75 collocations for  blushed

75 collocations for blushed

Frank blushed a little, but he held his own and said: "Are they all double carriages, Uncle Fred?"

Dr. Mossy looked up, blushing crimson.

He blushed a ripe tomato red.

Leonore blushed a deep scarlet at these words, as if Lippo had pronounced a thought she did not dare to foster in her own heart.

"For Becky Sharp," answered Jemima, trembling very much, and blushing over her withered face and neck, as she turned her back on her sister.

that ne'er beguiles, And Firmness that is always ready To make young good-resolves more steady, The only safeguard of the giddy; And blushing Modesty, and sweet Humility in fashion neat; Yet still her train is incomplete, Unless meek Piety attend Good Temper as her surest friend, Abiding with her to the end.

I looked up, and saw before me a girl of sixteen, with blue eyes, wavy auburn hair, and slender formnot strikingly handsome, but with a shy, pretty face, which blushed the least bit in the world, as she met my gaze.

In America we look for antiquities to Boston, with her Long Wharf, or Faneuil Hall; to New York, with her Fraunccs Tavern and Van Cortlandt Manor House; to Jamestown with her lone, crumbling church tower; to the Pacific coast with her Franciscan mission houses; to St. Augustine with her Spanish gates; but all these are young and blushing things compared with the historic places of the British Isles.

" The march begins in military state, And nations on his eye suspended wait; Stern famine guards the solitary coast, And winter barricades the realm of frost; He comes, nor want nor cold his course delay; Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultowa's day: The vanquish'd hero leaves his broken bands, And shows his miseries in distant lands; Condemn'd a needy supplicant to wait, While ladies interpose, and slaves debate.

The clapper on his giant side Shall ring no peal for blushing bride, For birth, or death, or new-year-tide, Or festival begun!

"Come, don't blush so, my heart's delight," said Ralph, "and if the subject is disagreeable, that is, a reference to it in this public manner, I will say no more."

This was so very broad, that the "lady" in question blushed the color of the red bricks in her fire-place, and declared that Mr. Jinks was the dreadfulest creature, and he need'nt expect to persuade her that he liked herno, he need'nt.

and she thee, Keepe her from the Serpent, let her not Gad To everie Gossips congregation; For there is blushing modestie laide out And a free rayne to sensual turpitude Given out at length and lybidinous acts, Free chat, each giving counsell and sensure Capream maritum facere, such art thou Goate.

[Illustration: The First Frost of Autumn] At evening it rose in the hollow glade, Where wild-flowers blushed 'mid silence and shade; Where, hid from the gaze of the garish noon, They were slily wooed by the trembling moon.

I know a man A man Jove-fronted, and Hyperion-curled A gushing, flushing, blushing human heart!'

The matter proveth the man, but from the envious calumny ever threateneth them on whom, as they drive foremost in the twelfth[10] round of the course, Charis sheddeth blushing beauty to win them fame more fair.

We have in the act of blushing a visible example of sudden enlargement of the smaller arteries of the face and neck, called forth by some mental emotion which acts on the vaso-motor center and diminishes its activity.

This night alone is oursOur mighty foe, No longer lost in am'rous solitude, Will now remount the slighted seat of empire, And show Irene to the shouting people: Aspasia left her, sighing in his arms, And list'ning to the pleasing tale of pow'r; With soften'd voice she dropp'd the faint refusal, Smiling consent she sat, and blushing love.

And he looks at her, and follows her around the room with his eyes; and she blushes up real pink and pretty lots of times when he comes into the room.

Willet blushed purple.

She blushed scarletdo what she would she could not help itwhen he rose and bowed to her.

But in Martial's time a man could go without blushing (salvâ fronte) at eleven, though even then two o'clock was the meridian hour for the great uproar of splashing, and swimming, and "larking" in the endless baths of endless Rome.

And when she saw who held her, she started up, and stood, blushing the colour of her own lips, with eyes cast upon the ground.

And here, in that triumphant hour, Shall yielding Beauty wed with Power; And blushing earth and smiling sea In dalliance deck the bridal bower.

Questioned how it happened there, What can blushing Fanny say?

