520 collocations for breathed

He breathed the air, walked briskly, turned with the German military precision at the end of his score of strides, and re-entered his cabin at the lapse of the half hour.

Now as he stood thus, his broad, mail-clad shoulders and golden hair bathed in the refulgence of the great window, it seemed to him that from somewhere near there breathed a sigh, tremulous and very soft, and thereafter was the quick, light tread of feet, and silence.

In the air, in the whispering of the spruce-tops, in the moon and the stars themselves, there breathed a spirit which told him that what he had heard was the wolf-cry, but that it was not the wolf call.

At all events, she'll have the letter to-morrow, and I'll tell you fellows when I give it her, only of course you mustn't breathe a word to any one else.

Parties were obliterated, or rather from the flux of this white heat, came out in solidified unity that compact of parties which for four years breathed the breath of the nation's life, spoke the purposes of the republic, and amid stupendous reverses and triumphs held the public conscience clear in its sublime duty.

To present a pure and noble ideal, to breathe forth a holy atmosphere for the soul, are constructive works.

And the Catholic De Maistre, so famed for his fair-minded criticisms, wrote of the new hymn-makers' works: "They make a certain noise in the ear, but they never breathe prayer, because their writers were all alone (i.e., unaided by the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit) when they composed them."

Some nobles who had not yet arrived at the callous period; some professors in the University who had not yet arrived at the heavy period, breathed life into the mass, dragged on the timid, fought off the malignant.

Hear from the grave, great Taliessin, hear: They breathe a soul to animate thy clay.

"You!" Miss Dalrymple breathed the fragrance of the flowers; she apparently liked it.

The moon was already filling the night with her soft splendour when Beltane, coming to a certain wall, swung himself up, and, being there, paused to breathe the sweet perfume of the flowers whose languorous fragrance wrought in him a yearning deep and passionate, and ever as love-longing grew, bitterness and anger were forgot.

the floor of Ocean tressing With moon and star; With benediction go and breathe thy blessing On coasts afar.

And what shape is it?' 'All pointed and sharp, and three-cornered.' 'Does it breathe fire?' asked Edith.

I know of nothing, even in Burns, finer than the following lines: "Breathes there the man, with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land!

But the mother had more prudence, and said: "Let me give thee timely counsel, and breathe not a syllable to any one on the subject.

"This is truly a charming novel; for half its contents | | breathe the very odor of the flower it takes as its title."

There is scarce a Turk, or Arab, or Persianunless he be a Dervish of peculiar sanctitybut breathes his daily incense to the milder Bacchus of the moderns.

A welcome change began as they slid down from the bare desert into the valley; and once across the Copper River, Anderson began to breathe freer and to feel he was nearing home.

The lists were in confusion, but calm was on his brow, As, lifting up his eyes to heaven, he breathed a desperate vow; "Would God the malediction of Celinda had come true!

I feel the gales that from ye blow, A momentary bliss bestow, As waving fresh their gladsome wing, My weary soul they seem to soothe, And, redolent of joy and youth, To breathe a second spring.

Zál with amazement gazed Upon what art had done, but more he gazed Upon the witching radiance of his love, Upon her tulip cheeks, her musky locks, Breathing the sweetness of a summer garden; Upon the sparkling brightness of her rings, Necklace, and bracelets, glittering on her arms.

Here they lived out their days, secure in the knowledge that no Indians would ever breathe to the conquistadores the secret of their sacred refuge.

"There are some of those Puritans, the cursed Roundheads, near, and it would mean death to Sir William if it were known that he but breathed such thoughts.

The hour, it will be remembered, was shortly before sunset, and thither nearly all the family had repaired to breathe the freshness of the pure air, and bathe in the genial warmth of a season, which is ever so grateful to those who have recently escaped from the rigour of a stern winter.

But he wept and lamented exceeding sore, and in the end he prevailed with me; and I taught him to breathe flame and smoke out of a hollow nut filled with combustible powder.

520 collocations for  breathed
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