63 collocations for cement

There, after meeting his mother and wife, he made Caesar his enemy and cemented a friendship with Sextus.

The next three years Bismarck devoted himself to diplomatic intrigues in order to cement the union of the German States,for the Luxemburg treaty was well known to be a mere truce,and Napoleon did the same to weaken the union.

Mrs. Knippel had sent her an invitation in order to cement the bonds of friendship, and she had done the same with Bruno, who was to become her sons' close comrade.

Hence, the writings of Confucius have tended to cement the Chinese imperial power,in which fact we may perhaps find the secret of his extraordinary posthumous influence.

To cement this political alliance, Omri married his son Ahabthe heir-apparent to the throneto a daughter of the Tyrian king, afterward so infamous as a religious fanatic and persecutor, under the name of Jezebel,one of the worst women in history.

The envoys took oaths to cement the peace and departed homewards.

I earnestly beg of you, sir, not to lose sight of an object which, as I have already had the honor to tell you verbally, is of the greatest importance for cementing the future commercial connections between the two nations.

This was a great step in reform, and removed many popular scandals; it struck a heavy blow at the superstitions of the Middle Ages, and showed that celibacy sprung from no law of God, but was Oriental in its origin, encouraged by the popes to cement their throne.

Yet it is this temper which has given England her great place in the world and which has cemented the British Empire.

If we two cannot represent that very desirable unity, if we two cannot cement the relation between the two communities, I do not know who can.

It was not to cement a spiritual despotism that Basil forbade marriage, but to attain a greater sanctity,for a monk was consecrated to what was supposed to be the higher life.

From their youth they had been companions, and although of very different characters and habits, chance had cemented their intimacy in more advanced life.

His meeting with General Goffe and his love for Ester had more strongly cemented his love for liberty; but Robert held his peace, and the stepfather went on.

They do much to cement the good feeling between Germany, Austria, and England, which is so desirable.

And as I desire, when wendeth Hither great Numerianus, That he find them dead, arrest them On the spot, and fling them headlong Into yonder cave whose centre Is a fathomless abyss: And since one sole love cemented Their two hearts in life, in death

I had crossed the Atlantic with Prince Henry, the Kaiser's brother and Admiral of the German Navy, in February, 1901, when the Prince brought his party of a dozen or so militarists to this country to "further cement the amity and good will" existing between the great republic and the great empire.

Indeed he had ably cemented the foundations of one by his magnificent hospitality on that day of days.

Other men in line, four or five feet below the level of the boxes, were "stripping," picking, and shovelling the gravel off the bed-rockno easy business, for even this summer temperature thawed but a few inches a day, and below, the frost of ten thousand years cemented the rubble into iron.

It was not merely the sacerdotal dignity which rendered them objects of awe and reverence to the illiterate multitude; the priests were regarded as the depositaries of science and learning; and proved themselves as skilful as they were successful, in cementing their influence by those arts which were best calculated to inflame the prejudices of the vulgar in their favour.

They grind the corn, fetch the water, gather firewood, cement the floors, cook the food, and propagate the race; but they are mere servants, and as such are valuable....

The cells lining the depressions are also proliferating, and their progeny serve to cement together the hollow casts of the papillæ, thus giving the inter-tubular substance.

Thick gum-water, to cement the labels to the specimens.

How yonder bridegroom, just cemented in an alliance that will not last out his lease of life, "spick and span new," all eyes, and a double row of buttons ornamenting his latticed waistcoat, looks at his adored opposite, who holds her Venetian parasolsun shadebefore her face, glowing like a red brick wall in the sun.

The great Cardinal minister had built worse than he had intended, it is to be hoped; for his clerico-political system had practically destroyed French manhood, and left society without a guiding star to cement the rope of sand he had spun.

For mounting prints upon developed gelatine paper, it has been recommended to cement the edges only, so as to leave the greater part of the print with its enamel surface.

63 collocations for  cement