111 collocations for cautioning

The first account, of it we meet with is in Chaldea; and at Rome it was known by the name of the "Babylonish calculation," against which Horace very wisely cautioned his readers.

Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy (PPW); 7Feb64; R331770. I caution my students against giving wings to fancy.

" That morning she had cautioned her mother to be careful lest they waken the children, for if the little ones roused and began, as the mountain phrase has it, "takin' on," she scarcely knew how she should find heart to leave them.

When a unit is about to rush, leaders in charge of adjacent units should caution their men to be careful not to fire into the rushing unit as it bounds forward.

Each grain was accordingly treasured and valued like a grain of gold, and the judge cautioned the boy to be careful in tying the bag; wheat in the grain is a slippery thing to handle, and he wished none of this to be lost.

We have nothing to do but to caution the people below properly on this head.

the squad formed as described in paragraph 141 except that the pistol is in the holster and the flap, if any, buttoned, the instructor cautions "Quick-fire exercise."

He cautioned his father to be prudent, for though Persia could no longer boast of the presence of Minúchihr, still the great warrior Sám, and Kárun, and Garshásp, were living, and Poshang had only to look at the result of the wars in which Sílim and Túr were involved, to be convinced that the existing conjuncture required mature deliberation.

"Betty, I've a good notion to" "Hush!" cautioned Betty, placing a hand on the arm of her impetuous chum.

Don't say anything outside," he cautioned Ted.

"Don't go too far or stay too long," cautioned the captain, as I set out.

In the case of the elephant, though, it might be as well also to caution persons against making jokes about his trunka low kind of ribaldry in which every carpet-bagger, who never had one, seems to think himself bound to indulge.

"Now, Tom, take it easy at the start, but finish up strong," cautioned Dick.

But Káús and his warriors, under the influence and spells of the Demons, were still blind, and he cautioned Rustem particularly to conceal Rakush from the sight of the sorcerers, for if the White Demon should hear of the slaughter of Arzang, and the conqueror being at Mázinderán, he would immediately assemble an overpowering army of Demons, and the consequences might be terrible.

Before he left, he cautioned Huckstep to be careful and not strike me again, as he would on no account permit it.

I cautioned the drivers to keep close to their sledges and we must have passed over a good many crevasses undiscovered by us, thanks to ski, and by the dogs owing to the soft snow.

if you should unhappily fall into the fire, would you caution your servants not to pull you out but by degrees?

She goes on to caution nurses, by saying,"Take care not to spill into your patient's saucer; in other words, take care that the outside bottom rim of his cup shall be quite dry and clean.

"Go slow; no use rocking the boat," sang out the pilot, who was forever cautioning his companion with regard to quick motions when seated in such a delicately balanced contraption as a biplane.

"Thenwhat shall I sayforwardmarch?" "Just sayhike!" cried the irrepressible Will. "Don't mind him!" cautioned his sister.

"What then?" "Well, I think he's trying to" "Hush, here he comes!" cautioned Blake, for their friend at that moment came back from a stroll along the forward deck.

"It's a long way to the top," cautioned the girl, "three hundred and seventy steps.

"I don't see why you always" "Hush, they'll hear you," cautioned Grace.

while he cautions the grieve, "Now mind that black park; it never gied me onything, ne'er gie onything to it.

"Follow me closely," cautioned their guide, "so you will not step over the 'dead line' and get yourselves in the picture.

111 collocations for  cautioning