50 collocations for chafed

Profiles of the others she saw: one a passive nurse in uniform, who was patiently chafing the right hand of the bed's occupant; the other a lean-featured red-haired stranger, who sat crouched in his chair and held the dying man's left hand.

While the water warmed he knelt and chafed her feet between his palms, afraid for a moment that they were frozen.

It was as if my limbs were dead while my body yet remained alive; but Jacob, who had in his wild plan considered just such a probability, set about chafing my arms and legs until the feeling began to return.

Roswell was quite ready to sail, and he began to chafe a little under the extra hazards that were thus imposed on himself and his people.

And then, as Parks sped down the hall again, I saw Godfrey loosen the collar of the unconscious man and begin to chafe his temples fiercely.

He came to his senses again to find that men were chafing his limbs and bathing his temples, and that Renard was in his cell.

Of course we struggled and tried to get free, and chafed our necks with the rope.

I chafed a good deal at his decision; but I have thought of it a good many times since, how much better things turned out for me than if I had had my own way.

He saw that he must delay his purpose until the travelers were out of sight: and this chafed his spirit: but he controlled it, and proposed to Henrich and Oriana to seat themselves on the verge of the precipice, and watch the course of the travelers, while he went to reconnoiter the steep path by which he designed to join them.

The resolute position still maintained by the Protestants chafed the arrogant temper of Louis XIII, who, although personally incapable of sustaining the royal authority, was yet jealous of its privileges.

But I'll endeavour deeds to match the words, Or I may never Then I imagine thee interposing to qualify my impatience, as Ajax did to Achilles: Do not chafe thee, cousin: And let these threats alone,

The tangle of ropes which Buckrow had put on my ankles caught in loose stones and chafed the flesh until the blood came; and my wrists, pulled down with tight knots, which I had to strain against to keep my balance, throbbed and pained and tingled, my arms being numbed by the blood in the bound arteries.

They lay there still, And chafed with nothing but time to kill, A tough old foe.

" Here we see the truth of the lines which someone has written: "Numb and weary on the mountain Wouldst thou sleep amidst the snow? Chafe the frozen form beside thee, And together both shall glow.

" The delicacy and wit of my touches of character chafed these gentlemen.

"It is cognac," he said; "put a drop or two between her lips while I chafe her handsso; see, she revives," as the white lids quivered for a second, and then the pretty blue eyes opened.

Douglas Palmer lay on a heap of blankets on the ground: she could not see his face, for a lank, slothful figure was stooping over him, chafing his head.

Gradually I have got used to what at first chafed my honor,the insulting of the crippled man.

Sextus sat down and began chafing the old doctor's legs.

Not to take the houseDel would feel humiliated, reasoned he, would think him unreasonably small, would chafe under the restraint their limited means put upon them, whereas, if he left the question of living on their income entirely to her good sense, she would not care about the deprivations, would regard them as self-imposed.

" "Well, let it pass; nor will I now Fresh cause of enmity avow, To chafe thy mood and cloud thy brow.

Then the load rocks, and chafes the unfortunate mule, besides causing great inconvenience and constant worry to the muleteers.

The wind was now chafing their innumerable needles and the warm rain was steeping them.

And you may chafe the wasting oak, Or freely pass the kindly joke To mix with nuts and home-made cake

But though so exhausted as to be scarcely conscious, he still clung fast to Piers, not suffering him to stir from side; and there Piers remained, chafing the cold hands administering brandy, while Victor, invaluable in an emergency, procured pillows, blankets, hot-water bottles, everything that his fertile brain could suggest to restore the failing strength.

50 collocations for  chafed