10 collocations for censors

When the Little Red Doctor remonstrated with her ostensibly on the score of her health, she reminded him in one breath that he hadn't been invited to censor her behavior which was entirely her own affair, and in the nextwith his hand caught between hers and her voice low and caressingdeclared that he was the best little old Doc in the world and there was nothing to worry about, either as to health or conduct.

" "In America," I replied, "we have never yet censored musical compositions, and many works are played freely because the censors and the reform societies' detectives cannot understand them.

Now that London is part of the Front, with a barrage of its own, one has to be careful to censor one's correspondence.

It revealed the fact that Berlin had been closely censoring all news dispatches that assumed to disclose the state of affairs in the central empires; censoring them rigorously, and inventing most of them.

[M. d'Argenson] whom Censor Cato's ghost Might well have chosen for his vacant post, O Marc Rene!

It began to censor legislation in the interest of the strongest force for the time being, that force being actually financial.

Our own view is that CASALE bought the Mimosa Edition of a certain rival journal, and that the Editor of The Express only just censored the paragraph in time.

I censored the tender parts, spun out the padding and served it up like cold-hash.

"No, Mr. Green, I'm not going to let you censor my reading.

When the ruling order did not disdain to settle the funeral arrangements for different ranks and to decree to the man who had been censor a purple winding-sheet, it could not complain of the freedmen for desiring that their sons at any rate might be decorated with the much-envied purple border.

10 collocations for  censors