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48 collocations for « bowled »

48 collocations for « bowled »

  • ODIs are usually restricted to 50 overs batting for each side and each bowler can bowl up to 10 overs maximum.
  • The lowest T20 bowling average for a bowler who has bowled at least 500 balls is Mushtaq Ahmed with 13.80.
  • She was willing for him to be released, but not to escape, and so it fell out that the boy, dodging beneath Mr. Wilks's outspread arms, charged blindly up the side-entrance and bowled the young lady over.
  • The conference sends several teams to bowl games every year, including the Liberty Bowl and New Orleans Bowl.
  • But he bowled himself and others throughout; he even bowled spin at some point," Myoli recalled.
  • The fifth ball bowled a man.
  • We are bowling good deliveries, but we are giving away the boundary deliveries bit too often,he said.
  • He was rewarded when Maddinson caught and bowled a stinging drive from Cameron Bancroft.
  • When I went on to bowl left-handed "donkey-drops," Tom Peregrine (my own servant, if you please) was very nearly no-balling me.
  • Harry told how he had bowled the old farmer over just as the man was about to shoot at Frank, and then he convulsed them with laughter by relating the capture of the gun and the chase he had led the hayseed.
  • But she can bowl a fellow over in the mostwell, most desperate manner.
  • They bowled much fuller in the morning session and induced plenty of false strokes.
  • Yadav finished with 4-19 from four overs, the third-best figures by an Indian woman at a T20 World Cup, and looked to have bowled Ash Gardner too but the ball bounced twice, therefore making it a no-ball in comical circumstances.
  • Where the Tagus joins the Hooghly I have bowled the wily googly, I have heard the howdah's howl at Hyderabad; On a rickshaw I've gone sailing, with my boomerang impaling Hooded cobras on the ice-floes off Bagdad.
  • slide; bowling green &c (level) 213; asphalt, wood pavement, flagstone, flags.
  • Grassy banks, glorious sunshine and a palpably human scale provided the environment for Kemar Roach, his father having died on the eve of the match, to bowl his heart out, fortune, good or bad, met with the same smile.
  • Saqib Mahmood, 22, had a fine ODI debut in taking 1-17 off five overs, bowling Reeza Hendricks with a beautiful delivery that just grazed the top of the bail.
  • Among the places where burning wheels were thus bowled down hill at Midsummer were the Hohenstaufen mountains in Wurtemberg and the Frauenberg near Gerhausen.[406] At Deffingen, in Swabia, as the people sprang over the midsummer bonfire they cried out, "Flax, flax!
  • They sate to sup in a jasmine bower, Lit pale with flies of fire, Their bowls the hue of the iris-flower, And lemon their attire.
  • Bernie Lamprecht bowled a jaffa to Jacobs which climbed off a full length to get a top edge to Luke Stokes for a duck.
  • Jason Holder, who is 6ft 7in, was bowling a full length and only just trimming the bails, so a load of DRS decisions weren't overturned.
  • Pooran’s struggle continued into the 17th over, when Dockrell, continuing to bowl a wide line to the left-handers, beat him three times in a row.
  • But she can bowl a fellow over in the mostwell, most desperate manner.
  • Each side bowls 10 overs, with each bowler allowed to bowl a maximum of two overs.
  • "Normally Adil will bowl around 48 to 50mph - here he was getting his leg spinner and the googly around 52, 53mph.
  • Old Ally's bowled off his pads!"
  • Chris Lynn really steams in to bowl pic.
  • But his former friend interposed his sturdy bulk, and opposed his leaving the house; and when Robin Oig attempted to make his way by force, he hit him down on the floor, with as much ease as a boy bowls down a nine-pin.
  • The Mail can reveal that Cambridge maths graduate Mr Jenkins is a church treasurer and bowls player from Bracknell in Berkshire.
  • Set to make a world record 466 to win, South Africa reached 181 for two before Stokes bowled home captain Faf du Plessis for 35.
  • As we bowled down the road toward a group of brick houses on the left, a shell passed not more than fifty yards in front of us and through the side of one of these houses as easily as a circus rider pops through a tissue-paper hoop.
  • He saw, dimly, that Joe's chin was resting on his breast and that his eyes were closed; he heard him mutter in a voice that seemed to come from some distant room: "Of all 'e bowls I s-s-smell or see, The wassail bowl's 'e bowl f-f-for me," and the next moment both man and boy were fast asleep.
  • It would give me a faint relief, indeed, to find that there were some matron of exalteder rank than mine to save me from my probable fate of bowling dark sayings at our old host, General Parker, from the season of clear soup to that of peaches and nuts.
  • Philip Oscar Skoglund and nephew of champion lawn bowls player Pete Skoglund.
  • We were very happy with that as senior members of the team, we have to bowl long spells and we were up for it,he signed off.
  • Thus, to see these two young people bowling down Berners Street in a hansom cab, about five o'clock, looking supremely happy the while, was as good a certainty as to meet the local pot-boy, or the postman.
  • But at the corner of the square, just as he was turning into it, there bowled swiftly out a victoria drawn by two horses; he recognised the equipage, he recognised also Mrs. Assheton who was sitting in it.
  • He bowled me a half volley on the off the first ball I had in a school match.
  • And now, sitting back in her carriage, bowling home-ward, with the fresh evening breeze in her face, the few men left to take their hats off looked in that face, and while making up their minds that after all it was the handsomest in London, felt instinctively they had never coveted the ownership of its haughty beauty so little as to-day.
  • Five plays later, junior fullback Carter Dewey bowled his way eight yards into the end zone and the Trailblazers held a 42-7 lead with 4:06 left in the quarter.
  • The decision stood, however, and Australia were given a free hit that amounted to nothing as Ngidi bowled a dot ball yorker.
  • Rashid Khan, the Afghanistan legspinner and bowling ace of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in IPL 2020, has said that he will not think about marriage until his country does not win the ICC Cricket World Cup.
  • Mitchell Santner, one of the most successful spin bowling all-rounders New Zealand have had in recent years, is one of three players to have been axed.
  • England won the last 3 test matches, still bowling "bodyline".
  • This is the kind of fellow to walk a frigate's deck and bowl his broadsides into the "Gallant Thunderbomb," or any forty-portholed adventurer who would like to exchange a few tons of iron compliments.
  • So saying, she took another cheese out of her pocket and rolled it down; but as it did not return, she thought, "Perhaps they are waiting for a companion and don't like to come alone"; and down she bowled a third cheese.
  • Kevin Briggs, 31, of Batavia, who is the girls bowling head coach at the school, was arrested by Union Township Police Department.
  • Anderson bowled a couple of overs with the second new ball but then the players decided to call it a day and there were warm fist pumps and also some end-of-bubble handshakes between the sides.

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