22 collocations for catalogues

He catalogues libraries, settles affairs in China, pronounces judgment on men who marry women superior to themselves, flouts popular liberty, hammers Swift unmercifully, and adds a few miscellaneous oracles, most of which are about as reliable as his knowledge of the hibernation of swallows.

Professor Challis said he would conduct the search himself, and shortly began a leisurely and dignified series of sweeps around the place designated by theory, cataloguing all the stars he observed, intending afterward to sort out his observations, compare one with another, and find out whether any one star had changed its position; because if it had it must be the planet.

" Bobby understood and was afraidmore afraid than he had been at any time since he had overheard Howells catalogue his case to Graham in the library.

The result of this policy is that we have to-day a central scientific library in which are catalogued all the scientific books of the government.

Some day, no doubt, there will arise an investigator who will reduce to order and catalogue the inchoate efforts of an infant to make itself understood by talking.

It becomes a labour merely to catalogue his engagements like this.

For a moment he paused, frowning slightly as a man does when he is trying to catalogue an impression.

But one does not care to catalogue her mistakes and taunt her with them.

SIMON, RICHARD, a celebrated French biblical scholar, born at Dieppe; entered the Congregation of the Oratory in 1659, and became professor of Philosophy at the College of Juilly; was summoned to Paris, and under orders of his superiors spent some time in cataloguing the Oriental MSS.

To catalogue their multitude would be impossible.

His commonplace books, on the entries in which and the indexing he was accustomed to spend one whole day out of each week, cataloguing the notes of his multifarious reading and pasting in cuttings from newspapers likely to be useful in novel-building, completely filled one of the rooms in his house.

Automatically through the dim light he catalogued remembered objects, all intimate to his grandfather, each oddly entangled in his mind with his dislike of the old man.

Space would fail in which to enumerate the particulars of this vast range of power; to detail its parts would be to catalogue all social and business relationships, to examine all the foundations of law and order.

There would be no end, if I were to catalogue the schemes of which these are a specimen.

He saw his own Stennynge advertised for plots, and its relics catalogued for a museum, while factories spouted smoke from its lawns and shrubberies, and if a Runnymede survived, he lived in a rough-cast villa, like an eagle in a cage at the Zoo.

We regret that Mr. Giddings has omitted the name of this wretch, and we hope that in a future edition he will tell the world how to catalogue this choice specimen in its collection of judicial monsters.

Dr. Nevius catalogues the symptoms of possession thus: 1.

He catalogued its volutes, its stipples, the frisks and curlings of its pattern.

This does not claim to be a complete bibliography of the subject, but, omitting hundreds of books I have ransacked in vain, it catalogues only such works as I have consulted with profit, and the reader could consult with pleasure.

The witch, in "Macbeth," cataloguing the calamities in store for the ambitious Thane, says: "Sleep shall neither night nor day Hang upon his pent-house lid; He shall live a man forbid.

He took Linnæus into his house and gave him a ducat a day for writing his menu and cataloguing his collection.

What need is there here to catalogue in detail Crete, Pontus, Cyprus, Asiatic Iberia, Farther Albania, both Syrian nations, each of the two Armenias, the Arabians, the Palestinians?

22 collocations for  catalogues