57 collocations for chat

Theatre: footlight chat number 2.

"See how gayly he is chatting with Laura.

She knew that they had been chatting a long time in the hall, after Clayhanger had bidden adieu to the rest of the family.

Les contes du chat perche.

He quietly expressed his satisfaction at the complete arrangements of the Kermess, chatted a moment with his daughter, and then innocently marched over to the flower booth and made a liberal purchase from each of the three girls.

It was understood that the minister had there sat in another antiquated chair of capacious arms and upholstered in faded green velvet, a chair brought by Clem; and that he had weakly chatted away a pleasant hour or two without ever once daring to bring Miss Caroline's evil state to that attention which it merited from her.

precipice; maelstrom, volcano; ambush &c 530; pitfall, trapdoor; trap &c (snare) 545. sword of Damocles; wolf at the door, snake in the grass, death in the pot; latency &c 526. ugly customer, dangerous person, le chat qui dort

We say, an honest man calls a spade a spade; and the French call "un chat un chat."

After we had offered up our private devotions, and had chatted a little from our beds, Dr. Johnson said, 'GOD bless us both, for Jesus Christ's sake!

For some time they chatted without interruption, and the captain's replies, when Hardy at last made an attempt to make the conversation general, enabled the doctor to see, without much difficulty, that the latter was an unwelcome guest.

Sitting beside a window, chin in hand, her lower lip compressed between her teeth, she saw Fyfe, after the lapse of ten minutes, leave by the front entrance, stopping to chat a minute with Linda and Charlie Benton, who were moving slowly toward the house.

In the Parque Central were other walkers, chatting groups, and lookers-on.

Here the ladies took possession of the best sitting-room; and, notwithstanding the fatigue of the journey, Lady Haworth sat up with her sister till near ten o'clock, chatting gaily about a thousand things.

And when a young lady, the mistress's niece, was visiting us, I used to chat with her the whole evening, and sometimes we even sat through the night.

She chatted away a good deal; asked me about astronomy, and how I came to study it.

R631060. Theatre: footlight chat finale.

He had started the evening by being very gay; he had ordered champagne and a succulent meal, and chatted light-heartedly with his companion, until presently three young women, flashily dressed, made noisy irruption into the restaurant.

At night, the officers in plain clothes went over and chatted with them white men.

The first day that they chatted together, the marine, in love with his country, described to the cook the beauties of Morbihan,a great interior sea surrounded with groves and with islands covered with pines.

But as we sit upon our high stools at the desk opposite each other, I leaning upon my elbows and looking at him; he, with sidelong face, glancing out of the window, as if it commanded a boundless landscape, instead of a dim, dingy office court, I cannot refrain from saying: "Well!" He turns slowly, and I go chatting ona little too loquacious, perhaps, about those young girls.

" It was a pleasant meal, and the old friends chatted of their schooldays and boyish pastimes, no allusion being made to the events of the day, save that Herbert said, "I suppose that you know that my father is now a captain in the force of the Commons, and that I am doing my best to keep his business going during his absence.

" They chatted personalities for a while.

If she went out, Mrs. Somers was silent; when present she chatted.

My friend told me chat his trade price for this article was 3s.

Verily, bon chat chasse de race.

57 collocations for  chat