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15 collocations for « champing »

15 collocations for « champing »

  • * * * * * "I do wish you would not ride such wild horses, Louis," said Mrs. Hildreth, as she stood beside her son in the front doorway, looking disapprovingly as she spoke at the horse who was champing his bit viciously on the sidewalk below.
  • The presence of the boys was an evident relief to the ponies, and after a few minutes they began to champ grass again.
  • Wind blowing strong from the sea, roughening the dark blue waters, and fretting their indigo with foam, as though the ocean's coursers champed an invisible curb.
  • There before him, surrounded by all that beautiful company, stood the horses that drew hergreat milk-white horses impatiently pawing the dusty ground with their hoofs and proudly champing their gold bridles, tossing the white froth from their mouths.
  • "Now won't you give em to me?" cried the herd-boy; and he whipped off the cap and threw it to a little distance, with the result that half a dozen pigs rushed at it; and as he made a brave fight to get rid of his enemy, the last that Robin saw of his velvet cap and plume was that one black pig tore out the feather, while another was champing the velvet in his mouth.
  • Tout reposait dans Ur et dans Jérimadeth; Les astres émaillaient le ciel profond et sombre; Le croissant fin et clair parmi ces fleurs de l'ombre Brillait à l'occident, et Ruth se demandait, Immobile, ouvrant l'oeil à moitié sous ses voiles, Quel dieu, quel moissonneur de l'éternel été Avait, en s'en allant, négligemment jeté Cette faucille d'or dans le champ des étoiles.
  • As my life creeps on for ever through the long toil-laden days with its agonizing monotony, narrowness, and absolute uncongeniality, how my spirit frets and champs its unbreakable fettersall in vain!
  • Then came a rich man and his lady, and there must be room in the boat for their splendid equipage, and so his gay horse stood champing his bitts and curbing his proud head, as his fiery eyes glanced over the glassy surface of the restless waters.
  • I discipline a son, Whose uncheck'd fury to revenge would run: He champs the bit, impatient of his loss, 300 And starts aside, and flounders at the Cross.
  • When the dozen or more that formed the swarm were thus got rid of, Jack would carefully dig out the nest and eat first the honey, next the grubs and wax, and last of all the bees he had killed, champing his jaws like a little Pig at a trough, while his long red, snaky tongue was ever busy lashing the stragglers into his greedy maw.
  • Many of my happiest moments had been those which I had spent champing this great man's roasts and ragouts, and the prospect of being barred from digging into them in the future was a numbing one.
  • The serpent champs the steel, and bites the spear, 120 Till blood and venom all the point besmear.
  • O, how I champ my tongue to talk these terms!
  • As he went tearing along towards Calydon, champing his teeth and foaming at the mouth, he was a frightful thing to look at, I tell you.
  • He champed his bread and marmalade with an abstracted air.

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