377 collocations for burst

But when gas was expected, one welcomed heavy rain and high winds and loud explosions from bursting shells.

she exclaimed, as she rejoined her mother in the sitting-room; "but I did not know that I should have to turn missionary the first night and give her a Bible!" Upstairs Evadne buried her face among the pillows and the aching heart burst its bonds in one long quivering cry of pain.

But his effort burst his heart.

Upon this our rogue of a buccaneer Captain burst out a-laughing, and fetching Master Harry a great thump upon the back, swore roundly that he would make a man of him, and that it was a pity to make a parson out of so good a piece of stuff.

But at last in the dark there burst forth a great cry, 'Who said it?'

"I'm glad he's not here," said the Minister of Municipalities, "I'm afraid he would burst a blood vessel; I'm not sure but I will myself.

The enthusiasm of his hearers burst all bounds, and with one voice they cried: "God wills it!

In burst the door, and away fled the frightened nuns, shrieking, at his coming.

Falseron beheld Orlando coming so furiously, that he thought him a Lucifer who had burst his chain, and was quite of another mind than when he proposed to have him all to himself.

Her sobs burst out afresh, and louder now, away from the Colonel's restraining presence.

So saying, Roger turned aside into the denser wood, bursting a way through a tangle of brush, plunging ever deeper into the wild until they came to a place where great rocks and boulders jutted up amid the green and the trees grew scant.

He burst out a-laughing at the exquisitely ludicrous idea of a gentleman of his fashion scrambling for coppers.

Abolitionists know that the life of Clarkson was sought by slavetraders; and that even Wilberforce was denounced on the floor of Parliament as a fanatic and a hypocrite by the present King of England, the very man who, in 1834, set his seal to that instrument which burst the fetters of eight hundred thousand slaves in his West India colonies.

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal; Christ hath burst the gates of hell!

Be it known to every northern man who aspires to a seat in Congress, that hereafter it is the destiny of congressional action on this subject, to be a MIGHTY REVELATORmaking secret thoughts public property, and proclaiming on the house-tops what is whispered in the earsmiting off masks, and bursting open sepulchres beautiful outwardly, and heaving up to the sun their dead men's bones.

And burst the bars that sever me From my true life above!

The single glow-lamp was switched off, leaving the room in total darkness, until there burst out suddenly a bright orange-red light immediately above one of the trays.

And then and there "Tum, tum, ti tum" burst forth the band in Strauss's "Morgen Blaetter" waltzes.

"STEAM-BOAT EXPLOSION.Captain Duncan, of the 'Swan,' reports that the tow-boat, 'Daniel Webster,' burst her larboard boiler on the 6th instant, while towing in a vessel over the South-west Bar.

The same causes are in action now; and if ever the lake should rise so high as to burst its banks, it would overflow the whole country, and carry terrible destruction with it.

Here he found the door locked also, but, putting his shoulder against it, he burst the locks as though they were made of brittle ice.

Shells begin to rain all over the island, bursting the rocks in every direction.

"You fool," he shouted suddenly, his temper bursting the weakened barriers of control.

she cried; 'look at my sister!' Out on the extremity of the buck-stage (how she got there neither they nor she ever knew) crouched Honoria, her face idiotic with terror, while she stared with bursting eyes into the foam.

And it was owing to the valor of Italian aviators, combating the Austro-German army of the air, that the fleeing women, children and old men, who crowded the roads, were not struck down by bursting bombs.

377 collocations for  burst