71 collocations for bullies

I was bullying a little boy; and he served me right."

I remember once, in the confusion and hurry of baffling winds and whistling shot, having always turbans before the eye, and the bastinado in mind, to have beseeched St. Stefano in some such voice as one would use to a dog, and to have bullied the men with the whine of a young kitten.

I am not quite sure that I like Russians"she went toward him, laying her two hands gently on his broad breast and looking up at him"not quite sureespecially Russian princes who bully their wives.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself," she said, when she had finally paused for breath, and had wiped away her tears, and had powdered her nose, viciously, "to bully a weak and defenseless woman in this way.

We white people bullied these black people quite enough for three hundred years, to be able to allow them to play (for it is no more) at bullying us.

Anazeh bullied all the rest in after him.

However, I distinctly recollect the stage manager bullying the girls, and turning us all out.

He besides ordered me not to tell what he had done, and bullied me a great deal about it, till at last I got away from him.

" It was almost her old bluff, bullying tone, but back of it was a disorder of stretched nerves.

CHAPTER XII HUDSON'S QUEEN The lobby, empty of its crowd when Sheila passed through it on her way up to her rooms, was filled by a wheezy, bullying voice.

She had been known to refer to him as a cowardly hawk of a man; but now she bullied the crowd in a shrill voice and made them bring water and cloth.

But I fancy every period of life has its pleasures, and as we advance in life the exercise of power and the possession of wealth must be great consolations to the majority; we bully our children and hoard our cash.'

An extreme and tyrannical nativism, a tasteless archaism in dress, manner, and speech, an intolerant and aggressive democratic propaganda offended and bullied the more conservative.

When, in company with Austria, we beat and bullied Denmark out of Schleswig-Holstein, were we not victorious, and is not that sufficient justification?

The agent in Saxony was a very vulgar, boisterous, noisy, bullying Dominican, by the name of Tetzel.

I promise you there will be wood enough in the forest the day honest men make up their minds to exercise their muscles on your backs, you bullying slave-drivers! LXXVIII.


But of the eldest of the four, Mrs. Glegg, we see so much that we are really made quite uncomfortable by her; for she is a very formidable person indeed, utterly without kindness, bullying everybody within her reach (her husband included), holding herself up as a model to everybody, and shaming all other familiesespecially those into which she and her sisters had marriedby odious comparisons with the Dodsons.

He came to his home drunk one night and began to bully his family.

Accordingly he has bullied his father into giving it to him; and with his awkward manners this ungainly creature presents in it a sufficiently ridiculous figure.

This man, abundantly bedecked with ear-rings, finger-rings, and other ornaments, was a useless, bullying sort of fellow; dressed to the full extent of Oriental foppishness, and because he was the magistrate's servant, he thought himself entitled to order the other servants about in the most lordly way.

o' bullies ter fight with.

Bismarck employed this phrase on two occasions in addressing the Reichstag; his purpose could have been no other than to bully France.

Just then pa came along and asked what the row was about, and when pa found that the midget was trying to pick a quarrel with the giant, he took the midget across his knee and gave him a few spanks, and told him to quit bullying the freaks.

When Germany seemed inclined to bully the Frenchmen, England insisted that she also must be consulted.

71 collocations for  bullies