42 collocations for bottle

Stop the cask down; in about six months put in the brandy and bottle the wine off.

If you are strong, if you are brave, if you are intent upon getting Swaraj, and if you really want to revise the creed, then you will bottle up your rage, you will bottle up all the feelings of injustice that may rankle in your hearts and forget these things here under this very roof and I told them to forget their differences, to forgot the wrongs.

The boys bottled down their feelings, and when at last the classes were dismissed, and the dux cried, "Come on, you fellows!"

April 23British and French navies "bottle up" Zeebrugge.

With the tidings that the Dutch fleet had forced its way through to Copenhagen with aid for the besieged, and had bottled the Swedish ships up in Landskrona, came a letter purporting to be from King Frederik himself, encouraging the people to rise.

"We each pay twopence a week till Christmas," he ses, "and we buy a hamper with a goose or a turkey in it, and bottles o' rum and whiskey and gin, as far as the money'll go, and then we all draw lots for it, and the one that wins has it.

Cut a cucumber into pieces after having peeled it, and let the juice drain from it for twelve hours, pour it off, and add to it an equal quantity of orange flower-water, with a small piece of camphor dissolved in a wine-glass of soft water, bottle the mixture, and wash the parts that have been exposed to the sun two or three times in the twenty-four hours.

If he can bottle anything lighter than the new Government ale his claim to be a wizard is established.

Ye canna bottle the light o' the moon on Afton Water; ye canna bring the air o' a Hieland moor to London in a box.

Peter clenched his jaws, his nostrils spread in his effort stoically to bottle up his grief and remorse, like a white man; in an effort to keep from howling his agony aloud, like a negro.

If your grandfathers were knaves, will your bottling up their bad blood mend it?

Monism proclaims that development and progress are the practical principles of human conduct, while the Churches, especially the Catholic Church, have been steadily conservative, and though they have been unable to put a stop to progress have endeavoured to suppress its symptomsto bottle up the steam.

Then he went forth into the freshness of the morning, and the stableman that was up and about the stables opened his eyes as though he saw a green mouse before him, for such men as the friars of Emmet were not wont to be early risers; but the man bottled his thoughts, and only asked Robin whether he wanted his mule brought from the stable.

But he bottled his wrath until the arrival of Carteret, whom he received at Fort James with all the honors due to his rank and station.

And now she is going away to Martinique, where her grandmother will take charge of her, bottle up those spirits, and make her a second edition of her mother.

" "Nay, good friend," said Robin Hood, "bottle thine anger, for the name fitteth thee well.

To bottle BERRIES another Way.

It is found in the tears, as we are informed by poets, who talk of "briny drops" and "saut, saut tears"; though why there, unless to keep the lachrymal fluid from spoiling, in those persons who bottle up their tears for a long time, we cannot divine.

My first idea was, "We are snagged;" then, remembering how slight the concussion had been, I calmed my fears and turned over on my side, determined to bottle off a little more sleep if possible.

The capacity to feel and judge is very limited in an ordinary man; submerged as he is in the species, he clings to any driftwood; and just as he reduces the infinite number of shades in the river of light to a few colours, the good and evil that flow in the veins of the world are only perceptible to him when he has bottled a few samples, chosen among those around him.

To bottle red currantspick them carefully from the stalk, and add, as the currants are put in, sifted white sugar; let the bottles be well filled and rosin the corks, and keep them with their necks downwards.

Current rumor among the soldiers at Binchefor the natives, seemingly through fear for their own skins, would tell us nothingwas that at Maubeuge the onward-pressing Germans had caught up with the withdrawing columns of the Allies and were trying to bottle the stubborn English rear guard.

Do you know that I have been able to bottle two casks of wine without being tired!" Clotilde remained outside, sitting on a stone bench; while Pascal entered the room to give Lafouasse the injection.

another Way Berries to bottle Brain Cakes to make Black Caps, to make Brandy Orange to make + Lemon do.

"And I'll bottle up Holmes and put the stopper in," promised Dan with solemn modesty.

42 collocations for  bottle