11 collocations for blundered

Dear Dyer,Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rogers's friends are perfectly assured that you never intended any harm by an innocent couplet, and that in the revivification of it by blundering Barker you had no hand whatever.

We have hardly had any loss, I believe; but the French, who blundered a good deal with their gunboats, and then contrived to get blown up by setting fire to a powder magazine, have suffered pretty severely.

Men lose through blundering more hearts than virtue saves.

" "Why not?" blundered the tactless Jimsy.

I blundered some kind of answer, I hardly know what I said.

Not knowing the man, Clark thought he might be treacherous; and, as he wrote an old friend, he was never in his life in such a rage as when he found his troops wandering at random in a country where, at any moment, they might blunder on several times their number of hostile Indians; while, if they were discovered by any one at all, the whole expedition was sure to miscarry.

Miss Wordsworth's arm was in mine, and she was expressing some fears that the splendid stranger might prove ominous, when I, by ill luck, blundered out the following remark, thinking that I was saying a good thing:'Hout, me'em!

Yet how curt is the version last quoted, and how blundering the sentence!

She had no time, however, to learn what it meant, for, with a shout like a war-whoop, Johnnie's voice was heard below, and presently, as it were, driving his little brothers and sisters before him, Johnnie himself came blundering up-stairs at full speed with Crayshaw on his back.

In these words your Chancellor blundered out a truth which has for ever silenced all your apologists for the crime.

He stopped short, like one who had blundered unawares on what was not for him.

11 collocations for  blundered