47 collocations for butchered

Already, from the high passes of the Alleghenies, war parties of Delawares and Shawanoes had descended, sweeping down upon the frontier families like a devastating whirlwind, and butchering men, women, and children with impartial fury.

The brigand, though he might knock men on the head, will refrain from having his force take the form of butchering women and disembowelling children.

It was declared by those slaves while in prison that, besides his atrocities among their female associates, he had deliberately butchered a number of his slaves.

Cicero said, "The success of the one meant massacre, and that of the other slavery,"for if Pompey had prevailed, the aristocracy would have butchered their enemies with unrelenting vengeance; but Caesar hated unnecessary slaughter, and sought only power.

In the fall after the departure of the first contingent, and at a time when families were practically defenseless, news reached us by a tired rider that 700 Indians had crossed the trail over the Cascade mountains and were burning the homes and butchering the settlers on the Calapooya, twenty miles away.

Your business is not to butcher human beings, but to win a battle.

What a spectacle for gods and men, guides and butcher boys.

If they admit that such deeds are committed, they tell us that they are exceedingly rare, and therefore furnish no grounds for judging of the general treatment of slaves; that occasionally a brutal wretch in the free states barbarously butchers his wife, but that no one thinks of inferring from that, the general treatment of wives at the North and West.

The few Swiss fired in return; and then the cry ran through the city that the Pope's guards were butchering the people, and already there were many slain.

He swore he will butcher the Christians.

It is only human beings who butcher their prey, and seem, some of them, to rejoice in their agony.

Deprived by this means of a market for their hoof cattle, the rustlers were compelled to butcher their cattle or drive to Montana.

The more the younger patricians strove to insinuate themselves into favour with the plebeians, the more strenuously did the tribunes strive on the other hand to render them suspicious in the eyes of the commons by alleging that a conspiracy had been formed; that Cæso was in Rome; that plans had been concerted for assassinating the tribunes, for butchering the commons.

The money was paid, and the poor child handed over to the tender mercies of the human devil who had so ruthlessly butchered her sister.

Only the heads of horses and men were visible above the water, and the crews of the gun-boats, after a single discharge, which wounded none of the extraordinary attacking party, threw themselves into the river and made the best of their way to San Fernando, where they alleged that it was useless to contest possession of their charge with incarnate devils, to whom water was the same us dry land, and who butchered all their prisoners.

He made a very droll remark when describing those 'who make their belly their God;' he said 'they make their kitchen their temple, their cook and butcher their priests, and their belly their God.

Had "Jack Jones" gone to the war, and butchered a score or two of harmless Mexicans, he would have been loaded with honours; but he saved a human being, close to the metropolis of the South, and his body was left to perish like that of a dogfor aught the citizens cared.

Such boyst'rous Trifles Thy Muse would not brooke, Save when she'd show how scurvily they looke; No savage Metaphors (things rudely Great) Thou dost display, not butcher a Conceit; Thy Nerves have Beauty, which Invades and Charms; Lookes like a Princesse harness'd in bright Armes.

I remember once when I was cussing the men who butchered the pretty little things while Magnus Thorkelson was staying all night with me to help me get my stock through a bad stormit was a blizzard, but we had never heard the word thenand as I got hot in my blasting and bedarning of them (though they needed the venison) he got up and grasped my hand, and made as if to kiss me.

He butchered a beef and was sawing it up when Brother Brigham passed by.

These they seized, but one man found means to escape from them, and they wantonly butchered all the rest.

To enjoy music, one must become part of that public which fills the theatres where, in a vile atmosphere, one perceives a loutish-looking man butchering episodes from Wagner, to the huge delight of the ignorant mob.

Say, "into each other" "For mankind have always been butchering each other"Webster's Essays, p. 151.

While waiting for Mr. Bennett I took my pan and butcher knife and went into a dry gulch out of sight of the other campers and began work.

But there existed a strong national anti-Austrian party, who, as they had worshipped Pio Nono (Pius IX) when he "blessed Italy" and the banners that the Romans bore upward to the "Holy War," now execrated him inasmuch as he had withdrawn his sanction to that war and had blessed the Croats and the Austrians who were butchering the Italians in the north.

47 collocations for  butchered