If it had not taken the whole world into its embrace yet, there it was compacted into a very glow of love and warmth and coziness in that snuggest of rooms, and in that very Jinny and Baby,Christmas itself,especially when he kissed her, and she blushed and laughed, the tears in her eyes, and went fussing for that queer roll of white flannel.

By cares unwounded; what the sun and showers, And genial earth untillaged, could produce, They gathered grateful, or the acorn brown Or blushing berry; by the liquid lapse Of murmuring waters called to slake their thirst, Or with fair nymphs their sun-brown limbs to bathe; With nymphs who fondly clasped their favourite youths, Unawed by shame, beneath the beechen shade, Nor wiles nor artificial coyness knew.

She stared; after a moment she burst into a little laugh; then she shook her finger in his face and said, blushing, "Yes, free to beyour wife."

What are you blushing for?" "Blushing!

When I ask her the reason, I know very well That Frances will blush the true reason to tell.

Let not this thieve friend, misty veil of night, Encroach on day, and shadow thy fair light, Whilst thou com'st tardy from thy Thetis' bed, Blushing forth golden hair and glorious red; O, stay not long, bright lanthorn of the day, To light my miss'd-way feet to my right way!

ornament, honor, feather in one's cap, halo, aureole, nimbus; halo of glory, blaze of glory, blushing honors; laurels &c (trophy) 733.

It is by the piety and tenderness with which she treats Jewish customs that the author shows how supreme her cultivation and refinement are; and the small number of mistakes which can be detected in her descriptions of Jewish life and ritual may put to blush even writers who belong to that race."

"And the cause" I hesitated, blushing temple-high, I dare say, in spite of the growth of my mustaches.

Achilles Tatius wrote that the beauty of Leucippe's countenance "might vie with the flowers of the meadow; the narcissus was resplendent in her general complexion, the rose blushed upon her cheek, the dark hue of the violet sparkled in her eyes, her ringlets curled more closely than do the clusters of the ivyher face, therefore, was a reflex of the meadows."

Who from each barren weed that grows, Expects the grape, or blushing peach.

And another time it was the flaky spider-cake, turned just as it blushed golden-tawny over the coals; and then it was breakfast potato, beaten almost frothy with one white-of-egg, a pretty good bit of butter, a few spoonfuls of top-of-the-milk, and seasoned plentifully with salt, and delicately with pepper,the oven doing the rest, and turning it into a snowy soufflé.

Sir, only think of the small Squires with the red faces, sir, and the grand white waistcoats down to their hipsand the dames, sir, with their wigs, and their simpers, and their visible pocketsand the damsels, blushing things in white muslin, with sky-blue sashes and ribbons, and mufflers and thingsand the sons, sir, the promising young gentlemen, sirand the doctor, and the lawyerand the parson.

There was a roar of laughter, and Major NEWMAN blushed his appreciation.

'The recruitin' office,' said Macgregor, blushing, 'wasna open till nine.'

"German, that chap," drawled the captain of the Tsuen-Chau, lazily, noticing the uncertain military walk of the young man's clumsy legs, his uncouth clothes, his pale visage winged by blushing ears of coral pink.

If any thing be in the pen to blame, Then here stand I to blush the writer's shame: If this be bad, he promises a better; Trust him, and he will prove a right true debtor.

The tall silver candle sticks gleamed in the firelight, the silver dish of polished Baldwins blushed rosier in the glow.

Kitty blushed, was embarrassed, and poor Captain Stradling, listening with all his ears to the narratives of his illustrious friend William Dampier, or pre-occupied with his pipe, lost in its cloud, saw nothing,or seemed to see nothing.

But to her amazement Ruth was suddenly blushing a lovely but startling blush and Larry was bending over to examine the hammock-hook in obvious confusion.

When statesmen, heroes, kings, in dust repose, Whose sons shall blush their fathers were thy foes, Shall then this verse to future age pretend Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend?

The whole line is accented by a variety of blushing pink cream puffs.

"But I guess she knows where they come from." "They were Ann's," said Virginia, a little sadly, and yet blushing and smiling a little at our open admiration, "my sister's, you know.

How could you stand silently by, and witness proceedings that would put to blush the Arab, or the untutored inhabitant of the wilderness in our own country?

She was 13, so close to blushing all the time that she had to act like a zombie to keep herself under control.