169 collocations for canning

We canned our own fruit, made jelly and jam from wild berries and wild grapes.

Let us find what small comfort we can in this thought.

You fool, take what little advantage you can, because it won't help you in the end.

I wish you would make him sensible of the infamy of this proceeding, which can no way in the world turn to his advantage.

The general directions given for canning fruits should be followed in canning vegetables.

Get what information you can of fords, roads, and position of the enemy, so that your march can be made understandingly and with vigor.

And I appeal to every one's own mind, whether this proposition, 'a circle is a circle,' be not as self-evident a proposition as that consisting of more general terms, 'whatsoever is, is'; and again, whether this proposition, 'blue is not red,' be not a proposition that the mind can no more doubt of, as soon as it understands the words, than it does of that axiom, 'it is impossible for the same thing to be and not to be?'

You can't fool them on a bad pudding by putting on a good sauce, the way you can a man.

I feel sometimes that I could commit murder, and I do not know when I shall be able to take the Marquis's advice to remain placid and shut my eyes and try to get what good out of life I can.

Shell, pack into perfect cans, shaking and filling as full as possible, add sufficient cold water to fill them to overflowing, screw on the covers, and cook and seal the same as directed for canning corn.

If you can still the pain when Outside calls you And choke back thoughts of friends you still hold dear; If you can still the dreams when night befalls you And wake and strike while eyes and brain are clear; If you can wait and stick it out a-smiling When longing letters come to you from home, And then don't find the taste of "hootch" beguiling You'll like this Land, from Seward up to Nome.

If we arrive at them, it must be by a process of induction, and by gathering what evidence we can from other sources.

<pb id='049.png' n='1966h1/A/1129' /> CANNING, ALICE JUDSON.

If a man has an independent fortune, he should regard it as a bulwark against the many evils and misfortunes which he may encounter; he should not look upon it as giving him leave to get what pleasure he can out of the world, or as rendering it incumbent upon him to spend it in this way.

banish from my bed Each form of grief, each form of dread, And all that can the soul with horror shake: Let not the ghastly fiends admission find, Which conscience forms to haunt the guilty mind

I will tell this Legend as simply but also with what beauty I can, because the words of the old Highland woman, who told it to me,...though simple were beautiful with ancient idiom.

R63319, 19Jun50, Matthew Britt (A) I CAN EXPLAIN, a photoplay in five reels, by Metro Pictures Corp. © 30Mar22, L17697.

Nobody will see us, and we can scud along through the corn and come out on the other side.

I can strut and againe in kindnesse I can suffer a man to breake my head, and put it up without anger.

Tut, if I get the wench, I care not for that; that will come afterward; and I'll be sure of something in the meantime, for I have outlawed a great number of his debtors, and I'll gather up what money I can amongst them, and Gripe shall never know of it neither. ROBIN GOODFELLOW.

Imagine if you can a perfectly flat land through which your train glides hour after hour, day after day.

The Subject of your Yesterdays Paper is of so great Importance, and the thorough handling of it may be so very useful to the Preservation of many an innocent young Creature, that I think every one is obliged to furnish you with what Lights he can, to expose the pernicious Arts and Practices of those unnatural Women called Bawds.

"Before you examine Zeally, sir, let me save you what trouble I can." He spoke faintly, but with deliberation.

'Orders are that all the men are to turn in and take what rest they can.

Finally Joe wound up with: "So you see I've got to do what little I can to help straighten things.

169 collocations for  canning