317 collocations for care

But it was useless to call him "Methodist" and "hypocrite"; he had learnt from his mother the value of Bible reading, and possessed sufficient character to care little what his companions said.

He didn't care a straw for Miss Townsend; he never had.

It would certainly contribute greatly to the cheerfulness of one about to leave this "mortial wale," to feel morally certain that nobody cared a rap about him, or was going to make any fuss just for a trifle like that.

Then, after an instant's reflection: "But he's a cur that can risk his life to save a kid he don't care a damn for.

For he had no small gift of leadership, and he cared a good deal that it should count for the decencies of high-school life.

I do not care a fig about melody of voice, or science in quavering; I am not talking about sweetness of tone; what I mean to say is, that I do not believe there is a man living, even though he have no more voice than a raven, who is human, and yet never sang to the baby, always assuming that he has one.

As for appreciation, or gratitude, I don't care a snap of my finger for such fol-de-rol.

They haven't seemed to care a button whether they told the truth or not!

Only towering good spirits prevented their being haughty, for they felt like conquerors, and cared not a jot that they looked like gaol-birds.

"When he was told," said the Duke of Northumberland on August 10th, "that the people of England were very anxious to abolish the House of Lords, his reply was that they did not understand the question, and did not care two brass farthings about it."

He didn't care a pin.

They were line infantry, of the type which gets most of the work and none of the Press notices, a hard-bitten, unregenerate crowd, who cared not a whit whether Belgium bled or not, but loved fighting for its own sake and put their faith in bayonet and butt.

Well for Mac that he wouldn't have cared a red cent to impress the greatest naturalist alive, let alone a lot of fellows who didn't know a titmouse from a disease.

" "I don't suppose she will care any thing about me," replied Mrs. White, with an emphasis on the last personal pronoun which spoke volumes.

If I leave you out, dear boy, there's not one of them that I care a hang about; I'd ride roughshod over the whole lot.

I believe I'm the only creature alive who cares twopence for the poor old gentleman.

I begin to suspect that you don't care an awful lot about Mr. Wheelwright's style of composition.

The Duchess says she don't care a cuss for NAP, and that I mustn't neither. LEOPOLD, SIGMARINGEN-HOHENZOLLERN.

He didn't care a curse.

All I want is the Union; after that I don't care a rush!"

" "If I fail," answered Mershone, slowly, "I do not care a continental what they do to me, for my life will be a blank without Louise.

As Switzerland had now no foreign wars to fear, and the neighboring kings and princes were pleased to have in their armies Swiss, for whose life and death they cared much less than for the life and death of their own subjects, the principal families of the city and country cantons took advantage of these circumstances to open fountains of wealth for themselves.

"I knew the old boy, and he wasn't the sort to care a hoot in Sheol for treasure, buried or unburied.

If me not had been bought from me king like bossals in the hold time, ze king gofFrance would-a-show Monsieur le Gouverneur to take care his men to make strit in right places.

The proud Gladstone dresses like a Methodist minister, and does not seem to care what kind of a hat he wears.

317 collocations for  care