntered in with a Mexican corn-husk cigarette between his lips, carrying a lantern; blew the light out, and sat down with a careless greeting, as though he had seen us only the day before.

Jack shouted to the squad just ahead of him"surrender, or we'll blow your heads off!"

Strong blew the wind; the cloud Hastened away.

But as we rode away and I looked back for a last sight of her, she waved her hands to me and blew me a kiss from her fingers.

They also blew up a bridge over the River Escaut to the north, seeming to renounce for the moment their intrusion into the country of the Waes district.

She had stepped into the library and was blowing out the lamp there.

"Look here, Captain Selover," I demanded, "don't you know that I could blow your whole shooting-match higher than Gilderoy's kite.

I never come further north for aid than San Gennaro, even when it blows a hurricane.

He is interested in making things; on a wet day he will ask for scissors and paste, or bring out his paint box or chalks; on a fine day he mixes sand or mud with water, or builds a shelter with poles and shawls; at any time when he has an opportunity he shuts himself into the bathroom and experiments with the taps, sails boats, colours water, blows bubbles, tries to mix things, wet and dry.

Seeing the weather in this state, the pilot and master told the captain-major that they had great fear on account of the weather because it was becoming a tempest, and the ships were weak, and that they thought they ought to put in to land and run along the coast and return to seek the great river into which they had first entered, because the wind was blowing that way, and they could enter it for all that there was a storm.

" "Yes," Godfrey agreed, and blew a meditative ring toward the ceiling.

The next morning we accidentally discovered that they had intended to blow up the house.

The old man stood a moment on the ridge, the wind blowing his gray hair back, then staggered, and fell,that was all.

798 collocations for  blow